Surprise the Woman: 10 Compliments That Will Not Leave Her Indifferent

Praising a person in whom you are romantically interested is not an easy task. You don’t want your compliments to appear empty or insincere. To really impress her, you need to focus on less obvious areas for praise. Compliments such as “You are the most beautiful girl in the world” are unlikely to allow this, so you need to be a little creative. Below you will find the top 10 compliments that women can’t resist

1. It’s so much fun with you!

One of the biggest problems with being a woman is the myth that women are not funny, even though comedians and female actors constantly prove that this is not so.

It’s nice when you are valued for humor: as a guy, you know this, so why is this not so for women? Express your sincere appreciation for her humor, and as a result, she will warm you.

To make her understand that you find her funny, just laugh at her jokes (or reply with emoticons of crying-laughter to her funny messages), but sometimes you can reinforce this by telling her with real words (“you’re funny”, “you have a great sense of humor”).

2. I can learn a lot from you

Everyone likes to feel that they carry valuable information, so try not to forget to praise the intelligence of the girl you like. Let her know that you value her opinion.

Each of us has some unique knowledge, so think about exactly what she can teach you, and send your compliment precisely for this, so that the compliment would be more sincere. A more individual way of making such a compliment is to correlate it with taste: for example, “you have such good taste in books/films/music” or even in a more hidden way: “Can you recommend me a good article/song/series? I definitely trust your taste. ”

3. You have such beautiful eyes/lips/teeth/hair

eyes and hair

Women usually like to be told that they are beautiful, but such a compliment may seem a little insincere and empty. Take one more step, highlighting her best features and making personal compliments. For example, if she has stunning full lips, tell her about it (only if you already know each other pretty well).

The more specific the better, because it shows that you pay attention to detail, although you try not to allow compliments of such strange areas as ears and feet, at least at first glance. It will sound like you are struggling to find what you like about her! It is also better to avoid focusing on the grosser, sexier parts of the body unless you have an established relationship and you are not sure how they will be perceived. A compliment to a woman about her skin, hair or nails can be a good step, because many women put a lot of effort into these specific areas.

4. I trust you unconditionally

Tell your girlfriend that you trust her! This compliment is suitable for everyone who is in a serious relationship.

5. You are not like everyone else

Please note: this is not the same as saying: “You are not like other girls,” which is a thinly veiled sexism and is unlikely to be well received by self-respecting women.

“You are not like other girls” suggests that being like most girls is bad because the girls are stupid, like pink and can’t throw the ball, or any other stereotypes.

Nevertheless, “you are not like everyone else” – it is nice to hear for people of both sexes. With this phrase you recognize the quirks of your girlfriend and convince her that you consider them attractive, and not strange.

6. You are good at what you do

in the cafe

Regardless of what your girlfriend does in terms of career and hobbies, she will definitely want her skill and talent to be noticed. Pay attention to the activity that matters to her most: there is no point in praising for her ability to work at the bank from 9 to 17, if you know that she does not like this work. At the same time, a small compliment about her creative or sporting abilities will be better received and show that you care about things that she really appreciates and that she spends her time on. Most of us secretly want our talents and abilities to be noticed, so such a compliment will make her feel warm and comfortable.

7. You are a good friend

We often get compliments about pretty pointless things in life: our outfits, looks, or how good things we buy. Thus, there is something very pleasant when they tell you that you are a good friend, because it affects the essence of who you are as a person and your best, most disinterested qualities. If you praise your girlfriend for being a good friend to you or your friends, she will appreciate it and be touched by your thoughtfulness.

8. You’re Sexy

girl in swimsuit

Hold this compliment for at least a few dates so as not to seem nasty and preoccupied, but if you have been dating for a long time, your girlfriend will like that you find her attractive in sexual terms.

9. You look beautiful today

A compliment of female appearance must be a delicate affair. If she has a face full of makeup, or she is overly dressed, and you deliberately compliment her, she may think that you do not like how she looks. And vice versa, if you praise her face without makeup or tell her that “prefer her without makeup”, she may well take this as an insult and a hint that she uses too much makeup in other cases. The same problem arises when using certain compliments based on the body, such as “fluffy”, “thin” or “fit”.

For this reason, it is best to compliment appearances in general, rather than being too specific, so choose nice little things like “you look great today” or “you always look good”.

10. I love spending time with you

together on a bench

To tell someone that you like their company is the simplest and most sincere compliment. It is modest and non-dramatic. Sometimes long-term relationships lose some of the spark and passion that was characteristic of them at the beginning, so this can be a good way to emphasize that your partner means a lot to you.

Compliments are an easy way to strengthen relationships and increase your partner’s self-esteem. The key to compliments is to make them thoughtful, specific, and not just about looks. If you are sincere and point out those aspects that you really like in it, you will not be mistaken.

Natalie Brown

Written by Natalie Brown

My name is Natalie. I'm 25. I love beauty, psychology is interesting to me too, I listen to different music. I talk about everything that interests me. These are my thoughts, my experiences. But you can use it to avoid my mistakes.

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