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How To Become A Seductive And Fatal Woman? 10 Crazy Tips, How To Seduce Men

I often receive letters from my readers-woman in which they ask how to learn the science of seducing? I finally decided to write an article in which I will give 10 real tips for seducing guys. I note that many readers have already tested them, so I can safely say that they really work!

If you follow these 10 tips, you will easily and imperceptibly develop the power of seduction.

1. Your rule is to say “Hello”!

A simple nod, a simple smile: sometimes you don’t need more to start shining. When you arrive at work in the morning, say hello to and wish your colleagues a good day. Let this habit become the rule and you will see how behaviors and energies change around you.

2. Compliments will increase your seductive power


If you compliment a man, appreciating his outfit, smile, style, he will be flattered. Anyone likes to be loved. But you should carefully select the words that the compliment brought joy and caused only positive emotions.

This is an immutable law: we love the people we like. This is a kind of reciprocity law that arises naturally.

Bonus Tip: Bet on original compliments and remember that handsome men like to be praised for their brains and smart men for their beauty!

3. Learn How to Take the First Step

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To dare to break the ice is a state of mind. Do not think that if a man wants, he will ALWAYS take the first step. Unfortunately, not all men have the spirit of a conqueror. Many of them are very shy and will be infinitely grateful to you if you take the first step.

And there’s nothing complicated: depending on the context, you can start with a compliment “I liked your lecture”, or:

  • if you smoke, ask him for a cigarette in a cafe or on a coffee break;
  • kindly chuckle at him, asking if he really dances like that or is it for a bet, if you meet him at a nightclub;
  • or simply ask, does he know someone this evening among friends.

No need to complicate to take the first step. The self-confidence that you show, and which takes precedence over men whom you approach at times increases your seductive power.

4. Always Be a Bright and Positive Girl

bright girl

You should not always be gloomy and serious. Men do not like when a woman complains and lists their worries and problems. Even if a man listens to all this on the first date, it is far from the fact that the second date will take place.

Choose simple and inspiring conversation topics to get started! Traveling, holidays, his childhood, your shared passion for sports or films. The next day you will talk about strikes, breakups, pension reform and responsible energies. Talking about problems should be the news anchors, but not you!

Your task is to find words to create a light, sensual, bewitching atmosphere…

5. No seduction without looking…


Have you ever watched the Formula 1 Grand Prix?

Right before the departure, all the cars are ready, then the traffic lights switch from red to green, and the drivers accelerate.

If you want to improve your seductive power, you should understand that most men are similar to those Formula 1 racers: they are waiting for the green light in your eyes to start and come and talk with you.

Thus, get rid of the bad habit of looking at the bottom of your glass in the evening. “Running eyes” should become your weapon in order to meet the gaze of this person whom you have already noticed…

When your eyes cross, extend the tension for one to two seconds, and then turn your gaze not to the left or right, but down.

6. Learn how to draw attention to your lips

Men respond to so-called fertility signals, signals of good female health (full lips, chest, hips, buttocks…)

Your mouth is a weapon of mass seduction.

Lipstick does not go out of fashion to attract the attention of men, so do not forget to use it.

7. Learn to seduce a man and look at his mouth

Looking forward

Fatal women know all this seduction technique, which brings the brains of men to a boil. Of course you listen to what the man says. Of course, this is very interesting, because he does everything he can to captivate you.

But in order to disrupt the course of his thoughts, switch his gaze, move from his eyes to his lips, gently, not persistently. It works because it is instinctive, and he will see that your thoughts wander when your gaze stops at his mouth…

8. This tip is so powerful… but so scary for women

touch of a girl

Touch the man. This is one of the keys to the most attractive women, and I recommend that you adopt this technique if you want to improve your seductive power.

But I know that this approach scares women. Because none of us wants to be called a teasing, easy woman.

The idea when you say “Hello” to a man you like is simply to touch his hand, carefully place a hand on his shoulder when you kiss him. You can also physically approach him during your first date if you are sitting in the same seat.

Only one rule: hold on softly, do not tighten when you stroke his shoulder, and you will see that you are able to sow doubt in his mind. And when he asks whether you did it on purpose or not, the next question will be automatically: does he like it?

9. Why do you need to be like other women?

seduction of a man

Seductive women can afford something more. They go beyond the framework, use original words and concepts.

Why don’t you just ask his name, job, education and hometown? Start with his favorite films, his favorite books, his worst character between a small mouse, Santa Claus and an Easter bunny… you will see that a meeting that begins in an unconventional way is likely to please the person you like!

10. Seduction is lifestyle

Believe me, women who seduce love seduction and are not afraid to learn something new on this topic. Some read novels about the great seductresses, others take notes after watching romantic comedies. What about those who find the right words in books to bring a man to the right temperature?

Take the time to discover and test each of these 10 seductive relationships. This is the secret to the development of your seduction power: let it bring you joy and open up a new side of your life.

Vanessa Felgar

Written by Vanessa Felgar

Hi! I'm Vanessa. I love romantic movies and rock music, and yet, to hide a warm blanket, read an interesting book and drink hot coffee on a winter evening. I love parties with friends and walks in the park. And I like to write, express my thoughts on paper and share experiences. I'm just a woman, like you. I guess in real life, we'd be good friends.

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