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10 Best Ways to Show Love Instead of the Words “I Love You”

Saying “I love you” is not difficult. But how to show your love? Everyone needs it. Of course, there are those who will argue that love is just a series of hormonal and chemical reactions in the body, but most of us know: this is something more. Love is the cause of some of the greatest achievements of mankind. The question is not whether love exists, but how to show someone your love. Saying “I love you” is, of course, good, but demonstrating your love is even better. 10 ways to show your love are far from exhaustive, but they share one important property: they are ways to show someone how much you value them.

10. Clean home

If you live with someone, cleaning instead of someone is always appreciated, and it’s also a great way to say “I love you”. Most of us have a lot to do, and sometimes adding cleaning to the list of these things can be a bit overkill. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning your loved one’s apartment or doing it for your mother — house cleaning shows that you care about someone so much that you want to sacrifice your time to make it pleasant.

9. Unexpected messages

We love to know what someone thinks of us. When you take the time to send someone an unexpected message, email, or even a postcard for no reason, you tell him that you think about him. This message does not have to be poetic or fanciful, it is not necessary to spend money on it. Unexpected messages just let you know that you care about someone so much that you are ready to tell him about it.

8. Cook his favorite dishes

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They say that the path to a man’s heart lies through the stomach, but in reality this is probably the path to any heart. Cooking your favorite meal means you go to the store and spend the evening in the kitchen. Many people never do this because they are afraid to screw up, but it doesn’t matter. The main idea is that you think about someone so much that you are ready to learn how to cook his favorite dishes and try to do it. And if your culinary attempts turn into a complete collapse, this is a great reason to go out for dinner.

7. Give him a day off

It seems to everyone that they do not have enough hours in the day to do everything necessary and still have time to enjoy what they want. A great way to show someone your love is to give him a day when he will not need to do anything that he does not want. You can give the certificate to the spa while you are cleaning the house, or just let him sleep as much as he wants. Everyone loves days when you can be a little lazy, and when they come from someone we love, it’s even better.

6. Spend time with his family

Most of us love our family members, even if they sometimes drive us crazy. A great way to show someone your love is to spend time with the family of your loved one without any special reason. Just take the time to plan a trip and meet with your family, or invite them to your place – anyway, you will make your loved one happy.

5. Support his hobby

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We all have our own interests, and sometimes someone we love can have a hobby. Portraying fake interest is probably a bad idea, but learning the basics of most cases will not take so much effort. Take some time to learn a little about your partner’s favorite hobby, and then give him something to do with it.

4. Listen to him

We all have days when it seems like the world is ready to eat us alive. It’s hard for all of us to come to terms with such days when everything goes out of place. When your loved one has such a day, sometimes it is best on your part just to listen to him. You do not have to try to help him solve any problems (and sometimes it’s better not to do it). Just listen to the person while he complains about hard things in his life – this is a great way to show someone your love.

3. Make a scrapbook

Our memories are important to all of us, and a loved one is no exception. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for quite a bit or already 20 years, you definitely have something that can be placed in a scrapbook. A scrapbook can simply be a photo album or even a song you wrote that goes through your life together. It should not be fashionable or professionally made, because in this case the thoughts themselves are more important, and not the result.

2. Have him party “I love you”

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Sometimes holding a big event dedicated to your feelings for someone is the best way to show him how much you love him. Invite his friends, family, and anyone you remember and throw a party just because you love him. For a better result, host this party when that day there is nothing more important, such as a birthday or a holiday. Devote this party to him and show how much you love him.

1. Remember the little things

Love is not only constant special occasions and actions. Love is also an experience of living together from the very beginning of the day to its end. Sometimes we forget that when we share our lives with someone, our actions affect this person. Sometimes we can hurt feelings, not wanting it. Therefore, the memory of little things is such an important part of love. These little things are things that seem to mean nothing, like not leaving your clothes on the bathtub floor or rearranging shaving cream, but they are important to another person, and so you should remember them. Little things show how you value and love a person; it doesn’t take much effort to comply, but you will greatly help to make a person happy.

Patricia Walker

Written by Patricia Walker

For many, many years I tried to get married, but before the wedding it never came... Now I live with two cats and give tips to young girls, what men want, how to behave with them. This experience I received for 10 years and now I pass it on to you, my dear readers.

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