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14 Ways to Let Him Know That He Can’t Live Without You!

Sometimes the relationship of a couple reaches a point when we forget about the need to fight for each other, because we are too confident in our common feelings. We are so used to the partner (husband / wife), as if he became our part, that it is impossible to lose. But this is a mistake. Every day you need to work on yourself and relationships. What can be done so that he understands that he cannot live without you? There are 14 proven ways to take your relationship to the next level. Do not forget to save yourself this unique cheat sheet.

We all need to feel loved and desired. Feelings of ignore and unwillingness are the most painful feelings that can be experienced in a relationship, especially if we care about who we love.

They say that the worst loneliness is when you feel lonely, being next to your loved one. So what to do now? Do you feel lonely in your relationship? Do you feel that your relationship and care is being taken for granted?

Or maybe your relationship was just born and you want to show him that you are the best woman of his life? Want to know how to make him realize that he needs you? I put together a set of small games that will help him to understand that you are the girl who needs him, and a worthy woman to fight for.

So, here are ways to show him that he is losing you, and that he should be included in your game if he wants to be with you.

1. Show him that you are a person, not just a body

You can not only warm him in bed, but also listen to him and help. If you feel that there are problems between you, that the guy treats you simply as an interior item in his house, then do not postpone a serious conversation. You need to discuss your problems and feelings.

Show him that you are best friends, lovers, life partners, and not just sexual companions.

Men, as a rule, forget about the benefits of having a wonderful wife next to them, simply because their daily lives quickly become boring and commonplace. Therefore, sometimes you need to remind your man thanks to whom a hot supper awaits him every evening, and a clean shirt in the morning.

Talk heart to heart, he should hear and understand you. Let him know that you feel good with him. But you feel lonely when he takes you and your care for granted. Alternatively, have a beer with him, turn on his favorite movie, broadcast or the final of the football championship and watch with him. This will be a show of care at the right time.

Or maybe talk about nostalgia? Include the song that you kissed for the first time, remember how it was, how good you were together, how happy you were and valued each other. Remind him of the time when you were friends, but not lovers yet.

Remind him what woman he fell in love with, how did he feel about you then? If this does not change anything in his relationship, then maybe he should reciprocate and take his presence nearby for granted?

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2. Trust is one of the main things in a relationship


Lack of self-confidence is one of the reasons why a man leaves. Maybe he is worried about another business trip, because he understands that you will be angry and jealous.

Your actions: show him that you trust him with all your feelings and fears. No connection is stronger than fear and hope. To share your greatest feelings and fears, as well as love – after this, no one can remain indifferent.

If he really went on a business trip, then prepare a delicious dinner for his return, create a romantic atmosphere. Turn off the phones and enjoy each other.

If he doesn’t leave anywhere, then arrange such a romantic evening on Friday. There will be a weekend ahead, which you will spend only together: communicate, laugh, dance, make love! When was the last time you did this? When was the last time you opened each other? Use your little romantic vacation to rediscover each other and strengthen the bonds that you share.

3. Find time for each other

If he’s already used to being around you, he don’t need to make efforts to subdue and surprise you.

What to do? Try not to answer when he calls. If he offers to meet, and you already have plans for this time, do not change them. Show him that you have a life outside of your relationship, that there are people you care about. BUT! Offer to reschedule the meeting.

Find a new hobby, meet new people. Show him that now you need to find the time before talking with him, and he needs to try so that you do it. You are a person who should feel welcome.

As soon as he demonstrates his desire to fight for you, gradually work on a compromise. Sometimes there is no better way to show him that he is losing you.

If you give him all your free time, and he spend time with you only when it is convenient for him, then most likely he will never stop taking you for granted.

4. Show him that you like him

You like him

Do you want to feel valuable and necessary? Believe me, he has the same desire. But he does not expect compliments.

He needs support. Let him know that you have no doubt in the successful outcome of his work on a complex project. Let him know that you value his concern for you. Let him know that you are bored and want to spend time alone with him, that you want to sleep in his arms.

Show him what you love. That he is the best in the whole world. He is the strongest, most courageous, smart, beautiful. And do not forget to say “thank you,” otherwise you will also take it for granted. Men feel this, this may be one of the reasons for his departure. Do not make this mistake.

5. Spend an evening outside the house without him

How long has it been since you spent an evening together but not at home? Or do you increasingly watch TV and sometimes make love? If this does not satisfy you, if you want more, then you need to do it. Invite him to go to the cinema (to the rink, exhibition, cafe). If the guy refuses, then go with friends or just be alone! The main thing, go! Do not stay at home just for his sake. Show your independence.

If he goes with you, it will be excellent! If he ignores your invitations, then think about whether your happiness is connected with this person.

6. Show your self confidence

Self-confidence is not something that is given to us naturally, and it is usually easier to lose than to gain.

But if you trust yourself and work hard to maintain it, then this option is for you. You like yourself in this tight black dress, but are afraid that he will be jealous? This is not a reason to deny yourself pleasure. If he is jealous, does not trust you, doubts your love, then this is his problem. And your appearance will simply remind him of that beautiful woman with whom he was in love and which he has.

What can happen if you just show him that you are still such a strong, independent woman with whom he fell in love?

You have the opportunity to advance professionally, but are you afraid that he will feel a threat to your success and your salary? Darling, if you coped with this task, then you will also cope with jealousy. Believe in yourself, trust your intuition. He will see your eyes and learn to fall in love with you on a completely different level.

7. Let him take care of himself

The man is sitting

Do not rush to help him when he is sick or has problems at work. If he tells you that he can handle it alone and he only needs to share it with you, let him do it.

You are not his mother. Let him iron his shirts from time to time and know that you want him to cook dinner, because he does it perfectly. Little success is a prerequisite for great success. It is important to remind him that you are not a dishwasher, cleaning lady or cook, especially to serve him.

We are ready to do everything to make your loved one happy. But sometimes we ourselves forget that we must also be happy, that our happiness is as important as anyone else’s. So why not let us take care of our happiness from time to time? Take care of yourself too!

It is important to show your man that you trust him in these matters, but even if he does something wrong (salt the soup, break the plate), do not be angry with him, because he did it unintentionally. If you want to show him that you are independent, why not give him the same chance?

8. Do people around you love you? This is wonderful!

Do you get along with his mother and father who think you are a gift from heaven? Great, the hard part is over. Plan a weekend with his parents to show you are the perfect couple.

His friends think that you are the best woman in the world and he is really lucky with you?

Let them know that they can watch the game in your home, but bring snacks with them and not linger too long. Plan an evening for girls and enjoy it.

Show everyone that you have a life outside your relationship – this is what all men admire: women who are neither tenacious nor addicted.

If you are already loved by your loved ones, but you are still worried about something, something serious going on. If he hasn’t responded to any of your tactics, it’s time to sit down and discuss your concerns. None of you are happy, and you need to do something about it – together.

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9. Identify your priorities


Neglecting your interests and priorities in order to please your man is not a sure way to harmony in relations. He is so used to your presence, so used to the fact that you care about him, that he does not consider it necessary to take care of yourself or your relationship…

He is sure that it cannot be otherwise. But show him that he is mistaken, put yourself and your interests in the first place. Instead of going to his parents a third time in a month, spend the weekend where you want. Of course, you should invite him to go to the sea together, or to go to a performance together, but if he does not want to, go with your friends or alone.

Gently show him that you also have interests, that you need to take time for yourself, that you want to feel welcome. Now and always.

10. Give him freedom

There are things that men like to do on their own or with their friends, for example, watching a game, going to a bar, or fishing. This does not mean that he does not like you or that he is tired of your company. But for him it’s like for us, girls, shopping or going to the spa.

These are his moments, and he wants to enjoy them without worrying that you are bored or that his friends are saying something that hurts or upsets you.

If you love him and want to spend time with him, it is important that you give him the opportunity to stay where he wants. Spending every minute together, you will only get tired of each other and will unnecessarily argue, because you did not manage to relieve tension.

And believe me, these points are just as important to him as they are to you, which brings us to the next point.

11. Enjoy life outside of a relationship


It is important that he sees that you are not dependent on him, that you know very well how to do this alone. He will be curious to know what are you doing with your time, with the life you lead outside of your relationship.

Find a new hobby, make new friends who are not connected with your life and do not know your partner. This will be a great opportunity for you to have fun, talk about something other than what you are discussing with him or with your friends.

You will have something to tell and what to offer him, and this can arouse passion and fire in both of you.

12. No more excuses

If you find excuses for him every time he does something stupid or hurts, you only give him the opportunity to think that you understood and forgave him, and that he is not so guilty.

Stop tolerating his rotten behavior, if any, because if you pretend that it is not, then there is no hope that he will be corrected. Show him that you also have feelings and that he must respect them.

If you are upset because he does not help you at home or with the children, tell him. If you are upset because he takes your efforts for granted, let him know. Believe me, he needs to say this in plain text, but calmly, without anger and screaming. Otherwise, the situation is likely not to change.

We all want to make our companion happy, and we often forgive too many things for love. But remember that it is also normal to love yourself. You can leave if everything becomes too hard. Maybe this is more reasonable than asking for the respect you are entitled to.

Either this will allow him to respect you, value you more and, therefore, want to be with you more, or he will break and leave.

In any case, this is a happy ending. You will have the person you deserve, or you will get rid of the one who does not deserve you.

13. Take the lead in the bedroom


Sex is important – maybe not as much as the other things listed, but still important. Be seductive and drive him crazy, tease him and make him want more.

If you have been doing this for several months, change! Put yourself on the top and show him who is responsible for this. Lead him to the edge of the abyss and leave until he asks you to return.

Or refuse sex with him at meetings, but at the same time chat with him so freely as to drive him crazy. Seduce him and play with him until he can no longer endure. Show him that you are bored, and believe me, he will make an effort to satisfy you.

Play different games with him. For example, scatter your clothes from the front door to the bedroom so that he knows what to expect as soon as he enters the room.

Or write to him that you are hiding somewhere naked, and he can do whatever he wants if he finds you.

Send him photos of underwear and ask his opinion, what should you wear when he gets home? Or maybe it’s better not to wear anything? Tease him, flirt, chat so that he goes crazy with desire while he is at a friendly dinner. Tell him that you want him here and now, and challenge him.

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14. Do not let him get everything he wants, much less immediately!

The times when the word men in relationships were law are long gone. Show him that this is out of the question. He wants you to play with him, but you don’t want? If he will molest you against your will, stop him immediately.

If you want him to help you with the children, let him know. If you want something in your bed, let him know. The initiative should be yours. He is not so special to get everything he wants at once.

Love yourself. Appreciate yourself. The same applies to your relationship. You both need to work on them and want a shared future. But sometimes it’s very useful to let a man know that you are an ideal in his life. And exactly how to do it is up to you!

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Written by Anna Stone

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