5 Main Reasons For the Breakdown of Relations in the First 3 Years

90% of couples who started dating diverge in the first 3 years. Why does a crisis in relationships occur in the first 3 years? Why do relationships end unexpectedly and what are the reasons for such a failure in personal life? Forewarned is forearmed. Learn how to maintain relationships or avoid having a love affair with someone who doesn’t suit you. The main reasons for the breakdown of relationships and marriages in the early years.

We met, started dating, confessed their feelings, got to know each other in bed, gathered together, and then scattered in different directions. You can be at any level of your relationship. But the chances that everything will be fine with you are always small.

Half of the marriages break up in the first few years. What to speak of ordinary relationships? Of all the couples who went on a date, only 5% of lovers will stay together.

5 main reasons for the breakdown of relationships

1. Belief in love that relationships will solve all problems

Often people dive into relationships, hoping to solve all their life problems. People believe that marriage will make them happy, successful, rich, etc. People believe that relationships and marriage will help them to fulfill themselves in life. But in reality, men and women have twice as many problems. As a result, the couple scatter, and not having solved their emotional, physical and financial problems. Relationships and marriage are not a panacea for everything. They do not solve existing problems.

2. The financial problem and high expectations

Money is the main cause of quarrels and breakups of relationships. Where to spend money, how to earn more, why there is not enough money and excessive squandering of one of the partners. When meeting a girl, a man blows dust in her eyes, and then he is surprised that she is not satisfied with the real amount of his money. Girls have high expectations and expect millions from a man. But millionaires are not enough for everyone.

3. Life, routine and quarrels

As soon as love ends, and the pink glasses fall off, questions begin. Who cooks, who goes to the store, who cleans up, how to live? The main problem is that real life is much more complicated than in the movies. No one is ready to put up with each other and compromise. There are constant conflicts, quarrels, boredom and everyday life. Incompatibility of characters is a popular reason for parting.

4. Various plans and values in life

It turns out that you have different plans for life, work, family and the number of children. The initial frivolity ends up being forced to scatter in different directions to follow your goals. Relationships and marriage will be successful only when you have the same vision for future life together.

5. The disappearance of love and sex

At first, hormones and passions boil. But after a year or two, everything changes. People stop talking heart to heart with each other, rarely have sex and everyone begins to live their own lives. Often one in a couple wants more sex, and the second is more indifferent. As a result, lovers appear. Tenderness, trust, understanding, love and sex disappear from relationships. This can be observed in 50% of married people. The reasons for parting are betrayal, sexual incompatibility, intimate dissatisfaction and the disappearance of love.

Forewarned is forearmed. Take off your pink glasses and choose your soul mate more carefully. Choose not only with emotions, but also with your head. Your future life depends on it.

P.S. But if you made a mistake, don’t be afraid to admit it. Being unhappy all your life is too stupid. There is always a chance to disperse and find the one with whom you will be happy.

Natalie Brown

Written by Natalie Brown

My name is Natalie. I'm 25. I love beauty, psychology is interesting to me too, I listen to different music. I talk about everything that interests me. These are my thoughts, my experiences. But you can use it to avoid my mistakes.


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