How Do You Know a Girl Wants You? 50 Exact Signs That a Girl Likes You

Girls love to flirt, make hints and flirt with men. But men like to blunt and not notice the sympathy of beautiful girls who curl around. There are a lot of cute girls around who do not mind stir up or have fun with you. How to understand that a girl likes you and wants you?

“Flirting is like a matchstick game. And when you start playing, somewhere something will certainly catch fire.” Georges Bellec

Girls often fall for men, but rarely take the first step. Lonely beauties scout in battle, flirt, compliment and demonstrate body language to attract you.

How to understand the true intentions of the girl? Here is a detailed list of women’s actions that a girl in love or a beauty who wants to have fun does. How to recognize female attraction and sympathy?

How to understand that a girl wants you? 50 signs of female sympathy

1. The girl is looking at you. The girl constantly glances at you, shoots her eyes and smiles at the same time. Girls don’t do things like that for no reason. It is very likely that you liked the beauty. You can invite her to drink, take a walk or go on a date.

2. The girl calls to join the company. The girl “accidentally” had tickets for a match, in a movie, in a theater or another place. She offers you unobtrusively or acts through friends. This is not an accident, but an interest.

3. A girl shows her attraction with body language. The girl licks her lips, casts languid looks, actively blinks, plays with eyebrows, leans closer, copies behavior, twists locks, plays with hair, throws her foot over her leg, and demonstrates her wrists. All these are signs of a girl’s attraction. You give her goosebumps. She wants you. Boldly.

4. A girl invades your space. The girl lingers in your personal space, violates it and likes to be there. Girls avoid doing this with people who they don’t like. The girl enters the personal zone of the man in order to interest him, cause sexual desire and push him to the initiative. The girl wants you and your presence.

5. She shows her body. Girls are able to seduce a man, “accidentally” demonstrating their hot body. The girl leans in to show her deep neckline, exposes her legs, shows a bend of the hips, exposes her shoulders. The girl is clearly trying to seduce you.

body parts

6. The girl invites you to visit. She asks for help repairing the computer, nailing the shelf, moving the load, helping with the lessons, or coming up with another reason. This is one of the most common options when a girl takes the initiative in her own hands. Here you should take retaliatory steps, and not slow down.

7. A girl looks at your body parts. The girl is attracted to your lips as if she wants to kiss. The girl looks at the body, biceps, ass or in the groin area. The girl clearly missed love and intimacy. The girl wants you physically. Act bolder and more actively.

8. The girl has wide eyes. The girl is looking at you and she has huge pupils. Usually this happens when the girl really likes the interlocutor. Here the matter is unclean. Maybe you attract a girl?

9. She wants to be alone with you. The girl is looking for reasons to be alone with you anywhere from work to the bar. The desire to be together is peculiar to lovers. Try to drive it to her.


10. The girl is touching you. For various reasons, the girl touches you. She claps on the shoulder, takes her hand, presses her chest, holds her palm, touches the bodies or accidentally touches. The girl tries to attract the man tactilely, and therefore touches him. This is flirting, and she is trying to seduce you.

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11. The girl straightens her hair. The girl runs a hand through her hair, plays with a curl or shakes them. Girls do this when they try to please someone. Girl’s hair is their weapon of mass seduction. This is their natural body language.

12. The girl takes the initiative. The girl has modern looks. She herself takes the initiative and takes the first step. She initiates a conversation, communication, or date. It remains to be happy for the female straightforwardness and take a step towards.

13. She has a sparkle in her eyes. When a girl likes a person, her eyes seem to burn and shine. The girl smiles with her eyes, and her looks are full of sparks and fire. It is passion and attraction.

14. The girl is writing to you. The girl writes insignificant messages, sends funny pictures or shares music. To any, even the simplest message, the girl must answer. Such assertiveness is characteristic of those girls who want attention, relationships or love from a man.

15. The girl teases you. The girl uses a sense of humor, sarcasm and irony in the conversation. She teases you. She is trying to hurt you to stir.

16. The girl laughs willingly. In your presence, the girl becomes more fun, carefree and funnier. She laughs out loud at your jokes, giggles and reacts brightly to the words. If you make a girl laugh, then she is already half subdued. Girls willingly laugh with those men who are attractive to them.


17. She complains of loneliness. The girl notices that she has no one and complains of loneliness. She clearly hints that this vacancy is free and may be occupied by you. Come on bolder guy.

18. The girl makes compliments. She notices your sense of humor, intelligence, sportiness of a figure, beauty of clothes or internal qualities. Girls give a man compliments when they want something from him. For example, relationships, love and intimacy.

19. The girl’s tone of voice changes. The girl’s voice becomes deeper, lower, velvety and gentle. She seems to captivate with her voice, although she usually speaks differently. This is a method of mythical sirens that lured sailors into their arms with beautiful singing. This girl also wants to pull you to the bottom of passion and sensations. Give in to her spell.

20. She is flirting with you. Flirting is an obvious sign of a girl’s sympathy. The girl openly flirts or carefully, as if trying to conduct reconnaissance. She flirts and plays with words. The girl gives non-verbal signals and shows an intimate interest. She crush on you.

21. The girl complains of boredom. The girl complains of boredom, loneliness and the fact that she has nothing to do in the evenings. She hints that you should invite her somewhere. Do not be dumb.

red dress

22. The girl looks bright. She looks better than usual when the man of her dreams appears on the horizon. Makeup, dress and feminine behavior. The girl is trying to attract attention with her attractiveness. Do not disappoint her.

23. She shares something with you. The girl gives you a taste of candy, drink from her glass or holds out other nonsense. No one will share with people who are not nice to them. The girl likes you, and so she tries to make contact through gift giving. Pay attention to this generous beauty.

24. The girl is smiling. Girls give smiles to those men that they like. A smile is a sign of sympathy for a person. When a girl constantly smiles, in the presence of a certain man, she is far from indifferent to him. She smiles at you for a reason.

25. She offers to exchange contacts. The girl wants to get to know you better and wants to exchange contacts. She is interested in your number or account on social networks. The girl is interested in you and does not want to lose touch.

26. The girl “probes the soil”. She checks the financial side of the man by talking. The girl is interested in work, car, apartment and other financial factors. She wants to know how often a man travels and how he spends his free time. This reveals it well from the financial side, which interests a girl looking for a serious relationship. If you answered the questions “correctly” and meet her standards, then the girl is further interested. Such a girl wants to stir up with you. Then the choice is yours.

27. The girl is active on social networks with you. Instagram, Facebook and other social networks are convenient for establishing personal life. The girl actively likes you, comments on posts or writes messages. She wants to get to know you better.

28. The girl is interested in your personal life. She asks whether you live alone, what your girlfriend does, what you are doing with your family or how you spend your free time. All this intelligence is the girl’s attempt to find out how free you are.

29. She speaks on intimate topics. The girl starts a conversation on amorous and intimate topics with those men who are of interest to her. The girl is attracted to a man, and she is trying to provoke and seduce him. She can speak vulgarity to cause a spark of lust, passion and attraction.

in the cafe

30. The girl notices the details. She sees your new hairstyle, shirt or other changes in appearance. She notices that others ignore or are indifferent. Such attentiveness is suspicious. Maybe the girl wants you?

31. She is not distracted. When communicating, the girl is not distracted by the phone, other people and extraneous things. The girl puts you at the center of her interests, which speaks of sympathy and attraction.

32. A girl behaves coquettishly. She behaves like a child or a perky girl. A girl is feminine and flirtatious with a man when he wants him.

33. She is trying to get into your plans. The girl says that she also loves to run, go to the cinema, play billiards or attend football. In this way, she tries to help you invite her somewhere. All this is not an accident, but a love interest in you.

34. The girl kisses. She eagerly kisses you on the cheek when meeting you, although she is colder with others. If a girl kisses you on the lips, then everything is clear. She likes you.

35. A girl constantly catches your eye. You very often meet a girl as if by chance. She constantly rubs close to be in the zone of your gaze. She goes to those places where you usually live. Girls try to catch the eye of men who cause them to have an increased heartbeat.

36. She is borrowing something from you. The girl asks for a jacket to keep warm. The girl asks for something to borrow. Often girls do such things to make a man feel like a savior. Maybe She wants to attract attention? Now it’s your turn to take the first step.

37. The girl is like “on needles”. Modest girls are often nervous when they are next to the man who attracts them. The girl blushes, stutters and shows other signs of increased arousal. Help her.

38. A girl complains about other men. She notices that there are no good men left in the world except you. She would like to go on a date and stir up a relationship if someone like you had invited her. Are you still dumb? She hints at sympathy very frankly. Invite a girl on a date.

39. Is a girl interested in your affairs and life? She shows an increased interest in you and your life, going beyond the usual politeness. She is interested in mood and business. She sticks her pretty little nose into the affairs of the one she likes. And also in order to cause reverse interest.

over a cup of coffee

40. The girl is jealous. The girl is jealous of other women who appear nearby. She is like a predator who is ready to tear anyone who encroaches on her prey. She criticizes, ridicules and kicks off rivals.

41. The girl behaves liberally. She feels very comfortable with you and even a little liberated. She seems to be trying to show what is very good for you. She behaves naturally, as if you have known each other for 1000 years.

42. She writes or calls at night. Sometimes a girl takes the first step and writes at night. Out of hours, girls are interested in a man who causes them attraction. If this is not a business or friendly correspondence, then pick up this romantic game.

43. The girl is preening. A girl paints her lips, looks in the mirror or straightens her clothes. She is trying to impress you and wants to please you. Act boldly.

44. The girl agrees to any suggestions. Even the most ordinary or boring proposal to a girl seems like a good idea. She enthusiastically picks up the offer and is ready to spend time together. The girl is crush on you.

45. She is trying to cause jealousy. The girl talks about her boyfriends. She is talking to another man, glancing at you. She can show how popular she is, with the goal of provoking jealousy and forcing a man to be active.

46. The girl is frank. Does a unfamiliar girl show strange frankness and openness? Does she share experiences, dreams, plans, problems and secrets? The girl is frank with you for the reason that she likes you.

47. She tells other people about you. A girl tells her friends or acquaintances about you. She is trying to learn something or to share about you. Similar interest looks suspicious. You are clearly interested in the girl, and she wants to get to know each other better.

48. The girl focuses on your similarities. She notices your common features, similar goals and similar plans in life. By this, the girl shows that the life path can be shared. You are pretty girl, but she is waiting for reciprocity.

49. She begs for a “compliment”. The girl is interested in whether she has a beautiful hairstyle, dress, smile, or something else. The girl wants to attract attention and does not need to refuse it. Give the girl a compliment and start flirting.

50. You like this girl. Often we like people who like us. A warm attitude towards a person can be a sign of mutual sympathy. Be attentive and show activity, but do not miss this great opportunity.

couple hugs

If you noticed a couple of signs, then it is highly likely that the girl likes you. The girl wants you, and you are dumb or timid. Boldly, until she lost interest. A girl gives you a chance to kiss, love, relationships and intimacy. Act!

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