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Is It Possible to Develop Relations During Quarantine Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Social distancing due to self-isolation during the quarantine period due to COVID-19 has changed our lives. There are several ideas what to do together during an epidemic. But how not to get bored during self-isolation? How to flirt and seduce girls from a distance? Social relations have changed, which means that relations in a pair are changing too. And, as a rule, for the worse.

1. Termination of physical (real) meetings due to coronavirus

In the near future, you need to forget about the usual meeting places. If you are a couple, you will not be able to go back to the place of your first date, where your love story began. Bars, clubs, cinema and restaurants are closed. You cannot go to work and communicate with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Universities, schools and colleges, gyms, fitness clubs, pools do not work.

So what to do in this situation?

Online meetings, conferences, forums, flirting on Instagram, in Tinder, in Meetic are the most popular ideas today. A huge advantage have those users who already have beautifully designed profiles, with photos, information about hobbies. And if you can correctly and beautifully formulate thoughts in correspondence, if you are a good conversationalist, then you are lucky!

BUT! Many people who survived the Ebola epidemic in Africa say that they still avoid real contact with people.

2. But who will chat on Tinder for a long time?

Online chat

Use hashtag #distanciationsociale and you will find people who want to chat.

Is there a real chance to find love in Tinder in a few weeks of communication? Can you seduce a girl so that after quarantine you will be able to invite her on a date, which will be end with unforgettable sex? Can feelings arise through virtual communication?

Of course, all this can be. Moreover, many Tinder users admit that they will quarantine as much as necessary, but they hope that by the summer it will all be over. And this summer will be the time of love and dirty sex.

Yes, 90% of Tinder users are willing to chat with strangers within a few weeks. But you should know what you can ask girls in the chat about, and what questions should be avoided. And yes, many Tinder users are looking for their love.

3. Coronavirus and couple communication in the distance

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Many users of online dating applications worry that for several weeks (maybe months) they will not be able to go on a real date with each other. That is why many people do not see the point of continuing in a relationship. And the cause of this was the epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19.

Relations at a distance are always difficult, but the situation is complicated by the fact that we do not know the end date of quarantine. Many people perceive it as a prison, but for everyone. What can surprise a person after 1-2 weeks of communication? You already chatted about the weather, about hobbies, about politics, complained about COVID19, which changed the usual life, but what’s next? To avoid awkward silence, read books, scientific and educational articles, watch documentaries.

Another unifying Netflix theme: you can watch several programs at the same time.

But the most daring can try sex on the phone, sex on Whatsapp, Facetime, webcam sex to stay close. This will be one of the technical solutions that allows these pairs to stay together but on a distance.

4. Learn to communicate with neighbors…

If you have roommates or apartments, then such a round-the-clock stay in a confined space with someone can be a real challenge.

In addition, quarantine can be a serious test for couples. Despite the mode of self-isolation and the inability to leave the confined space, you need to find time for yourself. Psychologists advise spending at least an hour a day alone. No matter how you love each other, you do not need to violate personal space. Alternatively, you can do meditation or read alone.

In addition, during quarantine, many couples have fears about:

  • Money;
  • Mental health;
  • The habits that we hide when we go to work.

5. Sex and coronavirus, what to do?

Sex Girl

If you live separately from your partner, then real sex will be impossible during the quarantine of COVID-19. But these days, Pornhub, Dorcel, J & M are more popular than ever. By the way, they made free access to their content for a while. And you can read erotic books, look through the Kamasutra.

Take care of your health! You should not invite unfamiliar guys or girls for sex.

But if you are paired, then 15-day quarantine will be only a big plus for your sex life. You can order pizza and wine, organize a joint viewing of an erotic film, and come up with something else the next day.

Anna Stone

Written by Anna Stone

I'm a mother of two children. My life is their lives. I love to organize holidays and make plans for family weekends and long vacation. And then I describe this for the same moms as me, share experiences, give ideas. It's my way of making the world a little happier with baby smiles and parental happiness.

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