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How to Know How Important You Are To the Guy? 11 Sure Fire Ways to Know What You Truly Mean to Him

Every girl dreams of mutual love. Do you have a boyfriend, but your relationship is not developing the way you want? Maybe you doubt whether he really loves you? There are some definite sign, that a guy likes you, that he is in love with you. But in this article you will know about 11 ways that will help you answer a very important question: how to know if you’re important to a guy?

11 sure fire ways to know what you truly mean to him

1. He talks with you every day

Does he call you, or write SMS, or sends pictures to the Facebook? Does he ask your opinion on the last football match that you did not even watch? Congratulations! He is looking for any reason to maintain a dialogue with you. And this means that you are a very important person in his life.

A man in love will ask about everything: how are you? how are your best friend? what will do tommorow the dog of your aunt? And note, he does not just maintain a dialogue, he is really interested, because he remembers everything that you are talking about! If this is your boyfriend, then you have found a treasure!

2. He is worried about you


If a guy is worried about you, he is interested, whether you managed to have lunch, how your day went, then you are a happy girl! Remember: if your boyfriend is indifferent to you, then he will be selfish. After he meets his needs and finds someone, in his opinion, better than you, he will immediately leave you. And especially avoid relationships with narcissists!

And vice versa: if a man needs you, he will always find the time and opportunity to write a few words to make sure that everything is in order with you. There are not many such men, but if you met him, then you are very lucky that your feelings are mutual.

3. He respects you

If the person with whom you are building a strong relationship respects you, this means that you are important to him. Many women will agree that respect is more important than love, because love can fade over time, but respect should remain forever.

Finding a person who will truly appreciate and respect you is a great success. Therefore, if your boyfriend is like that, take care of him. He cherishes you and will do everything to make you happy next to him. And let your feelings be mutual.

4. He wants to see you as often as possible

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He invites you to a date in a cafe, just take a walk in the park or invites you a visit? This is a sure sign that you are a dear person to him! If he wants to see you, then most likely he is in love and wants to build a relationship with you. But, undoubtedly: this is the beginning of history, this desire means much more than just friendship.

Pay attention to how he behaves when meeting with you? If he is sincerely glad to see you, but he is very constrained and sometimes it seems that he is clumsy, then this means that he is in love! He is afraid to do something wrong, to offend you with something, so he does not know how to behave better. Do not push him away, but support him. Shyness will pass, but a great and bright feeling will remain.

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5. You are always in the first place for him!

If he is ready to abandon his plans in order to spend the weekend with you, then this undoubtedly means that he really needs you! And if it seems to you that this is not so, then drop all doubts.

If he correctly prioritizes, and you are in first place for him, then this is indisputable proof that he really needs you. Congratulations if there is such a person in your life!

In addition, if he cares, loves and is honest with you in his feelings, then you can be sure that you won the jackpot thanks to meeting him, because such people are rare.

If you are lucky that you can enjoy life thanks to your boyfriend, then make him the most important person in your life.

6. He says that he is lucky that you appeared in his life

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If your boyfriend tells you that he is happy that you are in his life, then this means that you are very important to him. Men do not often talk about their feelings, but in this case, this means that he is really happy and afraid to lose you. If this is your situation, then you can relax and just enjoy life.

7. He understands you in any situation

To find a man who will understand and support you is an unprecedented success! You can count on him in any situation, he will love you on a bad day and a good one.

He is not an egoist who thinks only of himself! He will share with you anxieties and problems, feelings of joy and victory. You must take care of him and reciprocate his feelings!

8. He tells his friends about you

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For any man, the opinion of his friends is very important. He wants to look successful and happy in their eyes, strive to create the impression that everything is fine with him, especially in his personal life. If he loves you, then his friends have already heard about you. And if so, then he values you and your relationship.

And if he invites you to go out of town with friends (most likely, friends will also be with girls), then feel free to agree and enjoy the trip. He will especially take care of you and will show different signs of attention. There are two reasons for this: firstly, you are very important to him, and secondly, he will strive to show his friends that everything is fine in your relationship.

9. He will never take you for granted. You will be a reward for him!

If a man shows you how much you mean to him, and he never takes you for granted, you can be sure that you are more than important to him.

He is the one who will always cherish you and never harm you.

If he knows about all the good things you do and praises you, be sure that he is the one with whom you should stay. He will not leave you after the first problem situation, but he will fight for you until the last breath!

10. He wants to start a family with you

Couple kiss

If a man tells you that he wants to start a family with you and that he is so glad that you are in his life, this means that he loves you endlessly, and his intentions are the most serious. A marriage proposal means a lot to a man. If he spoke to you about this or, moreover, has already made it, then you are truly dear to him.

Therefore, if he sees in you his future wife and the mother of his children, you will understand that you are important to him and that he will do everything to save you in his life.

11. He tells you that he loves you

If the man says that he loves you and always shows you this every day, this is a sign that he values your relationship and that you are a very important person in his life.

It is very difficult to find someone who will give you all the love and support that you deserve, and who will always give priority to you, change plans for a joint dinner or to go to your parents. If all this fits in your boyfriend, you won the jackpot. Stop doubting, enjoy love and be happy!

Mutual love in present time is very rare, but if you have such a cool guy, then you should reciprocate and let him become for you the most important person in the world. And don’t remember that you can let him know that he can’t live without you!

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Patricia Walker

Written by Patricia Walker

For many, many years I tried to get married, but before the wedding it never came... Now I live with two cats and give tips to young girls, what men want, how to behave with them. This experience I received for 10 years and now I pass it on to you, my dear readers.

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