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35 Secret Tactics How Narcissists Can Control Their Victims

How narcissists control their victims? The answer to this question you need to know if your close friend or boyfriend is a narcissist. There are tactics with which he controls his victims (the victim is a very accurate word) and manipulates them.

Are you tired of relationships when a guy constantly demands a report for all your actions, when you constantly ask him for forgiveness? Maybe the problem is that your boyfriend is a narcissist? There are several signs by which you can definitely recognize a narcissist. And there are rules for communicating with such people. To avoid control on his part, you must anticipate his behavior.

35 tactics of the behavior of narcissists, with the help of which he controls his victims

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  1. The narcissist is threatening you to intimidate you. He wants you to stop thinking for yourself and listen only to him.
  2. A narcissist can make a scandal if one of your friends behaved disrespectfully towards him. But, on the other hand, he treats you disrespectfully every day.
  3. A narcissist makes you dubious compliments, which often sound more like an insult than praise.
  4. He will never share the joy of success and will not rejoice at him. To explain this is very simple: in his world he is the best, most intelligent and most beautiful. No one can compare with him, much less surpass them.
  5. He creates a perfect look. For those who do not know him, he looks perfect and brilliant.
  6. He will do everything to maintain the image that he created. This means that he will never allow himself to be embroiled in dubious adventures. And before you do something, he will think twice.
  7. A narcissist will never help you solve problems. He will be eliminated and will not solve your problems. But as soon as you do this, he will convince you that you did everything terribly and that he would have done it much better.
  8. He does not consider you an independent person. He considers you an extension of himself.
  9. Fear is his main weapon. Using your fear, he is in complete control of you.
  10. When something is wrong, he considers you responsible for it and guilty. He believes that you are too emotional to rationally solve problems.
  11. Vulnerability is a disadvantage; it is a weakness in the eyes of any narcissist, because he considers himself not so.
  12. A sense of superiority over others is not a public game. He really thinks he’s the best of the best.
  13. He exaggerates an event from the past and convinces you that everything happened exactly as he predicted. And you were wrong because you were too emotional.
  14. He deliberately traps you so that he can become your “savior” when you fall or you really need help.
  15. Narcissist will intentionally hurt you, this is part of his plan. Yes, he apologizes, but in his own style. Do not be surprised if, after his words, you will feel even unhappy.
  16. He will never miss the opportunity to publicly humiliate you.
  17. At the slightest disagreement, he will threaten to destroy or pick up your things.
  18. He humiliates you whenever an occasion arises. But, at the same time, he sincerely wonders how one can be such a self-doubt person.
  19. He cannot control his emotions because they are not related to him.
  20. The narcissist always threatens to leave you, even after a minor quarrel. His main goal is to make you beg him to stay. He needs to hear as often as possible that you need him, that you cannot live without him.
  21. One way to ensure complete control over you is to lower your self-esteem, to make you think that you are not good enough. He needs you to think very little about yourself and be grateful to him for everything that they have done for you (and he did much more for you than you think – this is his logic). He often repeats that you are lucky that at least someone loves you.
  22. He insults you when you do not do what he wants.
  23. The basis of your relationship with a narcissist is constant monitoring. He must control your every action: where you went, when you return, what you bought at the store… If you don’t obey, if you go beyond control, he will destroy you emotionally. And you will have only two ways: either to obey or leave him.
  24. If you begin to understand that your relationship is far from ideal, begin to resist total control and dominance on his part, and then be prepared for a violent reaction. A narcissist will accuse you of all the problems of your couple. Most likely, this will be the beginning of the end.
  25. He will catch you in his net, from where it will be very difficult to get out.
  26. When a narcissist needs it, he shows his emotions and gives love, but when something goes wrong or he just does not have the mood, he is able to bring so much pain and suffering that not everyone can stand it.
  27. He completely controls the expense of finance in your pair.
  28. He needs to know about everything that happens in your life. He is one of those people who can hire a private detective and track you if he thinks you’re hiding something.
  29. Each decision that you make, he will question. This is not because he doesn’t not trust you, but because he wants you to doubt yourself, and to fully trust his opinion and always accept his point of view.
  30. He is sure that being you is unacceptable. He wants to change your identity and destroy your self-esteem so that you believe that you need to change.
  31. He constantly indicates your shortcomings and tells you the face of what you should change and what you shouldn’t do.
  32. Every mistake you make will be used against you. As if you are not allowed to make mistakes. But, on the other hand, his mistakes are never taken into account, because they he will never admit that he made them.
  33. If you stop communicating with him, then he will do everything possible to make you speak. And in this case, he will again convince you that you were wrong. A narcissist is an excellent manipulator capable of convincing an interlocutor of anything.
  34. He will never leave you alone, because he needs these relationships much more than you. You are the source of his narcissism, without which he cannot live.
  35. Unfortunately, in the end, the right person is emotionally destroyed, while the bad guy moves on to the next victim, looking perfect for meeting a stranger.
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