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35 Best Phrases to Say “I’m Sorry!” and Ask for Forgiveness From a Loved One

How to ask forgiveness from a loved one?“, “How to say I’m sorry?” – such questions can arise regardless of whether you are in a relationship, whether you live together or not. After all, despite the love for each other, there are many situations that can lead to disagreements, disputes, conflicts. Unfortunately, in a fit of anger we cannot control our actions or statements, we can be selfish and aggressive – all this will bring pain to your soul mate. But if you sincerely love her or him, you must be courageous, admit your mistakes and apologize. But apologies may vary depending on the cause of the conflict.

There are many reasons for disagreements, and, therefore, there are different options for apologies, forgiveness requests. If you ask for forgiveness, then you have a hope that you will quickly reconcile and the conflict will be settled. Many of us apologize in the following way:

“What I did was completely stupid, sorry. If I could take the time back, I would not repeat this mistake. Now I understand that you were right from the very beginning, and I apologize. I didn’t mean to offend you, sorry. I sincerely apologize. I love you and don’t want to lose you.”

How to apologize in different situations?

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You are late and did not warn

Sorry for coming home so late, I didn’t want you to worry. I could not warn, very in a hurry, but still late, I’m sorry. Sorry if I made you worry. It was a series of circumstances. I kiss you million times.

You drank a lot of alcohol

Yes, I know that I was wrong last night. We relaxed too much with my friends and I drank too much. I am sincerely sorry and I do not want to sleep on the couch, so I promise that next time I will be careful and come home on time! I love you very much and I kiss you, kiss, kiss!

You have decided to purchase something without the consent of a girl or boyfriend

Well, you’re right, I should have asked your opinion before buying this. I did not think about it, I wanted to please myself. Yes, that was selfish. I know there are other expenses. Maybe you wanted us to choose this together. I have no excuse; I acted impulsively. Forgive me, dear.

You left after an argument

Forgive me for my impulsiveness, for leaving instead of talking. Walking away from the conversation was stupid of me. I hope we can talk tonight. I promise that I won’t run away, that we will finish the conversation, that we will calmly talk. I do not like when we quarrel. See you tonight? I think about you constantly because I love you very much!

You spend little time with children

I really love our children, and you know that. Yes, I rely heavily on you: homework, sports, breakfasts and dinners… I’m sorry… I’m sure tonight we can calmly talk and come to a decision that will suit both of us. I want to take care of our children. And I love you very much!

You allow your wife / husband to take on most of your daily duties (cleaning, shopping..)

Sorry that you have to do all the housework. I know that you are tired. I acted selfishly because I did not help you. Forgive me, dear, I will do my best to help you. I do not want this to cause our disagreement.

You made an inappropriate comment to your loved one (overweight, untidy hair, etc.)

Sorry, I was wrong, I didn’t mean to offend you. Of course, you are very beautiful, I like you. I should have been more discreet. Forgive me. This will not happen again. I love you for who you are. You know it, don’t be offended by me, please, dear!

You forgot an important date (birthday, wedding / meeting anniversary)

I have no excuse, I know that. But you know, I always forget about dates. I did not want to upset you, forgetting about the anniversary of our acquaintance. I will try to get better. If you agree, then this weekend you will have a surprise. I love you!

You did not support your partner because of a disagreement with someone from your family (for example, with your mother)

Forgive me, I did not want to aggravate the situation. And I understand my mistake: I had to be on your side in this delicate situation, especially when you needed my support. Forgive me, I promise I will fix everything! Forgive me, I love you very much!

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You’re not paying attention on her enough, and she doubts your feelings

I’m not a romantic, that’s true. I’m sorry that sometimes upsets you, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. On the contrary! But this is my way of life. I don’t think about the little things as often as you would like, but I love you.

You looked at another woman/man

You know that this act was completely innocent, unimportant. I just looked at a handsome woman, not thinking about anything sexy. But I understand that it was unpleasant for you. If I were in your place, I would not like it either, probably I would also experience anger or jealousy. I did not mean that. I look at others, but I see only you. Forgive me, dear. I love you!

You lied to your loved one (where you were, with whom…)

No lies – this is our rule, I know, and I understand that you are angry. But please do not doubt me! I don’t want you to lose confidence in me because of my mistake. I didn’t want to hide anything from you, I just thought that it didn’t matter to you. I hope you forgive me and come for dinner today. I will wait for you!

You refused sex

I know that fatigue is no excuse, and that it can be annoying. I understand that you were waiting last night, that you had plans. I’m sorry I didn’t support you. Of course, I still want you, no doubt! This is not a problem of desire, I just was not ready because of my tiredness. I’m sorry. I promise you endless hugs for you to forgive me.

You spoke or saw your ex

I understand that this is unforgivable, but I assure you that you have nothing to fear. I met her at her request to settle matters. You know that there’s nothing between us for a long time. I love only you! I didn’t want you to suffer, especially since I didn’t want to hide it from you. I hope you accept my apologies and admit that I was honest with you. I promise not to hide anything from you. Answer me, I miss you!

You judge her/him for the past, jealous of former partners

When we started dating, we promised each other not to hide important things and not to judge each other. You’re right, I was stupid yesterday, there was no need to show jealousy. But when I imagine that there have been other men in your life before me, I lose my mind. I do not blame you for the past, this is your experience, but I am angry at everyone who did not love you so much you deserve. Sorry to hurt you. I love you and miss you very much!

20 text messages to apologize and ask for forgiveness

If you urgently need to apologize and send a short SMS, then here are the 20 best examples for different occasions, with which you can ask for forgiveness from a girl, guy or friends.

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It is always difficult to find the right words to ask for forgiveness and try to apologize. You must know how to be understood and show your true feelings. Invite her or him to the cafe, because it is better to talk face to face, explain what is wrong and admit your mistakes.

Ask for forgiveness (universal SMS for different situations)

“What I did was completely stupid. If I could fix it, I would do it without hesitation.”

“Honestly, I didn’t mean to offend you. I regret what I said.”

“Sorry. I was stupid and didn’t understand that I was hurting you when I told you about this incident or about this person.”

“I apologize with all my heart. I love you very much and do not want to lose you.”

“I do not know if these words are enough to ask you for forgiveness. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Forgive me and know that I love you very much!”

“I understand that I offended you with my behavior yesterday. I am very sorry about this and I apologize to you.”

“Please answer my calls. I would like to apologize and try to maintain our romantic relationship.”

“Sorry. It’s my fault. What can I do for you to forgive me?”

“Please accept my apologies. I didn’t want to offend you, I recognize my guilt and want to make amends for it.”

“Forgive me for not answering your call yesterday, I was a fool. Will you forgive me? I hope because I already bought movie tickets.”

“My love, please give me a second chance. I love you more than anyone in the world!”

“I do not want to lose our wonderful relationship. Please give me a chance to prove to you that everything that happened is an absurd mistake!”

“I do not want to lie. It’s my fault, and I apologize if I hurt you.”

“You are the most important person in the world for me. I promise that I will change for the sake of our relations and our shared future. Forgive me for my stupid act. I understand that my behavior is far from ideal. But for the sake of our love, I apologize to you. Let’s start all over again.”

“I don’t think that justification by SMS is enough, because I was so stupid yesterday. Can we meet as soon as possible so that I can make amends and ask you for forgiveness?”

“Today I wake up and understand that I should do the impossible for you to forgive me. I realized that I didn’t live up to your expectations, and it breaks my heart.”

“I am ashamed of my behavior yesterday. You are the perfect woman for me, I love you, and I deeply regret what happened.”

“If I could change the past, I would delete these last two hours. I was stupid and regret it more than anything.”

“I was a fool, sorry. Now I understand that you were right from the very beginning, and I apologize.”

You sent text messages… What else can be done so that she/he forgave you?

Confessing SMS is a good start. But this is probably not enough. It is important to do something more so that she or he forgives you. Make a surprise for the person you love. Invite her or his restaurant or cafe to a place where there are a lot of people so that she cannot leave, but at the same time so that you can talk.

Tell him/her about your feelings, about how much you regret your behavior. If all goes well, you will be forgiven and you can move forward together. But do not repeat your mistakes in the future!

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