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What Is The Secret Of A Happy And Perfect Couple? 12 Unique Secrets

Everyone has read fairy tales about princes and princesses and remember that the main characters lived happily ever after. A long and happy relationship is probably the dream of any couple. But how to achieve this? How to maintain love and interest in each other? I collected 12 secrets that bring together all the perfect couples.

The main thing is that the desire to be together forever is shared by two.

1. The perfect couple consists of two best friends

Many happy couples are sure that the secret of their ideal relationship is friendship. The main thing in a couple is to be each other’s best friend.

Many today believe that a guy should be a challenge or surprise for a girl. All this, in my opinion, is nonsense. If I have problems, if I worry and show it to my best friend, he supports me. I do the same if he needs my support. That is how it should in a couple. For me personally, this is an important aspect of a happy relationship in a perfect couple.

Well, but then the question arises, how to become a best friend for him or her? This is a huge topic, but it can be reduced to two concepts: proximity and participation. I can tell her everything, and she will tell me everything, and we will support each other.

Commitment: we both want to maintain this relationship in the long run. Obviously, all this is being built, it takes time and skills, but this is probably the most important step you will take to create yourself a perfect couple.

2. You will not find the perfect couple, but you can create one

Couple having fun

Show me people for whom everything has always been in pink? Show me people who have the perfect couple and who haven’t been in crisis situations where they have to make decisions? Frankly, I have not met such couples.

Maybe there are people who are more or less compatible with each other, who are easier to agree on in some aspects, but if you want to create the perfect couple, you need to learn how to deal with your differences, and it’s hard!

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3. Nice routine

Probably, you all noticed how a guy and a girl enjoy a meeting at the beginning of a relationship, how they kiss and hug? Over the years, this passes, it all comes down to a humble kiss. If you want your relationship to remain unusual, you must continue to make the gestures of love that you did in the beginning.

Couple in the evening

So if you are used to coming home at the beginning of a relationship, hugging your wife, kissing her tenderly, and asking how her day went, keep doing this and you will take an important step towards the perfect couple.

You can develop this idea. What are you doing to please your girlfriend? Are you inviting her on a trip? Do you give flowers? Continue to do this no matter how many years you are together. It can be said that this is a routine of relationships, but it is a pleasant routine.

And here the most difficult thing is not to just do all this, but to want to do it, to want to please. After all, a girl loves you for who you are, how you showed yourself to her. If you keep these qualities in yourself, then she will love you all her life.

4. Unpleasant routine

To get tired of everyday life, from the daily routine at home and at work is normal. But living in it constantly is already abnormal. We must strive for something new, to learn something, to develop, so as not to be bored and not feel regression.


How to break this routine?

One must strive to discover new things in the physical, sexual, and unconscious worlds.

In physical terms, you can go to a new restaurant, go on vacation to places where you have not been, meet new people, go to salsa courses..

Sexually, you can do whatever your imagination allows. You can watch hot films and try new poses, explore tantra or orgasmic meditation.

The unconscious world for me is dreams and fantasies. You must tell each other everything about your dreams or about wanting that you want to see on this night.

In short, connect with your researcher instinct and bring your girlfriend/friend with you if you want to create the perfect couple for yourself.

5. Sex

Together in bed

Whoever says anything, but obviously, good sex is really important for the perfect couple. As I said, you can diversify your sex life with the help of videos, shopping from adult stores. Do not miss the preludes, arrange a romantic dinner with a sequel, rent a hotel room for one night – there are a lot of options, so go ahead!

6. Strong commitment

If you want your couple to be perfect, then you have to work on it, you need to make efforts. First of all, you and your soulmate must be faithful to each other. This is the foundation of the basics. No novels and flirting should not be. Any quarrels should end not with divorce, but with reconciliation. And both must make efforts to do all this.

7. Communication

Relax together

How do you talk to each other when everything is bad?

This is perhaps the most difficult topic – to learn to argue in times of crisis.

For this, obviously, there is a nonviolent relationship.

Instead of saying “You are really boring, you always criticize the places we go to”, you could say: “When you criticize the places we go, I’m sorry, I’m disappointed, and it makes me want to leave you”.

Instead of pointing the other person to his mistakes, you talk about your pain and worries. This is a very effective method.

8. Individual freedom that you allow each other

I know that for some the ideal couple is when we become one, when we are completely united, immersed in each other. But for me this is a mistake.

To be a personality, it is important to be able to explore your own world, your own desires, and if your desires do not 100% coincide with the desires of your girlfriend/boyfriend, this necessarily means the opportunity to spend time alone.

In my vision of an ideal couple, everyone is free to pursue their desires, to go their own way, everyone has a place to express the full range of their personality.

9. Acceptance of the flaws of another

Strict girl

There is a difference between falling in love with a girl and falling in love with the potential that you see in this girl.

But the question is: will she also be great when you are a couple? Or in order to meet your ideals, will she need to sign up for a gym and Spanish courses? You can waste a lot of time and nerves. Maybe it’s better to spend this time appreciating the girl for who she is. After all, you are not perfect either.

10. Money

Of course, we can have strong love by living in the hut, but the reality is that the couple will be more complete if you have livelihood.

This does not mean that we must be rich, but it means that if we spend $1000 per month to maintain the lifestyle that we like, we should not earn $900.

What for? To avoid misunderstandings and tensions.

For me, the perfect couple is a couple where I know that we will stay together and be happy even in the hut, but there I will never have to live.

11. The importance of managing your shadow areas

When you start a relationship, then problems, difficulties, fears do not disappear. If you want a perfect match, you will need to constantly try to improve these aspects and limit the impact of your unconscious reactions on your relationship. To correct the situation, you have to work on yourself. Moreover, your partner may have the same problems.

12. Simplicity and perfection

Couple in love

I know that I just gave you a long list, I know that there are an infinite number of areas in which you could improve something.

But do you need a last secret?

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Those who succeed are those who know how not to try to do everything at the same time.

Do not do it all at once, choose one direction, maximum two, and try to improve it. When you realize that you have achieved certain successes, start moving towards the next goal.

A perfect couple is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Embark on a long-term relationship and you will emerge victorious, moving hand in hand with your best ally.

Natalie Brown

Written by Natalie Brown

My name is Natalie. I'm 25. I love beauty, psychology is interesting to me too, I listen to different music. I talk about everything that interests me. These are my thoughts, my experiences. But you can use it to avoid my mistakes.

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