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10 Tips For Becoming an Attractive and Seductive Man

Being a seductive, confident and attractive man – do you dream about it? Then you found what you need! Believe me, you will not only read this article, but save it as an instruction for action.

So how to succeed with girls? What personal qualities need to be developed? What to look for? This is what I will talk about in this article and give some tips on seduction. So let’s go!

1. Be an active man

active man

An attractive man is, by definition, a person who is able to create his own reality in which he controls his life, his evolution, relying on his ability to cope with risks and competition. The most important thing is the unifying impulse, the desire to make oneself the creator of wealth, both financially and relationally or intellectually. An initiative man cares very little about issues of seduction. He focuses primarily on meeting his own needs in order to maintain his activities and personal development.

2. Develop your charisma

Charismatic man

Charisma is that kind of aura that surrounds a man who can fail or become better. Always looking for new challenges, a charismatic person is attractive because he does not care what people think about him. He himself, in an almost natural way, adapts to his environment and does not depend on anyone. He is always looking for mechanisms that can allow him to develop and grow. He instills an indestructible, but real power. He does not make a major difference between relationships with men or women. In practical terms, charisma could be compared with social intelligence: the ability to identify others and respect a predetermined positioning, never doubting their own worth.

3. Be a leader


As you can see, the described values seem to be intertwined with each other, forming a single whole: a seductive man. Thus, leadership is understood as the ability to make federal, relevant and effective decisions based on specific material conditions. A leader is not necessarily authoritarian. He recognizes the needs and desires of each person and takes them into account when making decisions.

4. Natural preset

male angel

A coveted man, eye-catching and stimulating the libido of the women they face, inevitably takes a dominant position in relation to competition. He draws from her a kind of aura that facilitates seduction, and makes him a more interesting person who can bring women what they want. Achieving this requires working on yourself, but the result will justify all efforts.

5. Security: an important point

couple walks

Women are happy with a man who can protect them, whether on a physical, intellectual or financial level. The main quality of a protector is compassion. He understands what his interlocutors need and is open. He is ready be near if the danger materializes. With a man-defender calmly and reliably.

6. Be emotional!


Masculinity and charisma do not mean that an attractive man has a stone heart. Women are looking for a man who can understand them, learn their feelings, sorrows, pains. So do not hide your emotions. Be careful, however, this also should not be excessive or take the form of reproaches. Expression of emotions causes psychological rapprochement and causes a true ties of trust.

7. Become independent

independent man

Understood as a union of maturity and the ability to take responsibility, independence is another quality necessary for the development of an attractive personality. This includes making decisions about your lifestyle, developing personal projects and the ability to take them, especially from a financial point of view. In terms of relationships, independence is the ability to not overdo it and let your partner breathe. In fact, this is one of the consequences of psychological stability.

8. Eloquence

eloquent man

The ability to correctly express themselves in accordance with Byron’s language is increasingly lost. An attractive man owns his vocabulary and knows the weight of words. This allows him to hit his target and increases his authority when he speaks out. It is unnecessary to draw your attention to the importance of communication in our time. Tip – read classic literature. Believe me, a woman is more likely to pay attention to a man who clearly expresses his thoughts and feelings.

9. Work on your appearance

Women rate men in appearance. It is useless to argue with this, so you should take care of yourself, take care of your style (appearance, shaving, haircut, muscles …), as well as about your non-verbal communication. No one wants to maintain a relationship with a curled-up man who seems to be unwilling to communicate with anyone.

10. Improve your style

stylish man

Style is undoubtedly a decisive element in the personality of an attractive man. This is something personal. You will need to know your body, determine what you like or, conversely, that does not set you apart. The tendency to tailor one’s wear to the circumstances and always look taut strengthens self-confidence and a charismatic image: therefore, this should not be neglected. Although men usually judge their social status or ability to be charismatic, this severity and apparent requirements are no less obvious in the description of an attractive woman: she must be beautiful, feminine, open and accept the dominance of a loved one.

Patricia Walker

Written by Patricia Walker

For many, many years I tried to get married, but before the wedding it never came... Now I live with two cats and give tips to young girls, what men want, how to behave with them. This experience I received for 10 years and now I pass it on to you, my dear readers.

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