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16 Top Tips for Man for Increasing Sex Appeal

The question of sexual attractiveness worries the vast majority of men. This is not surprising, because everyone wants to seduce the very beauty girl from the party (or maybe not one girl). And if you do it, your friends will look at you with admiration and ask what is your secret?

In this article, I have collected all the most important and necessary information on How to become a sexy men to women? If you follow these tips, then your personal life will change the way you could not even dream!

But first, let’s decide what is sexual attractiveness? It is also the power of seduction, which creates sexual desire with attractive looks or provocative behavior. But it is also a sensual charm. A charm that adorns everyday life and delights others. Obviously, if you increase sexual attractiveness, then natural attractiveness will increase too. Since we are talking about behavioral attraction (provocative behavior), therefore, this is a set of actions that is transmitted by movements, behavior and the culture of human speech.

Do not underestimate verbal communication. What we say, with what intonation – all this is evaluated by the interlocutor, especially the girl. Non-verbal communication is a way of communication without words, a manner of behavior, body language. Visual communication is an assessment of the interlocutor through the appearance, hairstyle, clothing style.

If you work on these three points, then you will be an ideal conversationalist, an attractive man, and a confident seducer. Girls will not be able to refuse such a man, which means that you can easily seduce the woman of your dreams.

The importance of sex appeal

Verbal communication

To talk about verbal communication, I’ll just give a simple example so that you understand the importance of the words that we use to express ourselves.


How often do we use youth slang in our speech? New words? Often. And why? Because it is stylish. At least for a group of people. This conveys a sense of belonging to this group. This creates the impression of provocation or admiration, simply, excluding from the conversation those who do not know this words.

A person unfamiliar with this jargon will either admire it and express a desire to study this subculture, or will be rejected by those who use it.

You can draw an analogy in the professional sphere, when a group of people belonging to the same profession use words whose meaning is clear only to them.

Therefore, when talking with a girl you like, you should not use only modern words, the meaning of which is not clear to everyone. This may push her away and further seduction efforts will be in vain. There will be nothing between you if you do not find a common language – in the literal sense. But, if a girl uses these fashionable words, then you should support her. Show that you are know what she is talking about. If she sees an interesting interlocutor (you), then the chances of continuing your acquaintance increase significantly.

Paraverbal communication

Together with verbal and non-verbal means of communication, paraverbal means are also exist. This is a collection of sound signals that accompany oral speech. For example, intonation, signaling to us about the questioning nature of the sentence, sarcasm, disgust, humor, etc. That is, with paraverbal communication, information is transmitted through voice tones, which are given a certain meaning in different languages. Therefore, the spoken word is never neutral.

The way we say is sometimes more important than the content of the message.

When talking with women, many men behave as if they are on stage and playing a role. Believe me, this is a big mistake, because a woman will never perceive such an interlocutor as a normal person.

Monotony should be avoided in conversation. Your story about a meeting with Tom Hanks or Keanu Reeves should be lively, filled with details and nuances. Otherwise, the girl will be bored with you. Agree, it’s nice to talk with a cheerful person who shares emotions and good mood.

This applies not only to communication with the girl. Remember which of your friends is valued in the company? Jolly George or moody John? The one who is always in a good mood or the one who constantly talks about problems? I think I also know the answer.

Non-verbal communication

To walk on the beach

Non-verbal communication is one of the most important points in interpersonal exchange. This is what allows us to understand the meaning of words. One and the same word can have several meanings. For example, “you are cute” or “you are cute” can be used as a compliment, but can also be used as a little taunt for laughing in a particular situation.

A simple facial expression can make any message sound like humor.

This explains why so many people have difficulty understanding the intentions behind certain proposals. Another minus is our self-doubt, in our appearance. But we need to work on this, we need to affirm our social status. Unfortunately, even good intentions can be misunderstood only because our body language does not convey them correctly. And this leads to misunderstandings, unnecessary experiences.

Visual communication

Understanding the principle of visual communication is simple. A man in a neat suit or stylish shirt will always evoke more sympathy than someone who does not monitor his appearance. Even if it seems unfair to you, you will not change it. The first impression is very important for the girl.

In costume

People begin to evaluate the interlocutor in appearance (hairstyle, accessories, lack of red circles around the eyes) and clothing. Therefore, when inviting a girl on a date, be sure that you have no problems in this regard.

But it’s not enough just to dress to improve your sex appeal. Otherwise, it would be too easy. First of all, you must choose your style that suits for you. But you also need to feel comfortable in this suit.

Remember that the perfect combination of verbal, paraverbal, non-verbal and visual communication is the key to seducing any girl!

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about it. The guys think that wearing a Prada suit is enough and they will be irresistible. But even if you make a positive first impression on the girl, but cannot keep her attention during the conversation, this is the end. Then nothing wait for you. I hope you understand that you should not neglect the tips that I gave you.

How to improve your sex appeal

It seems that we have reached the very point for which you are reading this article. Yes, I will give you 16 top tips that will help improve your sexuality and seduce the girl that you have long dreamed of.

Sexual appeal and body language

Sexy man
  1. Smile – is the key to improving body language! Yes, because a smile is always attractive, even if you need to beware of false smiles.
  2. Do not cross your arms or legs, because this means that you are closed. This is not what we are trying to do when we are interested in improving our sex appeal.
  3. Good posture. Having good posture will make you look taller. In addition, it visually increases the volume of the chest, which also adds points in the eyes of the girl.
  4. At the seduction stage, the mirror effect will be very necessary. Do not do it consciously, at least do not show that you are doing it consciously. But repeating her gestures you will give her a signal that she and you have more in common than she thinks. Laugh together, be silent together, order the same drink.
  5. Do not look away from each other. Eye contact is very important. Look into a girl’s eyes when she tells something. So you show your interest. She must know that you are listening to her.
  6. Walking style. Your walking style should be confident, but graceful. You must walk as the owner of this land: not quickly, evenly. Walk as if sidewalks are made for you.

Sexual appeal and appearance

Man by the ston

Now I will give you tips to improve your appearance.

  1. Sexy costume. His choice depends on your figure and style of clothing. Jeans should be combined with a shirt and shoes. Do not forget that clothes should be clean and ironed. What’s in fashion now? Did you see what the actors were wearing at the last Academy awards? Or browse magazines with news from the world of show business. There you will surely find a style suitable for yourself.
  2. Learn to care for your clothes. What for? In order not to buy a new one every week and save money. Wash clothes in a washing machine at a low temperature in cotton mode, below 30 ° with a rotation speed of less than or equal to 600 rpm.
  3. Shave. You are a guy and you yourself know where it is needed. But do not forget that you do not need monobrow, hair in the nose, and if you wear a mustache or beard, then you also need to take care of them. The main thing is that you must be well-groomed! Watch your skin, it should not be rough. And do not forget about hygiene on the intimate parts of the body. You understand me, I hope.
  4. This advice is not directly related to increasing sexual attractiveness, but it is important. Take care of yourself. I think we can all improve our sex appeal simply by getting rid of bad habits. Nobody is perfect. We all do something that distracts women from our attractiveness. For example, smoking a cigarette, drinking regularly, sleeping or eating poorly, not drinking enough water, etc. Thus, this trick is simply to change one of our habits and take a new one. Maybe instead of an extra cup of coffee you will drink water, and instead of a party you will go to the gym?
  5. The smell. A fresh (sweet, citrus) aroma should come from you. And don’t forget about breath. It should always be impeccable. A great option is chewing gum, which should always be at hand. Do not be lazy to take a shower before each date or an important meeting, but you should not abuse fragrances either.

Sexual appeal and behavior


Now let’s look at the last category of tips to improve your behavior.

  1. First, don’t be too sweet. Women do not like guys who always agree with they, who agree with everything that they do and say. I am not saying that you should argue constantly, but you can express your opinion without trying to convince her. This will show your maturity and self-confidence. In the eyes of a woman you will be a strong man who has his own convictions.
  2. Try to be interesting. But it is not as simple as it seems. You must be able to maintain a conversation on any topic: culture, cooking, travel, news. Do not forget about the sense of humor. А well-rounded person with good jokes will always have an edge over the rest of the guys.
  3. You must be an optimist. No one likes talking to someone who talks about persistent problems. Do not be a toxic person, do not speak badly about others, do not predict a bad future because this or that event in the world has occurred. Be an optimist. Smile and look for positive things in everything.
  4. Be open to new adventures. It’s not easy, but challenge yourself. Discover something new every day. Get out of your comfort zone. For example, ask for something at the next table when you are in a cafe, ask someone on the subway “what time is it”, sign up for dancing or yoga classes.
  5. The last and most important advice. You should feel comfortable when communicating with people. Believe me, the girl will feel that you are nervous, that you cannot clearly express your thought and do not know what to talk to her about. On the contrary, if you are confident in yourself, if you find topics for conversation without problems, and reduce the distance between she and you, then you will always be in the position of a leader whom any girl will follow. There are many ways to gain self-confidence and feel more comfortable with others. For example, meditating, participating in training, passing quests, doing what you were afraid to do until today.
young man

You are a good guy! And you can seduce any girl. Take my advice, work on yourself and you will do it! But do not forget about the main rule: never lie to a girl! Be honest. Be a gentleman!

Sexy man
Martin Lynch

Written by Martin Lynch

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