11 Steps to Help You Find the Man of Your Dreams

It’s no secret that finding the perfect man who suits you both spiritually and physically is not easy. But why do some women literally bathe in men’s attention, while others sit for months on dating sites, but never go on real dates? Answering this question, psychologists have established that all problems are exclusively in our head. You do not need to be beautiful with the parameters of the model in order to drive crazy representatives of the opposite sex.

I will reveal a few secrets that will help you find the man of your dream. Girls, everything is real! You need to work, maybe change habits, sign up for dancing, but the main thing is to go to the goal, look for your ideal, and not waste time on someone who does not value you. To find the ideal man, just follow a few simple rules.


The model of the relationship between a man and a woman is laid in the girl’s family, and if you saw before your eyes not a good example of your parents, then the chance to simulate the same painful situation again and again, but already in your relationship, increases dramatically. Try to let go of the past and forget about old insults. Each man is a certain experience, which may not have made you happier, but he certainly added wisdom to you.



Decide on the set of qualities that an ideal man should possess. For some, it will be a sense of humor, generosity and the ability to meet you in conflict situations. And someone loves athletic men and dreams that he could cook no worse than Jamie Oliver. Try to present your future partner as thoroughly as possible. If you like a certain type of appearance, then it’s not a shame to put your favorite actor or performer on the phone’s splash screen. Visualize your dreams, more often imagine how you would like to be looked after by you or where your ideal first date could take place. The more clearly you articulate your desires, the sooner the Universe will respond to your request.


You must have a clear goal and know exactly what you want. Believe in yourself, but be prepared to make some sacrifices in order to find happiness.

Bad guys love easy-to-manipulate girls. Don’t be like that, you deserve the best. On the contrary, decent men prefer to build relationships with self-confident women who need to be court and not easily seduced.


Before pronouncing the phrase “I love you”, learn to say the word “I” – this approach to life really works, because people who do not respect their own personality and consider themselves mediocre are unlikely to attract the attention of a worthy man who can build healthy relationships . Learn to accept yourself for who you are. And if even because of a couple of extra pounds you still can’t do it, try at least starting to struggle with your complexes and shortcomings. The flaws that you see in yourself are most likely to be only in your subjective view. Do not forget: there is a buyer for each product. Many men, by the way, consider feminine forms to be much more attractive than figures of a sports physique.


woman dress

Imagine which woman might be interested in the man of your dreams, and just become her if you want your future husband to be a top manager of an oil company, while in your wardrobe there is not a single dress, not to mention high-heeled shoes, then count on the fact that a potential Prince on a white horse, seeing you on the street, will make out for a girl in a sports hoodie and hastily picked up in the tail hair of the woman of his dreams, is unlikely to have to. Be objective: if you want to meet the perfect man, make sure that he cannot pass you by.


Stop looking for the perfect man in the same places. Be bolder. Visit new places, go to the cinema, go to the rink, learn about your friends’ hobbies, do something new (for example, sign up for dancing). Get out of your comfort zone and conquer the world. Then the prince will be found faster.


Everyone wants to be with a rich, handsome, and smart man. But there are very few men in the world who can combine all these advantages in themselves. The person you fall in love with will have flaws, but you also have them. One must learn to accept a loved one as he is, because all his bad and good qualities are himself. But if you do not like the man who shows sympathy for you, then tell him about it. Do not waste your time. Set priorities and act.


Stop living as a “hermit crab”, get things that suggest the presence of a man in your life. For example, buy a pair of men’s slippers and put them in the corridor – just in case. Or replace the narrow sofa with a full double bed. All this will help to create the right energy around you. Allow yourself to think about the fact that very soon a person will appear in your life who needs all these things.


Many say that spouses should be the same age or the husband should be older than his wife (not much). These are all conventions. The older people are, the less they notice the age difference. If you understand that you have found a person who is crazy about him, but he is younger, forget about age and be happy!



We spend a lot of time at work, so marriages between colleagues are not uncommon. So take a look at those who work near you, maybe someone shows sympathy for you? For example, brings coffee, holds the door at the exit, invites to lunch. If a person is nice to you, but you are afraid to meet, you can learn more about him by asking friends at work. Or take the initiative yourself. Aсе! Even if the result is unsuccessful, it will be an experience.


There is one interesting pattern – as soon as you let go of a particular situation in your life, then it is solved by itself. And love is no exception. Therefore, stop looking in every pretty representative of the opposite sex of the very one with whom you can spend your whole life. Learn to enjoy flirting and courtship, and as soon as you do this, believe me, the man of your dreams will immediately loom on the horizon.

Patricia Walker

Written by Patricia Walker

For many, many years I tried to get married, but before the wedding it never came... Now I live with two cats and give tips to young girls, what men want, how to behave with them. This experience I received for 10 years and now I pass it on to you, my dear readers.

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