Where And How to Find Your Love: 5 Simple Tips For Finding a Soulmate

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Love, mutual understanding, a strong family – most people dream about it. But how to find your soulmate? This is not easy. Often people just sit and wait for love to find them. Take the initiative in your own hands – and happiness will not take long!

Tip 1: Make a detailed portrait of your soulmate

Be honest with yourself and at the same time realistic. Think about what is really important for you in a person, with what shortcomings you can be reconciled, and with which – not. In early youth, we succumb to the charm of media heroes, girls fall in love with movie and show business stars, guys dream of supermodels. This is a normal stage of sensory development of a person. But if you have already passed puberty, dreaming that one morning Johnny Depp or the Prince of Wales will draw under your door is not constructive.

Decide on the age, level of education and income of the person you want to find, think about what his goals are in life, how he should keep himself, what he can dream about. Do not consider that these are too crude and mercantile indicators that have nothing to do with love. Statistics show that alliances between people of the same circle are always much stronger and more successful than misalliances. Stories in the spirit of “young lady and a bully” in practice rarely happen, but even if they happen, as a rule, they do not lead to long-term harmonious relations.

Interesting: 37% of women and 35% of men at least once in their life posted a profile on dating sites.

Tip 2: Look good and be confident

In order for someone to love you, you have to love yourself. Imagine the man or woman of your dreams – are you really a worthy companion or companion for such a person?

Of course, spiritual qualities are very important, but the form of this content is no less important. Like it or not, namely on the exterior we pay attention first of all. Therefore, take care of yourself. If you have long wanted to tidy up a figure, sign up for a gym without delay. Leave in the wardrobe only those things in wich you like yourself. Go to the hairdresser or spa. Try to look like you have a dream date every day. All these measures will not only help you look better, they will give you confidence in their irresistibility, and this is what makes a person attractive.

Tip 3: Get into people more often and expand your social circle

How to find your love, where is it waiting for you? Anywhere, but not in your home on the couch in front of the TV. To meet new people, you need to be in new places. Go to exhibitions, lectures and seminars on any subject that interests you, sign up for the sports section or watch a nice skating rink, go on a trip, even if there is no company. The more you communicate with unfamiliar people, the better your communication skills become. This is extremely useful, especially if you are by nature not a companionable person and sometimes get lost when talking with strangers.

Interesting: According to statistics from recent years, approximately 30% of relationships that ended in a wedding began as a romance in a virtual space – future spouses found each other on dating sites, in social networks, on online forums.

Tip 4: Passion Is Not Love

Even if you are very tired of loneliness and are determined to establish a serious relationship, keep a certain sobriety of the mind. After completing the first three tips, fans will certainly appear, but how do you determine if they are worth your attention? Is it love or not love?

The question is complex, all the more there is no single standard, there is no instrument capable of measuring the “truth” of love. This feeling is often confused with physical attraction, which can literally overwhelm and knock down. But such hormonal storms do not last long – only a few months. And if you have nothing to talk about with the object of your passion, if his personality does not interest you and you, as a person, are also not interested in him, such relationships are doomed.

Often, the choice is not influenced by your own hormones, but by the opinions of others. Parents are delighted, friends like your partner too, everyone begins to hint to you that you finally met a couple, and this person does not cause you any special feelings – this is a very common situation. Do not let public opinion influence your choice. It’s easier to criticize others about the fact that you missed such a promising option than to connect your life with someone you don’t like, just to not disappoint relatives and friends.

Tip 5: Register on a dating site

If you do not know where to find love, then a dating site is the most obvious answer to this question. Of course, on such sites people meet in search of frivolous adventures, but most come to these resources in order to find their soul mate.

Interesting: British sociologist Jeffrey Gavin conducted a study in which he invited a group of randomly selected young men and women aged 19 to 26 to post their profiles on dating sites. It soon became clear that more than 70% of the subjects had a relationship with their virtual acquaintances.

How to create a profile correctly

A user profile on a dating site contains basic information about him and his photo. Take your profile seriously and be honest. Indicate only the data that is true. What is the point of writing in the Hobby section about your love of literature if you only read business letters and product labels in the supermarket? The profile should reflect your personality, only in this way he will be able to interest the right people. Do not be afraid to seem strange or too original.

You should especially choose a photo. Do not abuse filters and graphic editors – remember that this can result in awkwardness and disappointment in a personal meeting. A clear shot that clearly shows your smiling face is the best option. If your goal is a serious relationship, do not post too candid photos. Specialists of dating sites unanimously argue that the greatest interest is not in selfies and staged photographs, but in photographs in which a person is busy with something.

Natural selection: how to understand that you have found the right person

Most sites offer you probable candidates based on your profile information, and also considering your wishes. Therefore, when filling out your profile, be extremely accurate, indicating age, geographical and other boundaries, otherwise people who are clearly not suitable for you will literally be filled up with letters.

However, you should not expect that in the first couple of days you will find the same or the very same. Get ready to drop out. It is quite obvious that people who from the very first lines offer you sex or send their candid photos do not suit you – there are a lot of men on dating sites looking for girlfriends for the night and girls of a certain profession. But if you want to find your love, these people are unlikely to interest you. Beware also of those who are clearly trying to get as much personal information out of you as possible, but do not say anything specific about themselves – this may be a sign of a scammer.

If the conversation goes smoothly and you are clearly interested in each other, you can make an appointment offline. Experts strongly recommend having your first meeting not at home, but in a public place – if something goes wrong, you can always leave without losing your dignity.

How to start communication and interest an interlocutor

Avoid formulaic, faceless phrases and on-duty compliments. Your task is to stand out against the endless “Hello! How are you? And you are pretty. ” Look at the profile of the person you are interested in – there are many tips on how to start a conversation. If he likes old movies, ask him to advise you something worthwhile from the category of “retro”. If in the photo a person poses with a dog or cat, ask what kind of breed it is. There are many options for a successful start to a conversation, but there is a main rule – be interested in a person sincerely! Only in this case you will not look pretended and false and you can really interest the person you are talking to.

When communicating online, remember the basic rules of politeness. Perhaps the one you are interested in will remain indifferent to your charms. This is not a reason to be offended, and even more so – to offend a person. Remember that almost all dating sites have the opportunity to complain about rude.

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