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The Secrets of Flirting With a Girl That Every Man Should Know

Many guys believe that flirting with a girl is not difficult at all. But in reality in order to learn how to flirt properly, you need to practice a lot.

The purpose of flirting is to show the girl that you are interested in her. But you shouldn’t directly and openly speak about this, but by hints.

Flirting is not dirty and vulgar jokes, talk about sex and harassment. You need to flirt more subtly and aesthetically, as if playing, and involving the girl in this game.

How to flirt with a girl? You must be confident in yourself, know your worth, have a sense of humor and be as relaxed as possible. To convey your mood to the girl. I will teach you how to flirt with a girl, not giving her a chance to refuse you.


  1. Use body language.
  2. Be delicate.
  3. Talk to her about her.
  4. Tease her.
  5. Enchant her.

1) Use body language


With the help of body language, sometimes everything can be shown much better than with words. Certain gestures and facial expressions will say everything for you. Here are some tricks to flirt with a girl using body language:

  • You must maintain eye contact. Always look a girl in the eye when talking to her. You should not consider other people, chat on the phone or just look at the ceiling.
  • Do not keep your arms crossed on your chest. Best of all, if you will actively gesticulate with them, as if confirming your words.
  • Lean in her direction when you say something to her. And if you sit together somewhere, then try to be a little closer to her. But do not go into the zone of personal space. Sometimes lower your voice – girls love it.
  • Smile. Show her that you are in a good mood. So you create a relaxed atmosphere, and the girl will feel more comfortable.
  • No slouching. Watch your posture, you have to sit straight. This pose will add to you more confidence and nobility.

2) Be delicate

Couple in the forest

Try to develop in yourself such qualities as delicacy and refinement, because it is on them that the whole flirtation is built. The point is not to tell the girl directly that you like her. But do it in a playful manner.

Here are some suggestions on how best to do this:

  • learn how to make non-banal compliments. Try to impress and amaze her, tell something original, something that she would definitely remember;
  • make her feel special. She does not need all these stamped phrases that you spoke to other girls. Say something unique about her, and she will definitely appreciate it.

3) Talk to her about her


What is better to ask her?

  • In between, find out how she likes to spend her free time. Does she prefer to stay home and take a break from everything, or does she like parties, fun and noisy companies;
  • if suddenly a girl began to tell you about her family, be sure to ask if she has any brothers or sisters;
  • do not forget to ask if she has any pets. This is another topic that girls are ready to talk forever;
  • find out her opinion about a trifle. For example, ask how she relates to guys who love pink. This will amuse her and relieve tension.

4) Tease her

Couple laughing

Once you understand that there is no longer any tension between you, you can begin to tease her a little and pin up. This will demonstrate your good sense of humor and make flirting more original.

Here are some good tips:

  • you can laugh at her interests. Do not be afraid that the girl will be offended by such an innocent joke. Most likely, she will laugh and want to answer you with some causticity in revenge;
  • you can make a little joke about her appearance. If there are too many jewelry on she, you can say that it was not necessary to wear all the best at once. But do it not maliciously and not in a serious tone, but in a comic manner;
  • joke about her laughter, because often many girls really laugh very funny. This is not offensive if such a joke is said kindly.

5) Enchant her

Guy and photographer

Show your wit. Girls love witty guys. You have to unbanally joke and playfully answer her jokes.

Here are some cool tricks to show your wit:

  • show that it’s nice to talk with you on any topic. If a girl makes an ironic joke about you, then answer her the same;
  • show originality. You should have your own special view on many, even banal topics;
  • first of all, you should study the girl. If you see that she is smart, well-read, educated, then she will understand even your most subtle remarks. If an ordinary girl sits in front of you, then you should not load her.

Demonstrate a sense of humor.

She will surely appreciate this trait.

Here’s how to do it:

  • everything has its time. This means if you joke constantly or do it out of place, you will look ridiculous. Make sure your jokes are appropriate, that they to respond to the phrase girls. Do not interrupt your interlocutor, if you suddenly remember unreal joke. Wait until she finishes speaking;
  • do not strain too much. The desire to become funny will be written on your face;
  • laugh at yourself. Girls love guys who know how to make fun of themselves. This will show a lack of complexes and positive thinking.


  1. Do not be too straightforward.
  2. Do not be careful.
  3. Take time and flirt, and serious communication.

And now about everything in detail.

1) Do not be too straightforward


If you don’t leave any riddles, but you will say everything directly and openly, then no flirting will work. You directly tell the girl that you liked her. All the charm of this game disappears.

Forget the phrase “I want to kiss you.” Or the question “May I kiss you?“. It looks pathetic, why should you ask permission for something? Want to kiss – kiss. Flirting phrases should not be commonplace either. The only answer you need is yes! So move and wake up a man in yourself!

Do not stare at her breasts and do not think to compliment it. This is disrespect for the girl and a clear hint of sex.

No need to focus all your attention on it. You may seem too annoying.

2) Do not be too careful

Girl smiles

Worrying about the results of a date is not the behavior of an alpha male. But you shouldn’t be cold, girls are not interested in such men. What to do?

Give a few hints that you like her. For example, through flirting, compliments, touching. Otherwise, you quickly get into the friendzone. For the rest, rely on her response and act on the situation.

3) Take time not only to flirt, but also to normal communication

Everything should be in moderation. Show that you are a smart and worthy guy. Tell her a little about yourself, talk on abstract topics, reveal yourself as a person.

Learn to combine flirting and just a nice chat. She must leave this meeting with the feeling that she knows much more about you than before.

Flirt with a girl
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