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10 Basic Tips for Flirting With a Man Using Text Messages

How to flirt with a man you like using text messages/SMS? This question worries many women, because it is this type of communication that is gaining special popularity today. And it’s not just because of the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. It is much easier to start a conversation, flirting with a man with the help of messages, than talking face to face. If you like a guy, it is likely that you will find it difficult to maintain a conversation on a date, because you will be very worried. But modern means of communication have come to our aid: you can not only communicate with someone you like, but also tease him with the help of text and emoticons.

How to start flirting with a guy using text messages?

Do you like the guy, but he hasn’t invited you out yet? Take the initiative into your own hands and make the first step. Of course, using text messages and the following tips will help you achieve your goal!

1. Start a conversation with him in a fun way

If you like a man, there is no reason to wait until he writes you first. If you want to talk to him, be courageous and do it. You must be sure that if you make the first step, then nothing bad will happen. Start your conversation with a friendly or flirtatious greeting.

You can start with something in common, for example: “Hello, how are you?” or write something more specific: “Hello, what do you think of the last game of the basketball league?“.

If he writes first (and this is a very good sign!), then answer him with humor and coquettishly, maintain a conversation and answer his questions.

2. Keep up the conversation

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Your goal is to involve him into a fascinating conversation. Send him messages that require a response.

Asking questions is a good way to keep the conversation going in an interesting way. Men like to talk about themselves, and your questions will let him know that you are really interested in his life, interests and plans.

You should ask open questions, not closed ones. For example: “What do you think of yesterday’s match?” instead of “Did you like yesterday’s match?” To earn extra points in his eyes, ask about what you have already said. He will notice that you really listened to him, and will understand that you have a genuine interest in his life.

If he asks you a question, for example, “How are you?” or “What is your favorite dish?“, then your answers should not be monosyllables. Your answers should end with questions for him. For example, “I really like Thai food. What about you?

It is important to remember that your conversations should be light, flirty and cheerful, not deep and serious.

Do not touch on serious topics in text messaging. Firstly, the messages you send should be short, and secondly, through SMS it is difficult to feel the emotions of another person. In this case, your reasoning or messages may be misinterpreted.

So use text messages to flirt (you goal is a real date!), try to get to know each other for real.

Be fun! It is easy and pleasant to communicate with such women.

3. Tease him by adding emoticons

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If you are communicating with someone you like, then how do you behave? That’s right, you are very emotional, smile and show the whole spectrum of positive emotions. When writing a text message, use symbols (emoticons) and punctuation to express your emotions.

For example, use emoticons to show your attitude to something, exclamation marks or capital letters to emphasize an important idea.

Use emoticons to show him that he said something nice and it made you smile. You can answer him: “Thank you. You’re too cute 🙂“. A wink or playful smile is usually used to tease or fool around. For example: “You must be tired after the game. Do you want a massage? 😉“.

If he says something that makes you laugh, then you can use the smiley to show him that you enjoy reading it. You can even show the language using a smiley, of course. For example: “My team will win yours this weekend: P“.

In order to express sadness and sympathy, use the appropriate emoticons: For example: “I am sorry that everything happened just like that. I hope that it will be resolved soon: ’(“.

Use emotions to express surprise, shock, worry, insecurity. The most important thing is not in the fact of using emoticons, but in using them exactly where you need to. Even if you constantly smile at a real meeting with a man, you should not insert smileys with a smile in each sentence. Otherwise, it may seem strange.

4. Look for common topics

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Common topics bring you closer together, so try to find them. The discussion of common interests will help maintain an easy conversation, especially if you do not know each other very well.

You can talk about a TV show that both of you like (discuss the participants and the jury), the film, the place where you went or want to go. If you learn about new common interests in a conversation, remember them so you can return to them later in the conversation.

5. Praise him

Everyone loves to receive compliments. A compliment is a way to show a person that you are not indifferent to him. Find a way to do it neatly. If he tells you that he loves to run or swim, you can write to him: “It’s great! You are in great shape!

A smiley with a smile in response to his joke is a compliment. He must understand that you appreciated his sense of humor. But keep a balance. If you praise him for everything he does, or laugh at his every phrase, then you will scare him.

An important point: pay attention to whether he sends you compliments or emoticons in return. If so, then it means that he is interested in you. In this case, you can tell him something about yourself.

6. Tease him and be a little playful

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You can add new sensations to the conversation. For example, when you know each other better, tease him, joke and come up with funny nicknames for each other.

If in a conversation you use jokes that only you two can understand, then they will make your conversations more intimate. The main thing is that the conversation be easy and fun, that it brings joy to you.

To make him understand that you are just teasing him, add a winking emoticon to the message. This can be attributed to a disguised compliment.

If he makes fun of you, try the same answer. For example, he says: “I’m sure you want to watch this movie just because Brad Pitt plays in it.” You can answer like this: “I would rather watch the movie in which you play, but, unfortunately, this is not yet. So I have to go back to Brad Pitt.

You can also be a little playful if you feel that he is in a good mood. For example, if he says “Hello, how are you?“, You can answer “Well, but it would be better if you were there 😉“.

When you know him better, you can come up with a funny nickname. If he does the same for you, then this is a very good sign. This will be your little secret that will make your conversations more intimate.

But the nickname should not be offensive. When choosing a new name for him, push away from his hobby. For example, if he is engaged in bodybuilding, then he wants to be muscular, strong and healthy. So you can start a message, for example, like this: “Hello, Mr. Muscle, how was your day?

7. Recheck messages before sending

To avoid embarrassing moments, it is better to double-check text messages several times before sending, so that there are no errors. Pay attention not only to grammar, but also to punctuation. You do not want to leave the impression of a person who can make several mistakes in one sentence.

8. End the conversation first before you have nothing to talk about

When the conversation starts to dry up, end it. If you leave at a time when he still has questions, then the desire to talk with you will only increase. But if you send text messages until the conversation finally becomes uninteresting, then both of you will be embarrassed. No need to allow this.

So end the conversation with a flirtatious goodbye and leave the remaining questions for the next time. For example: “Good night, we will still have time to talk about love topics :).

If you need to leave for some reason, then be sure to write to him about it. For example: “I go to the cinema with Jane, we will talk later 🙂“.

If you end the conversation with a dry phrase that you need to go, then this can offend him. After all, if you start to communicate, then you already trust each other and if you can tell him the truth where you are going, then it’s better to say. If you can’t, then come up with. And the next conversation he can start with the question: “Hello, did you like the movie?

9. Analyze his reaction to messages

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The way he reacts to your text messages will help you understand how he treats you.

If he answers you quickly (within a few minutes) and not only gives an answer, but also offers a discussion of a topic, then this is a great sign! So he likes to communicate with you.

He uses emoticons, he asks questions, he gives you nicknames, he gives you compliments, and even writes you first: these are certain signs that he is interested in you.

But if he does not answer for a long time (or does not answer your messages at all) or answers in a monosyllabic way, then most likely he has more important things to do than communicate with you. But there may be such a situation: he did not answer immediately, but later supported the conversation, or wrote that he was busy and would write later – there are still chances for the continuation of the relationship. But do not be imposed if the guy frankly ignores your messages. Do not ask why he does not answer.

Remember the main thing: if a man wants to communicate, he will do everything for this. If he doesn’t want to, you cannot force him.

10. Turn virtual communication into real

If everything is going well, you communicate every day and enjoy it, then maybe it’s time to meet for real?

You can do this by chance, and not make an appointment. Think about your common interests: maybe you have long wanted to watch a movie or try a new pizza? Or maybe both of you like to swim on the local beach, then you can write something like: “Have you seen the weather forecast? Sunny weather will be tomorrow – the perfect time to go to the beach.

And if you don’t want to talk in hints, you can simply write to him: “We should swim this weekend together, because the weather will be great!” If you both love coffee, then the phrase may come up to you: “We should try this new coffee someday.

You are talking about what both of you like. But the most important thing is that when you meet, your sympathy becomes mutual and flirt through correspondence becomes the beginning of your happy love story.

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