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How to Forget the Ex-girlfriend You Love? Psychologist’s Advice

Hello Friend. Today we’ll talk about how to forget an ex-girlfriend. If you are interested in this question, then you are in a difficult situation. Breaking up is always stress and a strong emotional shock. Left alone, guys often experience physical discomfort and mental pain.

The perception of life becomes sharply negative – it begins to seem that everything is very bad, all good things are left in the past and will never return. The wounded pride adds vivid impressions, disappointment appears, distrust of the world arises, you are ready to pray everyone “help me get her back.” And this condition can easily develop into depression. It is important to think in time, how quickly once and for all to forget your ex-girlfriend.

Why can’t you forget your ex?

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The first step towards mental healing is to figure out the reasons, understand why it hurts so much, why can’t you get it out of your head? Finding answers will make it easier to find solutions to the problem.

So, why does the guy catch himself thinking “I want to quickly forget the ex-girlfriend, but I can’t. What to do”? It would seem that the answer is obvious – because you love her. But in reality, everything is not as simple as it might seem. Sometimes the image of a woman and memories are haunted, even if love has passed and feelings have cooled. It’s a paradox, but there are situations when a guy himself was the initiator of the break, but after a while he began to wonder how to forget the ex-girlfriend?

The fact that you miss an ex-girlfriend is not love, it is a psychological deception. It’s like with drugs, an ordinary addiction, an attempt to return yourself to a comfort zone. Memory is a stubborn thing. Bright and emotionally colored images are stored in it for the longest time, that is, during moments of negativity, good pictures pop up in your head. You begin to remember various moments when you felt good, when she was doing something useful for you, and this causes pain, you understand that you are missing this.

But in the past there was not only positive. Since there was a gap, and now you are thinking about how to quickly forget the ex-girlfriend, then there was a global problem, some kind of disagreement, an internal conflict. It’s just that the brain is complex, it tries to set you up for the best in moments of emotional decline, evoking good memories, but it only makes it worse.

Another reason is resentment. It arises when desires and plans remain unfulfilled. You feel cheated, you feel excruciating pain. There are several provoking factors:

  1. You will have to start from scratch, rebuild relationships, adapt to something, change something.
  2. She went to another. The thought that she has found someone better humiliates and causes unthinkable pain.
  3. With her departure, she devalued the past and deprived you of the future – family, children.

Resentment corrodes the soul and deprives joy

Understand, suffering, you do worse only to yourself. We must move forward, leave the past behind.

A common occurrence is the projection of self-guilt. Trying to understand how to quickly forget their ex-girlfriend, the guys often start to think, “I’m guilty, I did something wrong, I paid little attention to her, and she left.” Stop doing this, stop scrolling through the head of the situation, stop looking for mistakes. It’s not your fault, you broke up – that’s a fact. We need to live on, believe me, there is still a lot of new and interesting things ahead, life has not ended with the departure of a certain person from your life.

Remember the state when you were not in a relationship, but did not suffer. Independence, self-sufficiency, self-confidence – these are the feelings that need to be resurrected in yourself. In this case, do not wait for an instant result. Move and develop gradually.

How to quickly forget – simple and effective recommendations

Being depressed, you can seek help from specialists. Psychologists’ advice on how to forget an ex-girlfriend helps many to tune in the necessary positive mood. But this is a solution for running situations. In most cases, you can decide everything and establish life yourself. Understand that you have everything you need for happiness. This is you. Love yourself, do development, look for hobbies. Become a complete multi-faceted person.

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Of course, there are a few simple recommendations that will help speed up the recovery process. Performing simple rules, you will understand how to quickly forget the ex-girl and cross her out of your life:

  1. Think less about your ex. Get distracted. The ideal solution is to go on a journey, but not yourself, but with friends. A change of location will allow you to move away from problems, from negative thoughts and everything that causes sad memories. Have some fun. The sea, the sun, the beach, beautiful girls around are the best medicine.
  2. Load yourself with hobbies that will take your time and thoughts. Do not sit still, otherwise focusing on the point of pain occurs and it gets even worse. An effective option is sports. Find your direction. It can be bodybuilding, jogging in the morning, swimming, basketball. Train, follow the result, feel the responsibility. This will help drive away sad thoughts, teach you not to spare yourself.
  3. Avoid talking about it with relatives or friends, abandon the social circle where you are perceived as a couple. A heart-to-heart talk with family and friends is a good idea. Explain what happened, and just say “help forget about the former.” Make it clear that any reminder of her is painful.
  4. Do not be afraid to destroy the memory of her. Burn all the photos, delete the correspondence, take her things to the humanitarian point, block her on social networks, delete the phone number. Material objects provoke associative memory. While you touch the same things that she once touched, while you look at the pictures where you are happy, looking for a way to quickly forget your ex-girlfriend who recently left is useless. In such an environment you cannot find him.
  5. Search for new acquaintances, in particular with girls. At first, it will be difficult, there will be a feeling that everything is not right and all are not the ones that the former was the best and perfect. This is the biggest self-deception that can be. In this case, do not seek to get only sex. Just get acquainted, hone your skills, develop, make sure that you are interesting and popular. Make new friends.
  6. Ignore any attempts on her part to talk, find out the relationship, make excuses. Do not pick up the phone, do not reply to messages. All these actions are necessary, regardless of the reasons for the separation. Such a “wall” will hide from unwanted intrusions and reminders, from unnecessary explanations and complaints.
  7. Find time for simple things that you didn’t pay attention to during your relationship. Take more walks in the fresh air, listen to your favorite music, do yoga or meditation, sign up for a massage. Do everything that brings you moral and physical pleasure.
  8. If you cannot change the situation, change your attitude towards it. Realize that a person just left your life, not love. Another girl will surely appear, who will be able to take responsibility for such a great and bright feeling. In the meantime, let go of the situation. It is important not to stoop to insults and public scandals. Try to get out of the situation with dignity.

Remember that love is a chemical reaction in the body, the production of hormones. And the pain of parting is just a cancellation reaction.

Forgetting the ex-girl is quite real. Everything will pass, time is the best helper. Be patient and concentrate on yourself.

Categorically you can not pursue a girl, threaten her, take revenge, abuse alcohol and drugs, look for fleeting sex in order to be forgotten.

Become an optimist! Rejoice every day. Be a wise man. Mentally thank the life and the past love for the time checked together, for the experience gained. Be open for new emotions and vivid impressions.

After some period of time you will notice that you are interesting to other girls. They will cease to seem to you monsters or potentially dangerous creatures that bring pain and destruction. This will be the starting point of a new life. The attention of the beautiful half of humanity will help to raise self-esteem, to feel like a necessary and sought after man. And at this very moment you will understand that you are no longer interested in how to forget your ex-girlfriend, whom you love, or rather, loved. No feelings for her will remain.

Natalie Brown

Written by Natalie Brown

My name is Natalie. I'm 25. I love beauty, psychology is interesting to me too, I listen to different music. I talk about everything that interests me. These are my thoughts, my experiences. But you can use it to avoid my mistakes.

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