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18 Key Tips How to Get a Girl Back After a Breakup

How to get a girl back? This question worries many guys. It doesn’t matter how long your relationship lasted: several months or years, because if the feelings were sincere, parting will always be painful. Maybe you quarreled, in a fit of anger, said a lot of unnecessary things to each other and decided to leave? Or maybe you broke up because of disagreements and disputes? What has been done is done, but now you regret it, you miss your girlfriend and want get her back.

But how to get a girl back after a breakup? How to restore relations with an ex-girlfriend? What to say to a girl to get her back? There are proven 18 steps to help you get your ex-girlfriend back!

Step 1: How To Get a Girl? Keep Silent!

This is one of the most important rules when trying to get an ex-girlfriend back. Any man who has used this strategy will say that there is no more effective way to get a woman’s attention.

Keeping silence means not maintaining any contact. Do not send messages to WhatsApp or Facebook, do not call, do not offer to see, do not look for random meetings. It may seem like a radical way, but it is really very effective. Take control of your actions, and you will understand exactly whether you really want to get the ex-girlfriend back or it’s just a habit.

It is possible that after parting, you act on emotions. And in this state you cannot make rational decisions. That is why it is important to keep silent, because after time you can take a fresh look at the situation.

After about a month, when the mental pain decreases, you will know for sure whether you miss the girl or miss the relationship itself. And when you answer this question honestly, it will be clear to you: whether you want to get a girl back or not.

Step 2: Overcoming Heartache in One Month

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The first month after breaking up is the hardest for both of you. And during this period you will recall, oddly enough, the positive aspects: for each other you were friends, soul mates, you shared everything with each other, you had no secrets. And now this close person is not with you.

Awareness of this can be accompanied by different, usually negative emotions: anger, sadness, misunderstanding, depression, hopelessness, emptiness. How to manage them? How to cope?

Get rid of emotions in the first days after breaking up

In the first few days after parting, do not hesitate to release your emotions: cry, scream, eat sandwiches and order pizza, take a vacation at work and do not get out of bed all day. You need to give way to emotions, otherwise they will begin to control you.

You can review joint photos and cry (even for men this is acceptable). After a splash of emotions it will become easier for you, you will clear your mind faster, which means you will answer your question faster: do you want to to get a girl back after a breakup or not?

Return to normal life a few days after breaking up

You have a day or two, well, a maximum of 5 days to “mourn” your relationship. At this time, you can take a vacation at work, because due to personal problems you will not be able to work productively.

But after these 5 days you should return to normal life and move on. You should be distracted and get new positive emotions in order to get rid of heartache.

Return to work, relax, meet friends, do what you want, just don’t lock yourself in four walls. This is the only way to get an ex-girlfriend out of your head to get her back later.

Step 3: Avoid Everything That Reminds You about an Ex-Girlfriend

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Fulfilling the first step and keeping silent, you should avoid everything that reminds you about her and your relationship. At the moment, the memory of the past will make you suffer. But, of course, it’s up to you how far your memory can lead you.

You can’t resist the temptation to write your ex-girlfriend or see her profile on social networks? In this case, the most reasonable option is to leave the social networks or block her profile so that such temptations do not arise.

In the first weeks after parting, it will be better eliminate photos, postcards, and other items that remind you about her. Do not throw them away, but simply put them in a box and put them away. If you really want to win your girlfriend back after a breakup, then you will need these things later. And try not to visit the places where you went together. During quarantine due to COVID-19, it will not be difficult at all.

Step 4: You Can Be Happy Without Your Ex-Girlfriend

A few weeks have passed since the breakup, but you still don’t understand how to live on? What will you do? You will have to learn to be happy without her.

Think about it: maybe you were happy before you met her? But if you think that you were happy only because the same girl was next to you, then most likely you are mistaken.

If you are not happy alone, then no one can make you happy.

In other words, before you try to get your girlfriend back, you must be happy. Sometimes it’s easier than you think. So how to become happy without your ex-girlfriend?

Now you can do what you did not have enough time for while you were in a relationship. How long have you been going out with friends to a bar on Friday night? Forward!

Go in for sports! It not only has a good effect on health, but also makes a person happy. Choose a sport to your liking, sign up for a football team, go to basketball matches.

You can take the time to your hobby. Maybe you wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument or start painting. Get started!

You cannot be happy if you sit at home. Go out on the street, meet people, chat, and open up to new people, make new friends! Live life to the fullest!

Step 5: Show Your Ex-Gerlfriend That You Are Happy

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You must become happy not only for yourself. Imagine how great it is if your girlfriend sees you happy?! Why? Because you show her that you can live on, but without her, that you can be happy without her. Believe me, she will be jealous, because she was sure that after her departure your life will be destroyed. But you prove to her that she is wrong!

The most amazing thing, but this is what will make the ex-girlfriend get back to you! She will look at you in a new way, it will make you more attractive in her eyes. Think by yourself: who is more attractive – a loser, sitting in his apartment, or a happy successful guy who goes through life with a smile? The answer is obvious!

If you see your ex-girlfriend (even by accident), then do everything possible to look in her eyes a happy and successful person.

Step 6: Find Out Why You Have Broken Up

Pairs do not break up for no reason. If you broke up, then there was something wrong. When you think, how to win your girlfriend back after a break up, you must understand why your relationship ended. This is the only way to avoid the recurrence of such errors in the future.

Analyze your behavior. Did you make a mistake that caused a break up? Have you cheated on her? Did you neglect her trust? In this case, it is likely that at some point your girlfriend is tired of such a relationship.

Maybe you really offended her? In this case you need to say “I’m sorry” and ask for forgiveness from your ex-girlfriend? Thus, in the eyes of your ex-girl, you will recognize your mistakes and express a desire not to repeat them again. Then your story will start from the very beginning. (Read about how to say “I’m sorry” and ask for forgiveness from a loved one).

And maybe she made a mistake? In this case, it is difficult to change something. You need to evaluate the role of the girl in the relationship. Relations should be balanced, both of you should work on them. You both have to be happy.

At the very beginning of your love story, when you were in love with each other, you did everything to please each other and cheer up in any situations. But over time, such tremulous feelings fade away, you spend less time together, even sex becomes an everyday occurrence. This is called a routine, and routine kills many couples.

Step 7: Do Everything Possible So That It Does Not Happen Again

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If you really think about will a girl come back after a breakup, if you really want to restore relations, then you risk making the same mistakes again. This must not be happened! Why renew the relationship, because it is obvious that previous mistakes will kill them again. That is why it is so important to determine the true reason for your breakup.

Think about what you can do and what you can change. How often have you told her that you love her? How often you invited your girlfriend to dinner, gave flowers, walked in the park, just spent time together? Have you fought for your relationship? Did you make her feel special?

Most likely, the answer to most questions will be “no“. But now you know what you need to work on and what to change. To get the girl back is not easy: she must start to trust you again. And you must be careful not to make past mistakes.

Step 8: You need to understand what attracts women

Men come from Mars, women come from Venus – this famous phrase perfectly describes the relationship in a pair. Men and women are attracted to each other in different ways and, as a rule, they have different expectations from relationships. Before you think about how to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to understand what attracts women.

This can be expressed in one word: emotions. A woman will fall in love with you, not because of rational arguments, but because of the emotions she experiences next to you. You can repeat to her a million times that you are a wonderful guy, but until she feels it, these will be just words.

For a girl to fall in love with you again, you must make her feel safe. Women love men they can count on in any situation. By all actions you must show her that you value her: give her compliments, small gifts when she does not expect this or cancel the evening with friends in order to spend the evening with her and watch a movie. Do not miss the chance to tell her how you love her.

But keep a balance. You must be desirable for her. If she receives from you whatever she wants, then she will soon get bored. So do not obey her desires, but tease her.

Very important point: sex! Good sex has been and remains an important condition for a stable relationship in a couple. Do not stop surprising the girl in bed.

Step 9: Don’t Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Jealous

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If you think that meeting other girls will make your ex-girlfriend jealous, then you are wrong. Such actions can only cause anger, thanks to which she will be sure that breaking up with you was the right decision.

After parting, you can meet other girls, but only in order to start your love life from the very begining. You should not try to cause jealousy in the former girl, this will not work.

Step 10: Do You Really Want to Get Ex Girlfriend Back?

This question may seem strange to you. But very often, a man wants to get a woman back, but then changes his mind. The explanation is simple: he wants to get back not the woman, but the fact of the relationship.

This is a perfectly normal feeling. Losing someone is very difficult. You think you miss the girl, but maybe you lack the feeling that she loves you? You must honestly answer yourself this question, further actions will depend on it.

Step 11: Talk to Her: What to Say to a Girl to Get Her Back

A month has passed after the breakup, during which you did not communicate with the ex-girlfriend. You tried to be happy without her and not think about her. But now you clearly understand that you want to get a girl back after a break up and restore relations.

And what to do? How to get a girl back? Now you need to talk to her. For starters, it’s best to chat to Facebook or WhatsApp. This is much easier than calling or talking face to face. You can start a conversation about anything you want. You can write, for example: “Hello! How are you?”. With such a simple greeting, you will not arouse suspicion of your intentions. On the contrary, you will start communication as old friends and continue a relaxed conversation.

If you feel that she maintains a dialogue, you can earn extra points by recalling the positive aspects of your relationship. Thus, you will establish a positive contact and subtly express your intentions.

Step 12: Prepare For a Date With Your Ex-Girlfriend

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You have resumed communication with an ex-girlfriend. The next step should be a date on which she can fall in love with you again.

Important tip: consider this meeting as a first date! You must make a good impression, do not scare her and do not rush things.

Choose to meet a cafe that both of you like, where you will experience pleasant feelings and positive emotions. Communicate on neutral topics, do not remember the past and do not make plans for the future.

Step 13: Review Your Attitude Towards Her

The main task is to analyze your attitude to your ex girlfriend, to take into account errors.

There are two categories of men:

  • Too accessible for the girl (they fulfill all her desires);
  • A desirable man (he flirts with a girl, but doesn’t give promises for the future).

The behavior of such men can’t be called ideal. If you are alone in fighting for your relationship and trying to restore it, she will take it for granted. You are very caring, you are always with her, you forgive her all… and she gets used to it. And as soon as something changes, as soon as you dare to express your point of view and insist on it, she will get angry, you will be guilty, and you have to ask her forgiveness.

Better choose a different model of behavior. Keep your distance, make her feel insecure, she must also fight for your relationship. If she does not understand it, then think again: do you need such a girl?

Or maybe the situation was the opposite? She loved you too much, and did you take it for granted? In this case, you need to change.

Step 14: What Qualities Did She Love You For?

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Even if your relationship is over, this does not mean that you never did anything right. Of course, you have qualities that have struck your ex-girlfriend. Which ones? Humor? Charm? Intelligence? Sexuality? Use your strengths. Analyze what qualities your ex-girlfriend liked? And use them on your first date. If you do this, then there will be more chances to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Step 15: Show Her That You Have Changed

If you have already shown your ex-girlfriend that you are happy, then it is time to take the next step. You must show her how you have changed: you found new hobbies, went in for sports, signed up for dance lessons. You have analyzed past errors and do not repeat them again. You are sure that your next relationship will be better, you know your shortcomings and are ready to work on them.

Believe me: if you show your ex-girlfriend how much you have changed, then really impress her. The fact that you have changed indicates your maturity and a great desire to get her back. Instead of talking about the past, tell her about plans for the future (your common future), show her that you have changed, that you are ready to take responsibility and move forward!

Step 16: Don’t Talk About Your Relationship

Do not start a conversation about restoring your relationship on a first date. Do not show your ex-girlfriend how much you want get her back, because you can get the opposite effect and scare her.

At the first stage, do not touch on the topic of your former relationship. Talk on neutral topics: ask how her sister is doing? What has she been doing lately? How are things at work? You have not talked for several weeks, so you will have something to talk about and something to discuss.

Be yourself on your first date. Try to be careful, do not flirt with her immediately. You must be her “best friend”, genuinely interested in what is happening in her life. Do not flirt with her, then she will be less suspicious and more likely to want to see you again.

Step 17: What To Do On the Following Dates?

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The main tasks on the first date was to give attention to the girl you still love. But the main next goal is to seduce her. You will become closer to each other, and you will have every chance to return love to your relationship.

A few tips for the following meetings:

Choose a more intimate setting. Do not invite her to a cafe or bar. Invite her to a romantic dinner at your place. You can talk about love topics, about her, about her life lately.

On these dates you can already start talking about your past relationships, but remember only pleasant moments. Show her that you have changed. Try to make physical contact: invite her to a dance or just hold her by the hand. Physical contact is very important if you want to seduce her.

BUT! Thinking about sex is too early. Do not go to bed until you are sure that she likes you, and she wants a renewal of relations no less than you.

Step 18: Here’s How To Get A Girl Back!

At some point you will have to stop pacing around and say that you want to restore the relationship. When the time is right, be a man and honestly confess your feelings. Wait for the right moment, create a romantic atmosphere, and over a glass of wine tell her how you feel, how you want get her back, that you have changed, and previous mistakes will not be repeated. She must be sure that both of you will fight for your new relationship, she must trust you.

These 18 steps will change your life. You will either be together again or you will begin a new life without her. In any case, these steps will help you answer the most important questions on which your future life will depend.

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