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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Whom I Left

To regret perfect actions is a normal thing for any person. Mistakes can be done by everyone. But what if the price of such an error is personal happiness? It so happens that we do not fully understand the value of loved ones while they are with us. It’s time to talk about, should you get back your ex girlfriend whom you left and if yes how can you win her?

I regret that I left the girl. What to do?

For starters, let’s decide on this. If you really think that your parting was a mistake, and really want to return your girlfriend, there is no problem. As I said above, people make mistakes very often. And if you are stopped only by the fact that you have to change the decision and because of this you will look stupid, then get rid of these thoughts. This is especially true for those who have had a long relationship. In this case, it’s easier to restore.

And the second question. Moral and ethical. Throwing a girl once is not very good. But it happens. But to leave, then to get her back and again to leave is already a really low deed. Therefore, you will have to think carefully about whether you really want to win her, or just saw her with another man and your sense of ownership reigned. Some people have been torturing each other for years. If this is your situation, then it’s better not to do anything and leave it as it is.

Is it possible to get the girl back I left?


Most often, guys who are in a not very long relationship with a girl get into this situation. You just do not have time to understand how much you liked her. Feelings for her flare up gradually. And everything can change a chance meeting. And you understand that all the other girls are not like she. With any other you were not so easy and good. But how can you say that regret about parting? What does she feel? Maybe she no longer has romantic feelings for you?

It is necessary to act in this situation carefully, in no case not showing how much she really means to you now. Ideally, you need to set up a completely random meeting, which can serve as a further reason for a dating at which you can seduce her again. Surely it will be much easier to do this, because once you have already succeeded. The main thing is not to do everything exactly the same. Of course, you can use your old experience as an occasion for romantic nostalgia, but the main thing is not to cause negative emotions from the memories of the separation.

In general, everything is quite individual, and a lot will depend on a number of reasons:

  1. How long you met before you parted, and how serious your relationship was? On the one hand, a serious relationship does not let go for a long time, so there is something to return. On the other hand, resentment can be so strong that reunification is impossible.
  2. What feelings did she have for you during your previous relationship? If she found something to love you for, then you have a much better chance of success.
  3. How was the breakup? How negative was it and how did you communicate after that (if you communicated) ? Have you done what you feel guilty about her? Sometimes it’s purely humanly important to apologize, otherwise understatement will hang on both of you.
  4. How much time has passed since the breakup? Long separation can have positive and negative sides. For example, if you were barely acquainted, and you realized that you loved her as a result of a meeting a few years later, then everything starts as if from the beginning, and past grievances do not matter at all.
  5. Did she manage to have a new serious relationship? Or frivolous? In the end, for some guys this is an extremely important nuance that can change everything. Many will not be able to come to terms with the fact that their ex-girlfriend had an affair with someone else.
  6. A girl may still be mad at you. Seeing the interest on your part, she will be delighted at heart, but will not understand how serious your intentions are. At the same time, she wants to take revenge – to see for one thing whether you have lost your former self-confidence. She can try to refuse you, and if you give slack and start running after her, everything can end badly. But if you respond to her indifference with a step back, then everything can turn out.
serious relationship

If you had a serious relationship with the girl you left, then there are probaply things or circumstances that bound she and you. This can be used as an occasion for communication.

You should not show any signs of attention to her – you are just friends. So she will understand that you are not going to get back anything, but at the same time her feelings will sparkle again. If you know her well, you will definitely notice it. Understanding that you are not indifferent to her it will be much easier to get her back.

I left a girl, and she found a guy

In this case, everything is more complicated, and you have to act more carefully. If their relationship is strong, then perhaps you will not succeed. But there is a very high probability that her new relationship is a performance created especially for you, especially if you broke up not so long ago. In this case, you can try not to pay any attention to her new relationship. This will also be a kind of test that needs to be passed. Again, it will be worthwhile to take a closer look – to begin to communicate in a friendly manner, without showing signs of attention. The main thing is to understand what does she really feel?

Which of all this can be concluded?

You never know what fate will make. Today you feel one thing, and tomorrow you’ll understand that you were mistaken. And to make it easier to correct errors, it is better to behave carefully. You can also part with girls in different ways – staying on friendly terms. Then returning the romantic spark will be much easier.

girl 37

Not knowing all the details of the situation, it is difficult to give universal recommendations. I can say one thing: if you regretted leaving the girl and now you want to get her back, you must definitely try. Most likely, we are talking about real feelings and the situation is different from that when the girl leaves the guy and it is not clear – he wants to return her because he loves or he just has a wounded vanity/fear of being alone.

Returning the girl is difficult, but possible. Even if we are talking about the girl you left, and then regretted it. The only problem here is that one parting on your initiative has already happened, which means there is a negative experience, and if at some stage you make a serious mistake – for example, in the course of seduction – then this door may close for you completely. Especially if she had a serious resentment against you and she was seriously worried about the breakup. And then hardly any measures will help to win her again.

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