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Dirty Talk: How To Talk About Sex With A Woman?

Men are confident that in the process of seducing a woman, a spark is needed to ignite the fire of sexual desire. That is why many people ask the question “How to talk about sex with a woman?“. But it seems to me that in order to achieve the main goal (you, of course, understood which one), talking about sex is not necessary. But I will not deceive you, this talk will greatly simplify the situation and the process of seduction.

It seems to me that the best way to talk about sex with a woman is to tell her that she is sexy. But this must be done at the right time. Even if you are sure that it will not be difficult for you, an attractive and seductive man, to seduce a girl, you will have to wait until she gives you a signal for action. And this will happen only after she confides in you.

If you compliment a girl who does not appeal to you, she will simply thank you out of politeness. Although, on the other hand, if you make this girl feel that you like her, then your compliment will have a much greater effect on her!

How to sexualize a talk

Sexy girl near the wall

As I said in the opening remarks, as a rule, in order to tune a woman into an intimate wave, it is enough to simply say that you consider her sexy, but you need to do this at the right time. It must be said easily, naturally, so that it is not taken seriously. Believe me, a woman will hear everything, understand and make the right conclusions.

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Do not forget the most important rule: a woman should feel attracted to you! To do this, you need to prove yourself a confident, charismatic man with an excellent sense of humor.

As soon as you feel that a feeling arises between you, most likely the most ideal moment has come for a compliment: “You are so sexy and drive me crazy!”. I really hope that this will be true, because you should never cheat a girl and play with her feelings.

According to statistics, 96% of women do not consider themselves beautiful. Fashion designers, visagistes, hairdressers and… we men use it. Yes yes! A few pleasant compliments, greeting cards not only for Valentine’s Day, flowers – and the girl is almost yours.

You must have seen women who behave very self-confident and consider themselves the most beautiful women on earth. But actually it is not! And this arrogant behavior, as a rule, is just a mask to hide their flaws.

Girl on the balcony

According to a study conducted by a major cosmetic brand, 96% of women do not consider themselves beautiful. Almost all of them would like to change something on their body: nose, chest, mouth…

This is a pretty crazy figure for a guy. But this is also a great opportunity to seduce the woman of your dreams! After all, how can she refuse charismatic, self-confident man who cares of her? And if you compliment a girl, you will surely impress her!

So, I advise you, if you want to talk with a girl about sex, then you should not be an innocent and nice guy, but a sexy and confident man. Even if it’s unusual for you, change yourself. This is the only way to seduce the girl you like.

Believe me, these are proven tips. And I’m not saying that you don’t have to be kind and sweet. You should be kind and sweet, but in a certain situation, because these qualities cause more pity and a desire to just be friends, and not something more that you need. That is why you should not be a friend, but her boyfriend. And the girl must be sure that she is only yours and you won’t let her go anywhere. Yes, women like to talk about equality, but believe me, girls are happy when their boyfriend is confident and they feel in his power.

How to talk about sex with a woman whom you have long known?

couple flirting

If you want to express your feelings in words, but you cannot do it directly, use the win-win option – flirt. Flirt, smile, “accidentally” touch her and sit closer. You have to create sexual tension.

You can flirt as you like. Body language, behavior, actions, words. You will make hints, suggestions, demonstrate physical attraction to her, showing that she is more to you than a friend. This is a unique language of communication that will be understood only by you and girl.

Flirting gives fleeting, subtle signals to attract the attention of the person we like. And both (man and woman) are always waiting for him to begin.

How to start a talk about sex?

beautiful girl

When you feel that you both know what your relationship is leading to (they become more serious and the next step is sex), you can start talking on this spicy topic. But you need to start smoothly, do not rush.

Not to talk about sex, but only hinting at sex. It can be hints, and sometimes vulgar and dirty.

Of course, some women are much more willing than others to openly talk about sexuality, about their desires. But most of them will not be able to immediately confess their secret thoughts on this topic. Do not rush her. Perhaps a light touch and a gentle kiss will be more appropriate than passion on the first joint evening. Feel the balance so that your relationship develops systematically.

What should not be said in a sexual talk?

Many guys think that in order to have sex with a girl, you need to talk to her about it. I think this is wrong. It seems to me that only the one who has seen enough of porn films, frank music videos on TV and has read science fiction thinks so.

dress girl

A woman is afraid to seem frivolous, therefore it is easier for her to answer your flirting than to frank conversation about sex. Moreover, you are doomed if you say the word “sex” in the circle of her family or friends.

A woman’s refusal to speak directly about sex does not mean that she does not want it. Most likely, she wants to, but you must be tactful and persistent. Conquer her like a knight, subdue her. And having done this, your self-esteem will increase, and you will be proud of yourself. Of course, because you got the consent of your beloved woman, and not that girl who is ready be with you for money.

Do not hurry

Sometimes it happens to meet a woman who very clearly shows you her intentions. And the biggest mistake that is made in this case… is to be too hasty!

Maybe this is her game, but you should not play by her rules. Otherwise, you will show your weakness, and she will manipulate you. Communicate, flirt, but do not show sexual interest, otherwise she will establish complete power over you. Both you and she should want to have sex, if only you have a desire, then on her part it will be a favor. You do not need it.

Language of the body

Touch on the beach

You should know that using body language you can also communicate. If you can thus hint to a woman that you want her, it would be counterproductive not to use your body to express it.

Therefore, one must be very attentive to her reaction in order to correctly interpret her answer. Does she respond favorably to your hints or refuse them? If the answer “yes” then do it! If “not”, keep seducing.

Remember, the attitude of men and women to sex is different. For a woman, sex and feelings for a man are connected. You should not rush or force her. Be yourself, be confident, show your best qualities, and then she herself will let you know that she is ready for the next step – to talk about sex and not only to talk…

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