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How To Impress A Girl With Body Language? 6 Tricks


Body language is a symbolic element of postures and movements of various parts of the body, through which thoughts, feelings and emotions are transmitted consciously or unconsciously. It includes facial expressions, gestures, various poses, gait, etc. Body language complements our communication skills. That is why body language must be used when you communicate with women. But few know how to do this, so having mastered this simple science, you will have a huge advantage over other men.

The tips described below will come in handy when seducing girls.

Genuine interest

When you communicate with the interlocutor, your body language can be appreciated in the first seconds. If you behave correctly, you will make a very good impression. That is why you should be polite to the person you are talking to, show your interest in the dialogue by your whole body, you don’t need to fidget in your chair, look around, look at your watch or check applications on your smartphone.

You must be 100% active. Regardless of whether you talk or your partner, your attention should be focused on him.

Perfect pose

perfect pose

You know that body language can also improve the perception of conversation and the memorization of details. Thanks to this, you will be maximally involved in the conversation, which means you will be a very interesting conversationalist. Believe me, girls love when guys notice and remember details. This may be the name of a girlfriend, the name of a favorite restaurant, or the name of a dog, but the girls draw conclusions based on these details.

A study was conducted on body language. The results were very interesting:

  • If a person crossed his arms and legs, then, firstly, it shows his disinterest in communication, and secondly, he remembers the information worse.
  • If hands and feet are free, then a person remembers 38% more information.

But it happens that you cannot remember everything, you are mistaken in something. And you involuntarily cross your arms over your chest. This means (for you) that you are closed, that you are safe. But from the side it looks as if you do not care. Avoid this. The girl will understand that you are unsure of yourself, shy and may lose interest in you. Try to introduce any of your mistakes, as a joke or tell a funny story on this topic. Show your interest, then no one will remember minor mistakes. And do not cross arms and legs at the same time. If this is your habit, then cross your arms and legs alternately.

Gesturing is important!


Do you know that the correct use of body language improves eloquence and facilitates improvisation? This is important for everyone who believes that he has problems with speaking and who does not know what to say in the presence of a beautiful girl.

Broca’s area is maximally active when we not only speak, but also gesticulate.

The idea is simple: our words feed our gestures, and our gestures feed our words. This means that the use of hands in a conversation helps to find the right words, which means it is easier for us to express our thoughts.

This can be compared to cycling. You can’t pedal with one foot? In our situation, one leg is responsible for the words, and the second for gestures. That’s why it’s easy for you to go and drive further and faster.

Act on the audience with your voice

A confident and attractive body language is the language of a man who does not obey anyone, does not wait for approval when something proposes or discusses a topic and expresses his point of view. The most important thing is the intonation with which these phrases are pronounced.

Many speak with upward intonation, which expresses inferiority, because with this upsurge she wants to gain approval from the audience. We can use the angelic softness of intonation at the end of the sentence.

But if you want to attract the attention of the audience and make them listen to yourself, then use the change of intonation. Let the tone be higher or lower, the voice should be either quieter or louder. Focus on the main things. Let me remind you that intonation in the voice and mystery are very important when dealing with women and in matters of seduction.

Confident look

Another feature of a good body language that will allow you to facilitate the first contact is a correct and confident look.

Looking someone in the eye, you show your sincerity, commitment and that you are an affordable man. When you trustfully look in the girl’s eyes you almost certainly arouse her emotions. This is very important for continued communication.

Fierce look

But do not abuse it. You should not look into the eyes of the interlocutor for a very long time. You must support him with a friendly and confident look.

If it’s hard for you to look someone in the eyes, then I advise you to train with family members. Get used to looking into their eyes when talking at least 50% of the time.

After visual contact with a person, do not lower your eyes. It’s better to look right or left. If you lower your eyes, especially when talking with a girl, you will show your shyness and insecurity in body language.

When we are in a stressful situation (and communication with a gorgeous girl is also stressful), our body naturally relieves this stress. We tap with our feet or hands, bite our nails, touch our hair…

In fact, all these parasitic gestures will immediately tell about your self-doubt, and therefore about your stress in this situation. But in addition, they will violate the correct understanding of your message. By and large, the girl in front of you will turn her attention to your actions. And therefore she will be less attentive to what you tell her.

Therefore, I advise you to take care of yourself and try to get rid of these bad gestures.

If without them it is impossible to cope with stress, then it is worth coming up with another method:

  • Put your hands on your knees.
  • Gesticulate when you explain something.
  • Or try to take a deep breath several times to calm down.

Learn the language of your body, apply this knowledge in communication with women and be sure that you will succeed. Good luck!

Martin Lynch

Written by Martin Lynch

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