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20 Clear-cut Signs That a Man Doesn’t Love You

A man will never tell you that he no longer loves you, especially if he still has feelings for you. Do not flatter yourself, it may not be love, but respect. He will not forget those happy moments that he experienced with you. But there are signs that will suggest that his feelings for you have cooled down and very soon he can leave you.

But many women make mistakes by ignoring these signs because they do not want to believe the worst. There is an explanation for this: no one wants to accept the fact that their relationship or marriage is collapsing.

Love has many different aspects

If a man tells you that he loves you, this does not necessarily mean that love will last forever, that you are suitable for him or that he is suitable for you. Even if you had sex, it does not guarantee true love. Maybe it was a fleeting passion, a short romance, but over time, feelings faded.

If you stop deceiving yourself and understand that is not easy to restore something that has been destroing for several months, then you will be able to protect yourself from mental trauma and calmly suffer the inevitable break.

Be bold and do not need to delay the inevitable end. Show him that you are a strong and proud woman.

#1. He ignores you

There are some reasons why he is ignoring you. This situation is very unpleasant. He ignores you as if you no longer exist in his life. He begins to live his life completely apart. Previously, all your decisions were mutual, and now you don’t even know about his plans.

He no longer needs your support or your help. For example, if he need to iron your shirt, he will not ask you, he will do it himself.

#2. Lack of communication

One of the main signs that he doesn’t like you anymore is the lack of communication. This is not like ignoring. This is much more serious and at a deeper level. When he ceases to be interested in you, your affairs and problems, he will leave you.

If communication between you by a body language, conversations over a cup of tea or no more eye contact has disappeared between you, then this is the beginning of the end. You can still try to save the relationship, but most likely you need to prepare for the worst case scenario.

#3. He is avoiding you

Is there a situation in your life when you live with a man in the same apartment, but almost never see him? This is no coincidence. He knows your daily routine, knows when you like to drink coffee in the kitchen or when your favorite program begins. Alas, you must admit that he simply avoids your company and communication with you. And this is also a sign that he no longer loves you.

#4. He is no longer interested in your life

You used to do everything together, but now it’s not. Everything has changed. It happened suddenly or you noticed changes within a few weeks – it doesn’t matter. He moves away from you, he no longer shares your hobbies, does not stay for dinner with friends, and leaves to watch TV. His selfish behavior destroys your relationship. But there is a logical explanation for this – his love for you has passed.

#5. He is rude

You can’t recognize your boyfriend: can he answer you in a harsh and rude manner to a simple request? Can this happen when you are alone in the kitchen, or when you are in the store? Or when your friends are nearby? This is not important anymore, the fact itself is important that he allows himself to be rude to you. He is afraid to admit that he no longer loves you, so he just wants to offend you so that you will leave him and destroy your relations.

#6. He humiliates you

Have you noticed that he always finds a way to humiliate you? Even when you relax with friends or family, he tries to humiliate you or put you in an awkward position, making fun of you.

Others may not notice this, but you know that these are not just jokes: he is looking for a sneaky way to offend you.

#7. He is hiding something from you

Did you notice that he began to hide his phone, changed the password on it? Or maybe he goes into another room when someone calls him? And can he suddenly leave home after such a call? Believe me, this is a sign that he no longer loves you.

If he no longer tells you where he is going so you don’t worry, then he really stopped caring for you.

It’s not fair. If you decide to live together, you should share everything with each other, you should not have secrets from each other.

#8. He is lying to you

There is nothing worse than a lie. If he hides something from you, then he does not respect you and does not value your relationship. He lacks the courage to say that he does not love you, so he lies.

#9. He hides his phone

If he sends a message to someone, and you are next to him, he will probably turn the screen of his phone in another direction, so you won’t be able to see it.

And even if you try to get his phone, it will be impossible. He will make sure that you never find the phone, because it will always be with him.

#10. Love and indifference


His mood and attitude towards you are unpredictable. 2 minutes ago he was ready to give you the whole world, and now he behaves as if you do not exist.

This proves that he still has feelings for you. Naturally, it is not easy to forget all happy moments that was between you, that connected him with you. If so, that you have a chance to maintain your relationship, because he has not yet made a final decision. But you need to think carefully, do you need such a relationship?

#11. He is angry

He is angry for any reason. Every day he becomes more impatient and irritable. He raises voice at you for no reason. He screams because he cannot say in words that he no longer loves you.

#12. He no longer tells you “I Love You”

Previously, he confessed his love to you in different ways, you drove him crazy with sexual SMS. And now this is not. Why? Because he no longer loves you. Even if you are still together, his feelings faded.

#13. You feel miserable next to him

He stopped making surprises for you and caring for you. He no longer makes small gifts to cheer you up. All these cute things made you feel special next to him. But now everything has stopped. You no longer feel happy next to him.

#14. He compares you to other women

He compares you with other women on the street, in the store and compares your clothes, hairstyle. He also compares you to his ex-girlfriends. And always a comparison will not be in your favor. Think about it, do you need it?

#15. He never apologizes

You value your relationship and try to get forgiveness if you suddenly offended him. A man will not apologize to you, even if he is wrong and greatly offended you, even if you will not talk to him. He just pretends nothing happened. This is a clear sign that he no longer respects you, because he does not care. He does not love you. Alas, you have to admit it and have the courage to put an end to your relationship yourself.

#16. You are not his priority

You used to always be in the first place for him, he changed his plans for you sake. But now you are not sure that in any situation he will choose you. This means that he does not love you, because the person who loves you immediately gives up everything to come and save you if you need to.

#17. He does not talk about the future

He no longer talks about your future together, which means that he does not want you to be together in his future. Maybe now you do not agree with him, but over time you will realize that the spark that supported your relationship has faded. And to be together there is no longer any sense.

This situation is not for you because you know how to attract men and make them chase you. Change your life!

#18. He is no longer fighting for your relationship

Unfortunately, sooner or later, any relationship turns into a routine. But this does not mean that you should give up and stop surprising each other and pampering. But right now your boyfriend is not doing anything, right? He is so sure of your love for him that he stopped doing anything to develop your relationship.

If you think that this situation is normal for a long-term relationship, then you are mistaken. Love passes. If you will be together for several months, it will be only out of habit. Love passes and you need to take the situation into your own hands.

#19. Everything you do irritates him

When we love someone, everything that he does seems funny and sweet to us. But if we do not love a person, then any initiative emanating from him annoys us. If your boyfriend behaves this way, it means that he is tired of your relationship, perhaps you annoy him with your presence. Do not humiliate yourself. Pack your things and put an end to those relationships where there is no love!

#20. He avoids sex

You do everything for him in bed, try to avoid mistakes and not to spoil sex, but he avoids it. Yes, you read it right. Men can avoid sex when feelings for a woman pass. Therefore, if you notice that there is less sex in your relationship or if he has completely disappeared, then this is a serious sign to think about the future. Perhaps he no longer loves you!

If he does not hug you, does not kiss, does not respond to your flirtation, then, alas, most likely, your relationship has come to an end.

And if this is so, if you understand that your relationship is breaking down or has already ended, then you need to be a strong and self-confident woman, you need to be able to put an end to and move on. You are an amazing woman, you can flirt with strangers and know how to seduce any man, you drive them crazy! Undivided love should not ruin your life. This is just a sign that your happiness is still waiting for you. You need to find him. Go forward!

Love is gone
Natalie Brown

Written by Natalie Brown

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