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To Make a Girl Fall in Love With You – How To Do It? 6 Great Tips

You are constantly tormented by the question: “How to make a girl fall in love with you?” What to do in this situation? There are no means in the world that can fall in love with another person. But this does not mean that it is time to give up. Why not show your best side? It is necessary to demonstrate the chosen one of the qualities that all girls appreciate in men, and then everything will happen by itself. We picked up 6 great tips that will definitely help you.

Step 1. How self-confidence will help to make a girl fall in love with you

From this begins the path to any achievement. Confidence is a quality that nature has endowed with an ancient person. The man was a hunter, and he had to be confident in his abilities in order to bring more prey. And this meant that insecure men could not feed their family, and women refused to continue their family with them.

self confidence

On a subconscious level, everything remains the same now. A man must initially believe in himself, and this will be transmitted to the woman. Firstly, every girl wants a strong and confident prince to take care of her, and secondly, natural instincts will awaken in her, which will suggest that a good future is guaranteed with such a person.

The main problem is that there is no magic pill that will instantly add confidence to you. Confidence comes gradually. To do this, you need to set ambitious goals and look for ways to achieve them, develop, work on yourself, travel, open new horizons, constantly leave your comfort zone, play sports, earn more, and seduce women.

This is a very long work and if you want to achieve any significant results in the foreseeable future, then you need to start right now, without delay.

Useful advice: even if you don’t feel confident inside, you should at least try to look confident. Spread your shoulders, monitor your posture, look people directly in the eye – and you will immediately feel better.

Step 2. Add mystery to your image


A girl can be hinted at your feelings, but you should never talk about it directly (at least until you have been in the status of a “couple” for a long time). A man plays the role of a hunter and lures the victim appearing and disappearing from her life, showing interest in her first, then indifference. Thus, he arouses curiosity in the girl. This is a great way to attract the attention of a girl. A good tactic is to make the girl a little jealous.

Step 3. Maintain a positive attitude or why do everyone likes optimists

Almost all girls attribute a sense of humor to the main qualities of an “ideal man”. He should not be bored, he knows how to make her family and friends laugh and like him.


But this also applies to the ease with which he looks at life. A positive person will not whine about his failures and will always immediately find a way out of the situation. He does not get involved in a fight, but tries to resolve the issue peacefully. He will come to the aid in difficult times and will help to easily solve any problems. With such a person, the girl will feel easy and reliable.

Accustom yourself to follow what you are talking about and exclude the following topics from your conversations:

Negative. Something exploded somewhere? Has something happened to someone? No matter how much you are interested, you should not discuss this with a girl.

Complaints. You Are tired from your boss? Paying little money? Health fails? Everyone has their own problems. And your problems are of no interest to anyone except you, so keep them with you.

Well-being. There is only one correct answer to the question: “How are you?” And this answer: “Excellent!”. Even if everything in life at this moment goes wrong, you should smile and pretend that everything is fine. Want to share problems, get empathy? If so, then remember that you should not complain.

Step 4. Make her feel special: proven ways

Listen to what she says. Men are often just pleased to be with a girl they like, but they don’t like women’s talk about anything.

Do not miss these stories – there is a lot of useful information that will be useful to you in the future. In what places she spends time, what is the name of her best friend, what is her allergy to – the young lady will be pleasantly surprised when you remember this, and will not ask again each time.

give flowers

Show and explain why you chose her. Focus not only on appearance, but also on character traits or behavior. Make her embarrassed – she probably does not believe that she can attract a good interesting man, because even a seemingly confident woman has a lot of complexes.

Such tactics will show the young lady that you can look deeper than at the surface, and indeed it is not just like that. Thus, you will be able to inspire confidence in her.

Surprise her. Not every day, otherwise it will become boring, but once a week or two it is quite possible to surprise with something.

Here are some useful tips that are sure to come in handy:

  1. Find out what her favorite flowers are and stop confusing daisies with white chrysanthemums.
  2. Order a bouquet and send her to work with a courier.
  3. Give her a year of perfect dates.
  4. Fulfill her long-standing desire or small dream.
  5. Help her with what, in her opinion, you cannot help.

Help her with what, in her opinion, you cannot help.

Important tip! Do not stop surprising your beloved girl, even when the relationship has long been established, and even after the wedding. These simple little things will allow you to maintain harmony in relationships and nourish feelings so that they do not go out.

Step 5. Be friend for a girl: friendship is the first stage of love


Not a girlfriend, but a friend. Do not agree to a joint shopping if she wants to buy a pair of dresses and a coat, but let her feel confident in you, as in a person who always supports her. Listen to her, help with solving problems, have fun and help her family and friends.

But if on some day the girl begins to discuss men with you, then you have switched to the “friendzone”. This means she does not consider you as her potential partner. Step No. 2 in this articale (see above) will help easily get out of it at the initial stage. The further, the harder it will be, that’s why you need to be more careful with “friendship”.

Step 6. Respond together to “Questions Leading to Love”

At the end of the last century, one American psychologist Arthur Aron developed 36 questions, the answers to which will fall in love from one person to another.

the questions

He conducted a series of experiments when a man and a woman sat opposite each other and answered them, after which these couples from previously unfamiliar people quickly fell in love. These questions are called upon to be a sincere person, to share the most intimate and to reveal to others as individuals.

You can tell the girl about these questions, or veil them under interesting topics for conversation. In any case, she will think for a long time about the answers and you as a person. What in the female head means the first stage of falling in love…

Of course, each girl needs individual approach, but for the most part these things attract almost all women. Tune in, that you will succeed, think positively and do not let the girl feel sad. Be a friend to her, but sometimes remember to keep the intrigue so that she treats you not as a friend, but as a man whose life does not revolve only around her. Do not forget to give her small gifts from time to time or surprise her in other ways. Well, in the end, intrigue her with an experiment with questions, and she is unlikely to refuse to participate in it.

Martin Lynch

Written by Martin Lynch

Hello friends! I am a blogger, I like to travel, chat with new people, learn history, try different dishes... And I also love surprises, I like to amaze friends. And, of course, my girlfriend. I write about everything that excites me. I would be glad if my experience will help you in solving any problems.

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