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How To Make A Girl Very Jealous? Methods And Techniques That Work!

Often there comes a day when the old feelings weaken and can no longer give those burning passions that were originally. Everyone wants variety and entertainment, everyone wants to rekindle the fire of passion. Bland and monotonous relationships can not bring pleasure, which means that you need to change something! It is because of boredom and lack of feelings from their girl, guys ask the question – how to make a girl jealous? This is especially true when relationships are maintained at a distance.

Why should you make a girl jealous?

Jealousy is a strong and multifaceted feeling. To provoke female passion means to wake a woman from sleep, to give her the realization that she does not control anything, and your relationship depends on you and your will!

Jealousy will help to show how important to maintain your interest in her, to remind you of the former uniqueness and again make her fight for your attention! When you show that you are still free and free to do whatever you like, the girl will fuss and begin to be interested in you in a new way.

What can you get from a jealous girl?

  • Passion during sex – the girl will seek to show you what she is capable of, to demonstrate her maximum and to prove that you need her, and not vice versa. She will be more rude, rigid and dominant not only in bed, but also in everyday life.
  • All thoughts only about you – from now on, the main occupation and problem of your chosen one will be only you! As it was during your acquaintance, it will be so now. She will begin to pay more attention to her appearance, be interested in your activities and even friends.

Her desire to find out how you have fun and spend time with friends, what you generally do away from her – has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Perhaps it will be unpleasant for you that your personal space is so much claimed, but this lady’s change is more than compensated by the changes for the better.

Happy couple together
  • Significance – now that there is a risk of losing you, she will start in a different way, treating you more accurately. A manifestation of the initiative on her part, even if it was not there before, and, of course, satisfaction you in all areas, as far as she can do.
  • Development – is the ability to unexpected changes not only for you, but also for yourself. She can begin to go to the gym, show originality and qualities that were not peculiar to her previously. And all for the sake of one goal – to become as good as possible, so that there would be no point in looking at others!
  • Understanding – what she previously did not approve of, can now accept. This does not mean that she will close her eyes to extremely unpleasant things, but she will be able to allow more, as an option – to buy the thing you need or spend more time with friends! It’s better you’re going out with friends than she doesn’t know where are you!

What can not be obtained from a jealous girl?

Jealousy deals a mortal blow to the most enduring and strongest love.

1. Stability

Constant stress and regular depression due to excess, can not contribute to a stable relationship. If in time you don’t stop testing your girlfriend for strength, she will either stop paying any attention to you or scandals will begin. It is very important to feel the limit and at the right time to stop.

2. Repentance

Sometimes jealousy is not used to renew previous feelings and emotions, but solely for revenge because of past grievances. If you think that in this way you can teach a girl a lesson, then you are mistaken. She will not feel remorse for the past and certainly will not blame herself for her deed.

3. Respect

Also, some guys believe that using the authority of many women, they thereby grow in the eyes of their only one. It just works the other way around, the more you build intrigues behind her, the less she begins to value you as a man, referring to the fact that temporary and one-time relationships with others are more important to you than a long and responsible life with one.

4. Love

Yes, yes, it is true love that you most likely will not experience. When you show indifference to a girl, when you pay special attention to others, you offend her dignity in the first place. A jealous woman is more likely to think not about whether you love her, but how to get around the one you are looking at.

The desire to become better, then simply to get away from you, forcing to bite your elbows – this is quite real!

Of course, not all girls are like that, but a rather large percentage will want to give second place to their competitors, and not to be number two! This competition is not for your attention, but for superiority in the best figure or big eyes!

Problems that may arise

As already mentioned, you need to feel the edge, because if you step over it, your relationship will break. The right approach is diversity and timing.

A break up

You should not look after any one particular woman, so your lady will decide that you are cheating on her. But if you decide to communicate with several girls, constantly switching from one to another, you can already see your desire to find something new and interesting, exactly the kind that your beloved should give you.

It will be seen how you lack female attention, which cannot but make she nervous and worried about the safety of your relationship.

Learn to balance, play on her experiences, while never creating a serious reason for doubt in your loyalty.

The task is to revive old feelings, and not destroy them and look for new love. You are still required to show love and care, while hinting at what is missing.

A break up of relationships

I think a break up of relationships is the worst thing that can happen, since returning your beloved, does not always succeed. But if you make an effort, then everything can be fixed and you’ll can get your ex-girlfriend back.


Another, not favorable outcome, if the girl closes her eyes to your adventures, and even begins to look for a replacement for you. And on her part, this will not be an attempt to cause jealousy, namely the desire to find another, more faithful man. Jealous ladies are not always burning and groovy, sometimes they just get tired of wasting their time on someone they don’t need.

How to cause jealousy?

Flirt with other girls

For joint walks, take the opportunity to chat with other women, while easily flirting with them, making it clear that you can easily find her replacement, and moreover, that it is not difficult for you to find topics for talking with strangers.

Flirt with a girl
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Social networks

Girls always notice the appearance of a new beauty in their boyfriend’s friends. Ideal – if she can read the correspondence or a flattering comment on the photo of the new “girlfriend”. To do this, just open your social page network and move away for a couple of minutes, leaving her alone.


Another way related to social networks is concealment. When a girl passes by, minimize the browser window, block the phone or simply turn away so that she cannot see what is happening on the screen. Then she herself will think of everything.

Password for phone or notebook

As soon as such trifles as call history and messages cease to be accessible, the thought of the existence of someone else will immediately flash in her head.

Set another girl as an example

In conversation, focus on the appearance or dignity of another woman, on a feature that your lady does not have. She must understand that she is not perfect, she must see where to strive, especially when there is this unknown person that you mentioned in the conversation.

Talking about others

In a conversation, mention an ex or a girl whom you have known for a long time (classmate, work colleague, old friend), pointing to some positive quality. When talking, it is worth emphasizing that this friend is attractive and could be a good couple.

Do not speak in direct phrases, use hints, give the girl herself to think up everything.

Show demand among women

During the conversation, mention that recently girls have often been added to friends, ask for a meeting or come up on the street. This should not sound like boasting, but rather as surprise.

New hobby

Another girl is not always needed for jealousy, sometimes what takes you the most time can make a girl start to get nervous. If meeting friends and playing football are more interesting and enjoyable to you, then this is a particular problem of your girl, because she can’t interest you. But you must know that there are many ideas what to do together as a couple to diversify your life with a girl.

Meeting with friends

Disappear for a while

You can come home from work later than usual or to disappear for a couple of days without warning about it. It can very much excite and stir anyone up. In your life there must be an unknown for the girl, that mystery that she will want to know.

Chatting with beautiful girlfriends

Attractive women whom you can invite to visit or go with them on “business” – this step capable of causing a certain feeling of envy, which is a sign of jealousy. In this situation you does not even need flirting, just one of their presence. Your chosen one will do everything herself.

Sudden gifts

Gifts can be considered in two ways: on the one hand – as a manifestation of attention, on the other – as a way to make amends. A sudden bouquet of flowers after the appearance of the “new passion” is able to further inflame jealousy.

Telephone calls

A telephone conversation (or at least its beginning) should be heard by a girl. Well, if it turns out, agree on this call with a girlfriend. In this case, at maximum speaker volume, your half will hear a female voice from the handset. Then you can go into the next room (or move some distance) and continue the conversation.

The conversation should last long enough for the girl to get tired. To the question “Who is this?“, Answer that this is a friend/girlfriend.

A sudden change in lifestyle

When the relationship has been going on for a long time, you less to care about your appearance. It is worth taking up your appearance, visiting a hairdressing salon, starting to play sports and keep an eye on your figure – these are the first signs of the appearance of a new passion on the horizon.

Do not provoke the girl too often into jealousy.

Signs of female jealousy

To know exactly what a girl is experiencing and whether she is jealous of you for others, study this list, which will allow you to accurately determine what signs give out what is on her mind?

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1. Heightened interest

As soon as a woman starts obsessively interested in how you spent the day, where you were and with whom you communicated, you know-you seriously made her jealous!

2. Desire for attention

The girl begins to try to attract attention in every possible way. This can be silly antics like: “Oh, I accidentally deleted your favorite song!” And more sophisticated as “Today I go to the movies with the girlfriend, can you take me after a session?”.

3. Memories of the past

Stories about how you tried to get her attention. How original and interesting you were then, and how she would like to experience it again!

4. The uncertainty in the decisions

It becomes difficult to understand exactly what the girl wants and what she is trying to say. She is afraid to make the wrong choice in almost everything, because your attention depends on it. Even the question: “Honey, will you have coffee?” – can put her in a slight stupor.

5. Discussion with girlfriends

Since the girl cannot manage all the thoughts in her head herself, she begins to actively discuss your behavior with friends. In particular, she is interested in whether you are flirting with someone from her entourage behind her?

6. Excessive frankness

Deep questions begin about your relationship, about what you think about her, and whether you love her at all? A girl can think that you are no longer interested in her. Her desire to find out the reason is quite logical.

7. Apathy in a relationship

When a girl is jealous, any invitation to spend time together will be meaningless. She is already mentally ready to end the relationship and does not want to waste time on them. It is better to leave her; this state will pass through some time itself.

8. Anger

Any action partner will annoy a jealous girl. Often, jealousy will be accompanied by attacks with the aim of “so that he himself understands what is to blame”.

9. Meaningless conversation

Any attempt to find out about mood, deeds and activities will end with a meaningless answer: nothing, nowhere and the like.

10. Indifference

Manifestations of tenderness will also remain unanswered. At best, on “I Love You” you can hear “Yeah, good.”

11. Accusations

The girl will actively point out the shortcomings and blame for all problems. However, she is unlikely to say directly about another girl, so as not to show jealousy.

12. Frequent calls

She will start to constantly call and be interested in where you, with whom, when will you at home. At the same time, if female voices are heard in the background, she will start asking about it.

13. View mobile phone

A jealous girl will constantly check calls and SMS in search of flirting with another woman.

If you feel that the girl is jealous, do not intensify jealousy to get more effect! It can spoil a relationship.

What can not be done?

The first rule that you must always remember is not to change! You just pretend that you are looking for a replacement, and not doing it seriously.

You can’t communicate with your ex. Vague thoughts on this subject can make any woman crazy.


Do not keep too much secret. Mystery should definitely be present in your life, but at the same time you must notify your beloved about important events or changes in plans.

Excessive deepening in yourself is a manifestation of indifference. If you think that ignoring or avoiding communication is a good foundation for jealousy, you are mistaken! The task is to renew your relationship, not to aggravate it.

Do not lie for profit! There should always be trust and mutual respect in your relationship. You can lie about the past day and looks attractive, but it will be unpleasant if this becomes a habit. And in any case, a lie is never good!

Think about your safety

Side effects of jealousy can be constant scandals, the provoking response of jealousy on the part of the girl (and even the appearance of a new boyfriend, as if in revenge), and sometimes the breakdown of relations.

Only patience can be a defense during scandals and accusations.

In no case you can not answer the cries and reproaches of the girl the same. When she speaks out, she will feel better, and she herself will come for reconciliation.

While checking the phone, she should not find anything. It is necessary to make sure that there are no references to another in SMS and calls.

Jealousy is usually the result of low self-esteem.

If there was a way to cause jealousy, like talking about another, it is worth letting your girlfriend know that she is no worse. If nothing is done, she can get bogged down in her complexes.

A way to prevent this is to compliment the girl, highlight her achievements and be more attentive to her.

A girl may suddenly come to a meeting with friends. In this case, it is worth pretending to be a pleasant surprise and invite her to stay. It is unlikely that she would want to be the only girl in the men’s company, and she will leave, making sure that everything is all right.

In general, all protection actions should be aimed at making the girl understand that a new passion is only in her imagination.

young couple

It is worth remembering that jealousy is not a sign of love, but rather a sign of self-doubt and desire to possess. This is a defensive reaction of a person who is afraid of losing what “belongs” to him. Female jealousy is based on emotions and often has a devastating effect, and therefore it is better to think several times before provoking a girl to this feeling.

Patricia Walker

Written by Patricia Walker

For many, many years I tried to get married, but before the wedding it never came... Now I live with two cats and give tips to young girls, what men want, how to behave with them. This experience I received for 10 years and now I pass it on to you, my dear readers.

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