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15 Secrets How to Attract the Attention of Any Girl and Make Her Want You!

Let’s get back to talking about relationships. Are you planning a date? Let me guess, do you want to drag her to bed? Then read carefully, my friend. Girls are real predators that can turn life upside down. It goes without saying that if you decide to be brave and go hunting, then I have one piece of advice for you.

Before you go on a date, make sure that you remember 15 top secrets to make a girl want you and then you will have a chance to bring the girl home.

How to attract the attention of a girl?

If you want to seduce a girl, then you should boldly go to your goal. But the first step to achieving it should be to attract the attention of the beauty from whom you are crazy. Tips on “How to get a girl’s attention and make her want you” will help those who want to share their lives with one woman and build a deep emotional connection with she, and those who are just looking for new experiences.

15. Your social status

The first secret is your social status. Social status is the social position that a man or woman occupies in society. Naturally, it is easier for an airline pilot or doctor to get a girl’s attention than a pizza delivery man or a bus driver.

The higher your social status, the more attractive you will be in her eyes. But this does not mean that if you are a pilot, then you are sexually attractive enough. Consciously or not, but women attach great importance to the social status of the partner. In the same way as men make demands on female beauty. This is very important especially at the first stage of dating!

But not only your profession determines your social status. Your behavior is very important and also closely evaluated. It is believed that a person with the makings of a leader, charisma, and having the right to make decisions has a higher social status than one who does not possess these qualities. Even if the opponent has the same position in the company. Think about it!

14. Always come on time

Always come on time

Congratulations, she agreed to go on a date. Alright, buddy. Get ready for the attack now. There is a difference between a date and what came before it. From now on, there is only she and you. Consider this an interview. One of the most important recommendations during an interview is to arrive on time, especially if you must pick up her.

She will not even be ready by this time. But not being late is the least you can do. Punctuality is of great importance. This shows the girl that she can always rely on you and you are able to bear responsibility.

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13. Social welfare

Social welfare plays a huge role in how to get a woman’s attention. Psychologists say that social ease is the ability to find a common language with people in any situation.

You must be polite, friendly, have a sense of humor, be able to express your thoughts in a competent language, clearly, you must listen to the interlocutor and maintain a conversation. You must have your dignity, know your worth, and be able to say “no”.

An important point: it really should be you, and not the role you play, deceiving yourself and others. Believe me, everyone likes these guys.

You must be confident in yourself. But you should not cross the border, because too self-confident person is more likely to push the woman away. Everything should be in moderation.

Social welfare is a true social test. In this case, we are talking about the assessment that others give you. If it is positive, then you will earn a lot of points in the eyes of the girl and leave the competitors behind.

12. Be bold

Be bold

It is believed that being rash means doing stupid things. But you must be able to take risks and commit spontaneous actions. This is not a call to become a “bad boy.” It is simply the desire to be a man. If you are not rude to her, she will be fascinated by your imperious behavior. Do not be afraid to annoy the girl a little. Tease her. Let her know that you want her. As an option, an unexpected and original gift for Valentine’s Day is a good idea for surprise.

Make sure that if she decides to go home alone, she will only talk about you. And even if it doesn’t happen today… she will think about you until the next date. Worse than bad advertising can only be its absence. Famous personalities would never have become famous quietly sitting on the sidelines. If you do not want to always be on the sidelines in her film, then be the main character. Do not forget to use body language and be confident in yourself!

11. Be not like everyone else!

Your personality is your content. These are the characteristics that distinguish you from other people. You can draw a parallel with sports: your social ease is your ability to play in a team, and your personality is your player skill.

The more skills you have, the more likely you are to become a good player. The same applies to the issue of seduction. Your skills are your hobbies, philosophy of life, values. This is you in general!

It is extremely important to work on your personality if you want to become attractive to women.

Of course, you can always attract the attention of a girl if you play sports, meditate, read, engage in self-development, go to the theater, to concerts, if you have your own philosophy and principles that you strictly follow. But if you do nothing, complain and blame others, then, sorry, you have no chance.

Your personality should be in the center of your attention. You should never stop investing in yourself in order to prosper and be better than you were yesterday.

10. Show your ambitions


Who in their right mind agrees to strike up a relationship with a person who has no purpose in life? Please do not utter these provincial phrases like “I am completely satisfied with what I have.” There is a big difference between the concepts of being happy and being satisfaction.

If you are happy, then you are successful and used to winning. If you are satisfied, it means that you have stopped at what has been achieved, and girls wantn’t to connect themselves with a guy who does not want to climb to the top of their dreams. Let her know what you are striving for, and show that nothing will stop you.

She should see in you a man walking towards the goal, and this image looks very cool in the eyes of the girl. Believe me, if you manage to earn her respect, then the first date “threatens” to grow into something more, perhaps even more than just one night.

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9. Be stylish

It is very important to understand that in order to attract a woman you must adapt your style to her style. If a girl dresses stylishly, it is unlikely she will go for a walk with someone who wears cheap jeans and T-shirts with holes.

If you are invited for an interview, will you wear your best suit? It should be the same with the woman: be sure she will evaluate you from head to toe and you must pass this exam!

But there is one common feature for all clothing styles: the more you pay attention to taking care of yourself, that is, cleanliness, a good combination of colors, playing with textures, shapes, the more attractive you will be. All these nuances will say that you have a taste, that you take care of yourself, you care about what is dear to you, which is why you will take care of the girl and your relationship.

8. Honestly talk about your views and thoughts

Couple in the mountains resting

Do you know how many men this beauty had? What makes you stand out from them? To prove that you are a person, in essence, means to say: “I am a person and not like others.” This should make a big impression on her.

Indicate your position and the angle from which you see this world. In this matter, honesty plays an important role. Do not be afraid to express your opinion directly and have intimate conversations. On a date, especially on the first, she should clearly clarify your position on significant issues. Do not be afraid to differ with her in glances.

Girls go crazy with guys who are faithful to their beliefs, even if the girls themselves do not share them. An honest story about outlooks on life is a small part of the puzzle that it should have in relation to you.

7. Be humble


Modesty will play into the hands if you really have money, but your good financial condition is not too noticeable. Pick her up in an unusual car, take her to a good restaurant, buy drinks for her friends, but never forget – be humble.

Otherwise, you can impress the person who sees in her only another trophy. One of the hottest female desires is a man who looks like Christian Gray from “50 shades of gray“… Maybe she will even play a couple of chapters from the book with you.

6. Be “a little” jealous


Do not confuse jealousy with psychosis. I’m talking about showing yourself to be her protector. All women want the guy to be able to tell the stranger: “Hey man, she’s with me“. But do not be the one who shows aggression to all the surrounding men, including her friends.

You will not only go home alone, but her friends will hate you. Jealousy should not be a problem in character. Be what I call a “friendly bodyguard” and she will always be devoted to you, I promise.

5. Be charismatic


It does not matter who you are: a guy, a friend, or you first met with the girl – you must be the centre of company and create a friendly atmosphere in any situation. All the girls want to sleep with a guy who sends positive impulses to others and has strong leadership qualities. I think you know that girls love popular guys. Girls are comfortable sleeping with guys who live a busy social life.

It is very difficult and long to explain, but I will try. If it comes to sex, then who wants to sleep with someone who does not represent anything socially? Girls also want to get a trophy, just as you want to brag to your friends that you slept with that blonde you met last Saturday.

Of course, I could be wrong, but when you want to sleep with a girl, you have to become the guy everyone want to hang out with, especially her friends. If the girlfriends are having fun with you, then she will soon amuse you, you know what I want to say?

4. Be smart


It is difficult to describe how important it is not to be a bore. Most guys aren’t smart anyway. So what to do if you want to make it clear that you know what you’re talking about, while not seem mortally boring? Just talk about the topics you understand and what excites you the most. Girls go crazy with guys who can show intellectual abilities. You will be surprised how girls may be interested in completely non-feminine things.

Even if you are a napkin seller working in an unknown office, speak with enthusiasm about your work. By doing this, you will demonstrate intelligence and at the same time check her interest in what you are doing.

3. Be considerable


Having a conversation is like playing tennis. But it’s in your power to slightly change the rules of the game. You can interest a girl by playfully inserting flirting into a conversation. This means not only answering a question with a question, but also making it interesting. The best use of quick wisdom is to engage in dialogue so that it is very difficult for her to predict your answer.

Using quick wits, you can make her feel comfortable next to you. Use the right compliments, sarcastic remarks and questions and you can easily reduce the conversation to flirt.

2. Use humor


It’s not necessary to become a professional comedian to have a sense of humor. Not everyone can be able to gracefully joke, and real humor has nothing to do with comedy performances. A good sense of humor is rather your attitude to the world. Flat jokes will not help to drag her into bed, but the ability to laugh at life situations will add you a few points.

Girls are madly attracted by the ability to walk through life laughing, as if your life is simple and carefree. A gloomy man will never bring a girl home. But the ability to make a joke about the fact that she forgot her passport at home for the hundredth time or laugh at a punctured tire, instead of allowing this occasion to ruin the evening, will make her admire you.

I will always argue that a sense of humor is the most important skill necessary for a successful date. But to make her want you, you need the other nine as well.

1. Physical attractiveness

Yes, women know that physical attractiveness is not the main thing. Men also understand this, but much later. But this does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to your body. On the contrary, if you look after yourself, if you are toned and can boast of muscles, then this will add you points. Physical attractiveness (which means sexy!) is very important, so do not relax!

How to improve your appearance?

There are simple rules, following which you can become more beautiful. For example, a peppy person is much more attractive than someone who is tired. This means that a healthy lifestyle helps us not only to stay in shape, but also to be more attractive. Therefore, you need to get enough sleep, eat healthy and wholesome food in order to maximize the seductive potential and attract a woman.

You can improve your appearance by growing a beard or mustache or, conversely, shaving them. In this situation, you can seek advice from a stylist. By the way, studies show that mustaches attract the attention of women, because few guys can boast of them. Maybe this is your style?


So, you learned about 15 secrets of attracting a woman’s attention. There are no more important or less important secrets on this list. We must work on everyone, and not focus on one of them. Stick to the middle ground. Use them in your life and you will see how it changes. And I’m sure you can seduce any girl and, I hope, you will find the love of your life! And if you pay attention to everyone, then you will become better. And if not, then… It’s like making a cake: you know what you need and know how to make it, but if one ingredient is missing, then you won’t get the result you expect…

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