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6 Secrets to Build a Deep Emotional Connection With a Woman

In this article I will tell you about how to make deep emotional connection with any woman, I will reveal 6 secrets of emotional connections with women and give specific exercises so that you can improve your skills and seduce any girl.

Have you ever made an appointment with a woman and felt that, despite all your efforts, you cannot create an emotional connection with her? That’s why many guys are afraid of failure on a date.

If a spark didn’t light up between you, if you couldn’t establish an emotional connection, then, most likely, after the meeting, the girl will talk her friends about how boring the meeting was. Be prepared that she will no longer reply to your messages.

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I want to make sure that this will never happen to you again, so I’m going to talk with you about how to make this feeling, I’m going to talk with you about 6 basic secrets that will allow you to achieve this, as well as give you specific exercises for progress.

Secret 1. Presence

Have you ever looked a woman in the eyes for a whole minute without thinking of anything else but how you feel?

Exercise “Eye contact” is an exercise that is used in seminars and trainings. Try to keep her gaze for a minute. In this case, is a minute a lot or a little? It is very, very long. And only some men can cope with this task.


We will look into the eyes, and then let our gaze unconsciously wander from right to left, in order to avoid feeling this tension, so as not to experience all the sensations that come to us when we look into the eyes of a person, not thinking about what we are going to say next.

This is an exercise that I suggest you do: during your next date, try to look the girl in the eyes for 30 seconds and notice what is happening inside you. You can tell the girl about your feelings. For example, it might look something like this:

“When I look into your eyes, I notice that my heart is beating fast, I feel a strong attraction to you and at the same time I feel a little discomfort, as if I’m afraid to say something wrong.”

I can already imagine the tension that arises in you, and thoughts like: “I can’t say about my embarrassment to the girl, because I will fall into the friendzone, she will think that I am weak.” But this is not so. This is the beginning of the dialogue. Students at the trainings note that this method really works. Moreover, in this way you begin to build an emotional connection with a woman.

She needs to feel you, she needs to see the influence that she has on you, and to feel the influence that you have on her. But if you cannot convince yourself that you are next to her with your body and mind, then she will feel lonely and there can be no talk of any emotional connection.

Leave your thoughts aside and your tendency to anticipate what to say, and try to be as representative as possible, this will be the main factor that will help in using other secrets.

Secret 2: True Curiosity

If you want to create an emotional connection with a woman, it is very important to learn to show sincere curiosity. Imagine yourself in front of someone who asks you a lot of questions, but you feel that he does not care about your answers, and that he is simply trying to fill in the blanks: how are you feeling? Do you feel connected?

Obviously not.

And this is exactly what will happen to you if you chat with a girl and just try to fill in the blanks.

To deal with this factor, you have to use the simple part and the difficult one.


The simple part

Ask her the questions you are interested in. The simplest thing you can do to create an emotional connection with a woman is to ask yourself the following question: “If I could calmly ask her about everything that I really want to know about her right now?

I suggest an exercise: the next time you meet a girl, try creating a pause (or use a pause that came naturally) to ask yourself this question.

Obviously, when we are in an authentic curiosity, this will often be a little more risky questions and therefore a little more intimidating, but it is very logical that the questions will be interesting. They will contribute to the establishment of an emotional connection.

Typical questions.

I will list questions that I came up with, imagining that I was on a date with a woman:

  • You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, and yet I feel a certain vulnerability, what questions do you ask yourself when you doubt yourself a little?
  • How does it feel to be so pretty?
  • How do you live?
  • Do you think this affects your relationship with men?
  • What do you like?
  • What makes you love?
  • What can make you so passionate that you forget to eat or go to bed much later than usual?
  • I know this is a little cheeky and you shouldn’t answer me, but I’m curious to know what is your sexy style? What do you like most?

And I can go on. But if you take the time to understand which topics raise real questions for you, and you will have a much better chance of creating an emotional connection with the woman.

The hard part: learning how to deeply explore your world.

Here we come to what really requires regular work and exercise. But this will be a very powerful impetus in creating an emotional connection with a woman or with someone else.

The main idea is to try to explore the girl’s inner world in order to really understand what the thoughts are in her head, to see the world as she sees it.

I will give you the beginning of a sentence that you can use, because it contains a good part of the philosophy: “What worries you…”

For example, imagine that she is telling you about her passion for dancing, one way to use this question is to ask her:

“What is it like dancing in front of people? How do you feel when you do this?”

In fact, she talks to you about the element of her world, and you should ask her what it feels like to have this element in her world, this is a way to delve into her inner world, create a deep emotional connection.

Secret 3. Authentic Expression

Over a cup of coffee

If you want to create an emotional connection with a woman, you, of course, should be able to explore her world, but you must also be able to show your.

You can be a gentleman in front of a girl, talk about your work, show your mind, but it’s not so easy to talk about yourself with emotions.

You can talk about yourself, expressing what you think the girl wants to hear, what you think is attractive to her, or you can follow your intuition and say what interests you.

And here two versions are possible: either she will not care, or you will win her heart! If you can interest her, then you are lucky! You hit the jackpot!

The fact is that all too often guys choose topics, they dare not talk about what they really think. The reason is simple: they try to predict what will be attractive, what will please the girl, and more often they turn out to be too flat, too transparent or seem primitive.

The more you try to control everything, the less likely you are to create an emotional connection with a woman, you should be spontaneous in the true expression of how you feel.

You should have either enthusiastm, as we saw above, or in vulnerability or sexualization, as we will see in the following factors.

Secret 4. Vulnerability

Here’s a topic that scares the vast majority of men who engage in seduction: show their weaknesses. Do you think showing your weakness means that you are weak? It is a myth.

Couple is thinking

Who dares to cry in front of a woman? How many percent of the guys dare to do this? Very little.

And if very few guys dare to do this, what conclusion can be drawn? This means that it is very difficult to do.

So to dare to show your weaknesses is to be strong.

Once you show your weakness, you will gain tremendous inner strength.

Do not confuse “weakness” and constant complaints of life! A girl will never pay attention to a guy who will be constantly dissatisfied with everything.

A person who controls his life and who shows his weaknesses is a person who achieves his goals. And all this makes him sexy.

How to show your weaknesses?


The idea is not to be afraid to survive the excitement when you talk about more difficult moments in your life, and not be shy to talk about it in detail.

One of the exercises you can do is to tell the girl something that you would not want her to know what you would like to hide from her. For instance:

“You see, I always seem to be a tough guy, but once a month I get depressed. The whole day I begin to doubt and ask myself if I am on the right path in my life?”

This is a phrase that can be intimidating. BUT! On the one hand, this allows her to understand if she wants to be with such a guy? On the other hand, it will be easier for her to talk about her shortcomings. This creates a trusting atmosphere and opens the door to greater intimacy and a strong emotional connection.

After that, it is also very important to be discerning and to be able to distinguish between “I express my temporary vulnerability” and “I only complain when I speak with this girl.”

That is why this work on vulnerability must go hand in hand with the work of personal development. But in general, the more vulnerable you are, the more it will allow a girl to be vulnerable in response, the more it will increase your intimacy and your emotional connection.

Secret 5. Adventure and experience

Couple having fun

You probably know about an intimacy study that compared the difference in exposure between a mountain walk and discussion. They showed that people who went camping together felt much more connected at the end of the campaign than people who spent two hours chatting.

This means that to create an emotional connection with a woman, the adventures and experiences that you will have will be decisive.

You can take a girl on a camping trip, as one of my friends did. After that, they began a strong romantic relationship.

But It is not necessary to go camping to impress the girl. Cooking together homemade popcorn and watching an episode from the Netflix series is also an adventure in itself, and you are likely to have a stronger emotional connection by doing this than in a classic restaurant.

Secret 6: Sexualization

Sexy couple

This is probably the most important thing. If you want to avoid the friendzone, you will have to sexualize your relationship. This does not mean that all meeting should be sexualized. But you must find moments to express your desire for the girl verbally or by gesture.

Ask yourself: what do you feel when you look at a girl? Most of the guys would answer without thinking that they want to sleep with a girl, but in 99% of cases this will not be true.

Be honest with yourself even at such times. In most cases, it will be something more subtle, maybe you will feel that you want to kiss her, maybe hug her, maybe something else…

And the idea is to tell her what’s going on inside you. For instance:

“I notice that I want to hug you and see how it feels when you are in my arms.” You say it, and ideally you do it right after that.

This will be the best way of natural and genuine sexualization, so you can create an emotional connection with a woman without falling into the zone of friends.

It will be the best way to become her lover, not her friend, or even better: her friend and her lover.

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