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5 Clever and Flirty Messages That Will Make a Guy Jealous

Jealousy is one of the reasons that can hopelessly ruin a relationship and destroy it. How to Make Him Jealous? If a man forbids you to communicate with male colleagues even at work, compares you with other women, then this is likely to cause serious problems. But, on the other hand, you can seize theis situation and turn it in your favor. In skillful hands, jealousy can be a powerful weapon to win the heart of the person you love.

What to write to a man to make him jealous?

Before answering this question, you need to remember a few rules. Do not reply to his message instantly. Do you understand it? Good. The trick is you have to make it clear that it’s not easy to win your heart.

If you instantly reply to his message, then guess how you will look? Yes, yes, easily accessible! That’s why you need to remember the golden rule – wait from 10 minutes to half an hour and only after that send an answer. Naturally, if he writes about something important, then in this case you should not postpone the answer. But if he flirts or just asks about something, then do not rush to answer. He will think that you are busy with something, and he will be very curious to find out what you are so busy with.

1. Keep what you did a secret

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Imagination is a very powerful thing, so let him imagine everything that he can. If you want to make a person jealous, then you should not tell him about everything that happens to you. You can give him a hint to intrigue him. Thus, you wake his imagination and make him guess by involving him in the game.

But do not forget that you must balance. You must clearly understand what you can keep silent about, when it is better to tell the truth, and at what time it can be done.

A good example of a mysterious message with a hint: “I had a lot of fun yesterday at the party, but I’m so upset about it today” or “I just returned from a great date in a restaurant. I will answer you soon.

Such messages work because they seem innocent. But he will try to find out what happened to you and where you were. Most likely, he will continue the dialogue to get more detailed information. In this case, you can flirt with him and respond with hints. Thus, you click on the button of jealousy.

2. Accidentally mention other men

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Chris drove me home from work today!” or “I’m going to test the new bar with Ryan!” These little hints will affect the person you like. But keep in mind that such messages can cause an ambiguous reaction. To understand this, try to switch roles. Imagine that you are talking with a man that you like, and he mentions the women with whom he talked or spent time. Naturally, you will be wondering what kind of relationship they are. Is there anything sexy between them?

You see, this kind of jealousy works both ways. Therefore, if you plan to write to your boyfriend about other men, then be sure that he will have exactly the same thoughts in his head.

If he feels that you are trying to make him jealous, it will upset him and he will not believe your story.

If you do not want to go far in stories about another man, then just write to him how funny your colleague is or that he has a new hairstyle. It will be effective, and you will not offend him.

But do not forget about the balance. If your man thinks you really like the other guy, then your relationship may end. But that is not what you need.

3. You have “other” plans

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This paragraph continues the previous two. If you want to make a person jealous or want you, then one of the best options is to let him know that you have other plans for the evening, but do not tell him the details.

Do not panic: this is one of the easiest messages you can send.

For example, if you communicate using text messages, arouse jealousy by saying, “I have to go. I need to buy shoes for tomorrow night.” Naturally, the message may be different, but you understand the principle. Most importantly, he must understand that you have planned something that requires preparation. If you need preparation, then this is something important, but you do not tell him what it is. If he asks, “where are you going? You must pause for half an hour before answering.

During this time, he will definitely start to be jealous. When you write the answer, you can add the names of friends who will come with you. But if he does not ask for details, then there is no need to tell this. You must be sure that you are in control of the situation, that he correctly understands your messages. If you feel that he is starting to get angry, then you should not provoke him. After all, your goal is to win his heart, and not push him away. Be wise and keep balance.

4. Send a message containing a sexy photo

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This tip is suitable for those who already have a relationship with a guy. Send him your sexy photo, but: it should not be too light, do not send a photo where you are naked. You can take a picture of yourself in a new set of underwear and send him a question: “how do you like it?” This photo will arouse his imagination. But if your relationship is not so frank yet, then take a photo before the party: you are in an evening dress, with a hairstyle and make-up, make him want to be near this evening. But the photo should be stylish, he should not think that at this party you want to attract the attention of all men. If he asks, “Where are you going?”, Say that you have a meeting with your girlfriends. A photo with a low neckline and a miniskirt before a party can push him away. Again, remember the balance. You must be sexy, not affordable.

5. You should always have fun or try to look fun!

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Whether it’s boring Monday or a sunny Sunday, if you are a fun girl and smile under any circumstances, you can make your man jealous.

How it works? Well, men love women who radiate positive. If it is you, then the following will happen: you will attract the attention of other men. In this case, the guy you like will begin to be jealous and envious of other men whom you smile. But if in his presence you will smile more often, then he will be sure that the reason for the smile is him. This is a very good way to get his attention.

A man is a hunter by nature. He needs to conquer a woman. But you can push him to decisive action, causing a little jealousy. Just a little bit. Flirt with him, intrigue him, but keep a balance: because he might think that you have someone else with whom you feel good, then he will not even try to conquer you. Be bolder! Your strength is in your weakness!

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Vanessa Felgar

Written by Vanessa Felgar

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