How to Make Your First Date With a Girl Unforgettable: Tips From Girls

During your life, you will go on a hundred dates with different girls. The success of communication with the fair sex depends on your behavior. We asked the girls to give men some dating tips. Useful dating tips that men should memorize, according to the girls.

Don’t know how to invite a girl on a first date? Do you want to impress a girl, but you definitely don’t know how to present yourself and what to say? This article is what you need. Do not forget, because subsequent dates will only be if you impressed the girl on this.

The girls gave recommendations for a good date and communication. What should be a date to make a girl interested? Read more later.

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Relax on a date

No one knows how this meeting will end. Maybe you’ll run away tomorrow, or maybe you’ll spend your whole life together. Regardless of what will happen in the future, you should relax. This is not a serious job interview. This is just the first date on which both of you want to get interesting communication and enjoy dating.

Keep your lust and hands to yourself

Many pickups immediately begin to put pressure on a girl on a date, sliding into intimate topics and molesting. These techniques worked 10 years ago, but not in the modern world. You will not surprise any girl that you try to drag immediately to bed. But you will make an indelible impression on the girl if you do not behave like a lascivious male, if you keep your concern away and respect the girl. Girls are unaccustomed to this and will be impressed.

Dress well on dates

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Sometimes messy or dirty clothes can scare a girl away from further communication. It’s stupid to screw up for this reason, given that you like a girl. If you meet on a date with a girl, then show yourself from the best and presentable side. It is not necessary to wear a suit, but it is highly desirable to be neat, clean and stylish.

Give information about yourself

The girls are not impressed by the silent guys who keep their lives under 7 seals. Girls want to see a man who can tell about himself in order to give the necessary information for communication. It is not necessary to tell everything about your life, but in general terms it’s worth describing. Girls will interpret any omissions, on the first date, not in your favor. Being talkative is bad as well as being silent.

Be involved in communication

The first date is intelligence reconnaissance and studying each other. This is not peeping at her neckline, but peeping at her life, desires, dreams and soul. Let the conversation flow freely and enjoy it. Do not dominate the conversation and do not be a daffodil. Nobody likes this behavior. Listen carefully to the girl, ask leading questions and show a lively interest in her. Girls dream of meeting a good interlocutor who listens attentively, but does not get bored or is waiting for the moment to tell about her beloved.

Show some love chemistry on a date


The first date is just intelligence and easy communication. She owes you nothing, just like you. Do not delve into serious topics and avoid excessive immersion in love. Appreciate joint compatibility and continued interest in each other. Easy flirting, irony, smiles, laughter and entertainment. Tease the girl and be playful. Girls want to have fun on a date and enjoy communicating with an interesting man.

General Tips for a First Date

  • Smile, be cheerful, friendly and optimistic.
  • Forget about your ex and don’t talk badly about girls.
  • Do not ask questions about her ex and do not touch intimate topics.
  • Show your best and strengths.
  • Feed something your girl: ice cream or cake.
  • Tell the girl a couple of honest compliments.
  • Never interrupt or criticize a girl on a date.
  • Show gentlemanly respect for the girl.
  • On dates, talk about positive topics.
  • Speak clearly and calmly.
  • Pay for a date, but don’t waste your money.
  • Do not be boring, but be original and creative.
  • Look confident and decisive, but not narcissistic.
  • When talking, gesticulate and use body language.
  • Make her feel the best girl in the world.
  • Hang the girl on a date and let her have fun.
  • Watch the girl’s reaction to your words.
  • Finish your first date on a positive note.

Is it worth it to end the first date with a kiss? Your can ask the girl: “Does she kiss on the first date?” And while she was laughing, you may start to kiss. But it is just an advice.


A date is estimated by girls according to conversations and memorable moments. In general, remember the golden rule of relations: “Girls in a relationship should laugh and moan. They should not make any other sounds. ”Relations should bring both joy, not problems and quarrels.

All good and promising first dates! And also mutual love!


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