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Secrets Of A Perfect First Kiss! How To Kiss A Girl On A First Date?

You have found the most comprehensive guide on how to kiss good and how to kiss better than others. You will learn how to kiss a girl properly and what to do so that she wants to kiss you again and again…

Why is it important to know how to kiss a girl for the first time?

To kiss someone is very difficult. But did you know that it is your male role to take the first steps to kiss a girl? Very rarely, a woman takes the initiative in her hands and can kiss you, even if she is in love with you! In fact, if you do not take the first steps, the girl might think that you are not interested in her. Even if a woman thinks how to kiss a man, she is unlikely to kiss you first.

Or, even worse, she will think that you have no courage to kiss her. And everyone knows that women are attracted by brave and confident men.

If you do not want to stay in friendzone, you must take the initiative and kiss her.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about how to kiss a girl for the first time. And how to kiss a girl on the lips so that she forgot about everyone who kissed her before.

Enjoy reading!



Main Steps To Make Her Want This Kiss

The very first step to a kiss is to make sure she wants it! If a woman is indifferent to you and does not want to kiss you, then, believe me, even the most proven methods of seduction will be in vain.

How to get a girl to kiss you? To do this, there must be:

  1. Feeling emotionally attracted to you.
  2. Physical attraction to you.
  3. A sense of comfort near you.

How to achieve this?

1. You must be emotionally attractive

Emotional attraction is by far the strongest form of attraction that a woman can experience. If she does not have an emotional attraction for you, she will not be interested in kissing you.

emotionally attractive man

But if she feels such an attraction, she will want this kiss! To emotional attraction, a woman must see in you certain qualities. I am glad that she is looking for the qualities of a real man, and not something supernatural.

If you prove to her that you possess these qualities, she cannot help but feel attracted to you.

Here is a list of the qualities that women seek:

  • self confidence;
  • sense of humor;
  • passion;
  • ambition;
  • leadership;
  • emotional stability;
  • the desire to protect those you love.

When you are with her, try to demonstrate to her that you have some of these qualities.

You can tell a story in which you showed one of these qualities. Or better yet, show these qualities with your behavior.

When she realizes that you possess these qualities, her desire to kiss you will be huge!

If it seems to you that you do not have many of these qualities, I suggest you work on them a little.

2. You must be physically attractive to her

stylish guy

Physical attraction is less important than emotional, but you should not forget about it. You don’t need to be tall or have the face of a Greek god for a woman to want to kiss you. But you must make every effort to be as attractive as possible.

I will give three tips on how to make your physique as attractive as possible:

  1. Wear clothing that suits you. Women love men who have a sense of style. If you don’t understand this at all, choose a classic style.
  2. Make yourself a hairstyle that will beautify your face. The next time you go to the hairdresser, ask him which haircut suits you best. Believe me, he is a pro and will make you handsome.
  3. Make sure you smell good. If you smell bad, not a single woman wants to kiss you. On the other hand, if you smell good, they all will want to stick to you! Therefore, take a shower with soap, do not forget about deodorant, brush your teeth so that there is a fresh breath, and use a little perfume.

If you can implement these tips, then women will consider you super attractive and will themselves look for a moment for the first kiss.

3. The girl should feel comfortable next to you

love for ages

This is where most men do not pass the test.

Here is a classic situation that prevents you from kissing her.

You have a date with a woman. You are sitting face to face, drinking wine. You communicate throughout your date… without any physical contact. And when the date comes to an end, you feel that there is a huge chasm ahead so you can kiss her.

Well, you’re right… this chasm is huge!

Since you did not have a physical rapprochement from the very beginning of the date, you did not have a trusting relationship, so a kiss seems impossible.

For your first kiss with her to go naturally and smoothly, you must make the woman feel comfortable next to you.

For this, a gradual physical ascent is necessary before the first kiss.

I will tell you how to do it:

  1. Sit next to her, not across from her. This will create more physical intimacy.
  2. Touch her arm or leg sometimes.
  3. Put your hand on her, showing her something on the phone.
  4. Come closer to her and tell her a secret in her ear.
  5. Take her by the shoulders to laugh together or hug her if she says something you like.
  6. If you go together, be a gentleman, you can hold her hand.

With these short touches, the girl will feel more comfortable, and the first kiss will turn out to be light and natural.


couple kisses

When To Kiss a Girl: What Time Is Perfect?

I already told you how to kiss a girl for the first time step by step. Now that you know how to set up her for a kiss, you have to choose the perfect moment for this.

But what time is best for the first kiss?

This is a great question. Because if you try to kiss her at the wrong time, she may refuse your kiss.

In order for a woman to take your kiss, the choice of the moment is important.

There are 2 factors to consider to maximize the chances that she reciprocates a kiss:

  1. Context.
  2. Signs of interest that she sends you.

Let’s look at these 2 factors one by one.


For a woman to feel comfortable kissing you, she must feel that you are in the right “context.”

Couple in France

Context is two things:

  • The place where you are;
  • Who is in this place with you.

If a girl thinks that someone will condemn her because of a kiss with you, or if she believes that the kiss will be inappropriate, she will not reciprocate.

For example, it might be awkward for a woman to kiss you for the first time in front of her friends or family.

She may feel that it is inappropriate to kiss you in a restaurant, for fear of disgusting the other customers who are eating now.

Ideally, the first kiss should be in a deserted place, in a romantic setting.

For instance:

  • In an inconspicuous corner of a bar, lounge or restaurant with dim lights.
  • On the street or in a park with few passers-by.

Many women believe that it is more romantic when the first kiss takes place in the evening or at sunset, rather than in broad daylight. At this time, they are more susceptible to kisses.

In short, make sure that the girl is in a good mood, if you want her to relax and feel comfortable kissing you.

The signs of interest she sends you

When you are on a date with a woman, she will give you small signs to show that she is interested in you.

Couple on the beach

This is called “signs of interest“.

If she gives you more than 3 signs of interest in a short period of time, this means that she is having a good time with you and is likely to reciprocate with you the first kiss. And the answer to the question: “How do I know that she wants to kiss me” will be obvious.

There are some of the most common signs of interest:

  • She laughs at your jokes.
  • She touches you with her hand.
  • When you approach her, she allows you to do this, she does not try to leave.
  • When you sit and touche a foot to her foot, she does not remove her foot.
  • She asks you questions, seems to be interested in you.
  • She gives you a compliment, even if it’s really a banal compliment.
  • When you offer her a hand to walk together, she takes her.
  • When you offer her to change places or go to another place, she agrees.
  • When you look into her eyes, she holds your gaze for more than 2 seconds.

BUT! You should know that many women may be interested in you, and not show any signs of interest in you.

For example, maybe she is shy and afraid to look like a “light girl“.

However, often the only sign of interest that a woman will give you will remain with you, and not try to leave.

For example, if the date is ahead, and she is not looking for excuses to leave, this may be a sign of interest.

When you do not see signs of interest, you have 2 options:

  1. Take a chance and kiss her anyway! If she refuses to kiss you, I will explain how to react further in the article.
  2. Wait for the opportunity to kiss her at the next meeting. If she agrees to another date, this is a sign of interest. Now be careful: if you wait too long before kissing her, she may lose interest in you.

By and large, be attentive to signs of interest, which will tell you if she is ready for a kiss. And if you don’t find it… take a chance or wait for the next meeting!


your first kiss

Your First Kiss: How To Kiss Her: 3 easy steps

You are on a date with a woman, you are talking, everything is going well, she is laughing, but you can’t find the opportunity to kiss her…

Do you know this situation? Well, you’re not the only one!

I noticed that many guys remain friendzone, simply because they don’t know how to move from a conversation to a first kiss.

3 steps to kiss her

So, here is a guide in 3 easy steps that will let you kiss her for the first time:

  1. During a conversation, interrupt her or change the subject by saying her name. For example: Daniella? This will distract her from the topic of conversation and she will pay attention to you. Usually she should answer you: “Yes?” Looking into your eyes.
  2. When she looks into your eyes, calmly bring your mouth to her mouth. You can take her face into your own hands or put a hand on her nape to add a touch of passion (women like it).
  3. If she does not resist, keep drawing closer until your lips touch her lips. So you kiss her!

By focusing on these 3 simple steps, you will reduce your stress from transition to action and create the perfect opportunity for your first kiss.

Kiss a girl on a first date… can I?

happy couple

The first thing I want to tell you is that if you have a date with a girl, it is very likely that she already wants to kiss you, and you can kiss her on your first date.

If she agrees to go on a first date with you, it means that she is interested in you. And she hopes that you will continue to be an interesting guy. Maybe she also wonders, “How to get a guy to kiss me?”

I’m almost sure that you will succeed and you can kiss her on your first date if you don’t make too many mistakes.

Why is the first kiss on a first date so important?

It’s important to kiss a girl on a first date, because it will strengthen your bond. The girl will think that she likes you, because it was she who decided to kiss you (even if it was you who kissed her).

If she agrees to your kiss, she will surely find you interesting. And vice versa, if you do not try to kiss her, then it will happen that the girl thinks that you are not interested in her, and you do not have the courage to kiss her.

She can put you in the place of a friend, and I know that this is not what you want. This is the main reason why it is very important that you go up and kiss the girl on a first date, because it will strengthen your bond. The girl will think that she likes you, because it was she who decided to kiss you (even if it was you who kissed her).

If she agrees to your kiss, she will surely find you interesting. And vice versa, if you do not try to kiss her, then it will happen that the girl thinks that you are not interested in her, and you do not have the courage to kiss her.

What to do if she refuses to kiss you?

Maybe when you bring your face closer to her face to kiss, she will turn away and give up your kiss.

in thought

If this happens, tell her: “Sorry, I really wanted to kiss you”, and resumed the conversation, as if nothing had happened.

The worst thing you can do in this situation is to show too much disappointment and allow the discomfort to settle between her and you. Women are terrified of discomfort when they are on a date with a man.

On the other hand, if you prove that her refusal does not affect you and remain positive, the girl will see that you are emotionally stable. And emotional stability is a quality that women love in men.

In fact, there are several reasons that can encourage a woman to refuse to kiss you.

Here are the main reasons:

  • Hygiene (it smells bad from you, bad breath).
  • She feels uncomfortable next to you.
  • She wants to, but she thinks the context is inappropriate.
  • She wants, but she does not want to look too easy girl.
  • She wants, but she is surprised and did not expect it.
  • No emotional attraction.
  • In some cases, unfortunately, she does not have a romantic interest in you.

To still kiss her, ask yourself why she refused your kiss, correct the situation, if possible, and try to kiss her again a little later.

For instance:

  • If you have bad breath, take mint.
  • If she still does not feel comfortable near you, give her a few minutes to recover from your attempt to kiss her and resume the gradual physical rapprochement described above from the very beginning.
  • If context is inappropriate, change location.

As a rule, a girl will be pleased if you persist in the desire to kiss her. If she didn’t want to look like a light girl, your perseverance will remove her guilt from accepting your kiss.

If she was surprised, then the second time you try to kiss her, she will expect this and will be more receptive.

In addition, your perseverance will show her that your desire is real, and this, perhaps, excites many women.

Be careful not to seem pestering!

If a woman clearly shows you that she does not want to kiss you and wants you to stop, you must respect her choice.

Meet again, the planet is full of other women who want to kiss you!

In short, stay positive, find out why she didn’t want to kiss you, correct the situation and try again.

You will be surprised how many women will agree to kiss you later, even if they refused your first kiss.


happy people

How To Properly Kiss A Girl: 5 secrets of best seducers

Well now that you know how to have the first kiss with her, you have to make sure that you kiss girls properly.

If you kiss her badly, she can quickly regret having kissed you, and will never want to kiss you again.

On the other hand, if you kiss her good, she will like it and she will want to kiss you again and again.

So, without further ado, let me tell you how the best seducers kiss girls and excite them. Keep in mind that there are several techniques of kissing.

Secret # 1: Mirror Effect

Often women will kiss you the way they like to be kissed. So the first time you kiss her, know what she does and imitate her!

For instance:

  • Does she kiss you with a big tongue or a small tongue?
  • Does she only kiss you on the lips?
  • Does she snuggle up to you or does she kiss you more shyly?
  • Does she seem to want to kiss you long and languidly, or does the kiss not last long?

Copying her manner, you will kiss her so that she feels comfortable, that she likes and that she wants to kiss you again and again.

Secret # 2: Gradual Passion

For many years, women assured me that the first kisses are too intense and too passionate, this often cools them.


a passionate kiss

Because women love anticipation. They like to imagine what it is like to kiss you.

She likes to savor the process of seduction step by step.

When you kiss a girl too intensely from the very beginning, the tension rises quickly, but the problem is that it disappears just as quickly.

Therefore, slightly increase the intensity when you kiss her, and stop the kiss before she does it.

You can even say something like: “uh, we better calm down, everyone envy, it’s dangerous“.

This will increase the tension between both of you, the girl will feel that she has remained hungry, and she will look forward to the next kiss.

Secret # 3: Demonstrating Your Desire

The girls like to know that their man wants them. It makes them feel sexy, it makes them feel with a real man, and, moreover, it excites them.

One of the best ways to show your desire to a woman is in how you kiss her.

Here are some tips to show your desire when you kiss a woman:

  • Take her face in your hands to kiss her.
  • To ruffle the hair on the back of the head (carefully! This technique can be painful if you do not do it well, otherwise you can ruin the hair).
  • Put your tongue deeper into your mouth (if she likes to kiss the tongue).
  • Press the girl to your body, taking her lower back.
  • Take her buttock with your own hands.
  • Run a hand across the chest.
  • Touch your crotch to her crotch.
  • Put a hip between her legs.
  • Lean against the wall.
  • Breathe a little louder.
  • Carefully bite your lower lip.

You can also make a combination of the above things!

Now remember: kisses with great intensity can cool a girl from the very beginning.

I suggest you use these things when you are closer.

Now be careful, because by using these things you can excite her maximum!

Secret # 4: How to kiss well with your tongue (how to practice French kiss)

French Kiss

Kissing with the tongue can be very exciting and increase your level of intimacy with her.

How do you kiss with your tongue? How do you french kiss? Unfortunately, many men do it wrong and ultimately only cool the girl… Therefore, many are looking for answers to the question: how to practice a kiss or how to practice a French kiss?

The most common mistake is to kiss with the language too intensely from the very beginning.

This can confuse her and make her unwilling to kiss you again.

The secret to a tongue kiss is to use the mirror effect: use the same “amount” of tongue that she uses during your first kiss.

In addition, you must use the same language movements that she uses.

Hugging her just as she hugs you, she will trust you; you make her want to kiss you again and again.

Here are some tips you can try when you kiss with your tongue to find the way to kiss that she prefers:

  • Put your tongue more or less deeply in your mouth, back and forth.
  • Suck her tongue.
  • Suck her upper or lower lip.
  • Alternate between kisses only with your lips and kisses with your tongue in the same kiss.

Now you should know that not all women like to kiss with the tongue.

If you try to kiss her with your tongue, and she still seems to want to return to kisses only with her lips, stop using your tongue.

You can later ask her if she likes it or not to confirm that she prefers.

Be attentive to how she uses her language, she will show you what she likes.

When you kiss her as she loves, she will like it!

Secret # 5: Avoid Mistakes That Cool Women

Finally, men whom women prefer to kiss never make the following mistakes.

Avoiding these mistakes, women will always have a positive memory of how you kiss them, and they will look forward to the next kiss with you.

Here are some things you should avoid:

  • Kissing with too much saliva. The girl should not feel that she should swallow excess saliva after she kissed you.
  • Kissing too intense and too fast. We already talked about this, it can in the best case kill tension, in the worst – sharply… and in any case, she will no longer want to kiss you.
  • Do not be the one who prolongs the kiss. If she always stops kissing, then you kiss her too long. By doing this, you kill tension and expectation. And that makes your kiss banal.
  • Kissing her in places where she is uncomfortable. If she feels uncomfortable when you kiss her, then she will no longer want to kiss.

Just avoiding these mistakes, you will earn a lot of points with women!

Look of a girl in love


Kisses are an important step in the process of seduction, which will lead you to conquer the girl you like.

Make sure that you follow the advice that I gave you, and you must succeed in your first kiss… and in all the others that follow!

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