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How to Quickly Forget the Ex-Girlfriend? 7 Tips that Really Work

It’s hard to forget someone you were in love with, or maybe still in love with. How to quickly forget your ex-girlfriend? You have to move on but how? Even if you think you have no feelings, it’s not so easy to forget this girl. To do this, you must let go of your emotional attachment. How? The only way is to take life into your own hands. How to forget your ex-love? Here are 7 tips to help you do this.

You must evaluate the break with her rationally. While you are sad, you can never do it. Look at the situation from the side, get away from emotions. It seems to you that it is impossible to distance oneself from the senses, but your brain should be cold.


TIP #1: Accept Reality


To suffer and grieve after parting with a loved one is normal. It is difficult to forget the one with whom you spent the evenings, shared the bed, for whom was preparing breakfast. But you will not be able to start a new life while you are emotionally experiencing parting again and again.

The first step for later life is the acceptance of reality. No matter how hard, but you have to do it, you can not live an illusion. Do not torment yourself with thoughts about why your couple broke up or who is to blame. Not. This has already happened. Next you need to learn how to live without her.

TIP #2: Stop any contact with your ex-girlfriend

no contact

I know it’s easier said than done. How can you forget the ex-girlfriend if everything reminds of her? But this is very important: you must break off any contacts with your ex: telephone, in social networks, instant messengers…

Remove all her contacts!

This is a radical decision, but necessary. The longer you stay in contact, the more difficult it is to live without thinking about it. You follow her on Facebook or Instagram. Social networks are a trap you cannot fall into.

Another important thing is to clean the house. Yes, it’s better to get rid of her things, photos, cosmetics, letters, everything that reminds you of her, about your relationship. The faster you do it, the better. The desire to contact her will gradually decrease over time.

Delete messages from phone and mail. Do not write or call her. Do not go where you walked together. The less you experience emotional upheavals associated with memories, the easier it will be to forget her.

And you should not think that your relationship can be renewed. This is a waste of time. You tried, it didn’t work. Leave the past and move forward.

TIP #3: Do not shut yourself off from the world

walk down the street

It is a bad idea to be alone with your grief. Yes, it takes time to survive the break, but you do not need to close yourself from the world.

The social circle is a strong foundation that supports you in case of the break. Communicate with family and friends.

When you were in a relationship, there was probably no time for family evenings and friendly gatherings. Everything has changed, and you can fill the void with communication. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Friends will always lend a helping hand. And communication with relatives is an opportunity to immerse yourself in other worries and think about other problems. Thanks to this, forgetting the ex-girlfriend will be faster.

TIP #4: Pay attention to yourself

Loneliness is not the best period in life. But now you can think about yourself, work on yourself, do self-development, enroll in courses or at the gym, do what you have long dreamed of, but did not have enough time. New activities are new friends, experience and communication. Is this selfishness? Not at all!

Think about yourself, do what you have long wanted. You can live for yourself!

Taking care of yourself is important after breaking up. Each has its own way of surviving suffering, but you should not forget about physical, emotional and psychological well-being for a long time.

TIP #5: New Life

New life

A few weeks after parting with a girl, needs and desires become more personal. We are changing, this is normal. Negative emotions can still come up, but a new path has been determined, a new energy has appeared.

To forget your loved one, you need new experiences. You can travel to other countries or to become a volunteer to solve other people’s problems. A new experience will become new memories.

Make a long list of what you would like to do. Write about everything. This is a plan for your future. Do not think about what you can do from your plans with your ex-girlfriend and what not. Be confident and move only forward!

TIP #6: Time is the best doctor


One cannot forget overnight a girl whom you sincerely loved for a certain time. Of course, it takes time to deal with emotions.

But time heals all injuries. It’s true. Yes, memories do not disappear immediately. But one day you will stop reacting to them, and they will leave completely.

Suddenly you will see the ex-girl in a different light. Bad memories will replaced good ones. Yes, probably there will be nostalgia, maybe there will be indifference. It all depends on how difficult the separation is, what are the reasons of it.

However, every day it is becoming easier to forget your ex-girlfriend. It only takes a little time for the brain to do this “update”.

TIP #7: Be open to events and a new meeting

New Love

To some, this advice may seem premature and inappropriate. For some, this period will come earlier, for someone later. But it will come without doubts. So do not delete this advice.

What could be better to forget your ex-girlfriend than to open again to seduction, to gain self-confidence and not be closed to a new meeting?

Communicating with other people will help you forget about your ex. And soon there will be a desire to fall in love again. Indeed, even if the previous relationship was unsuccessful, this does not mean that you will never meet true love. Believe in yourself!

Martin Lynch

Written by Martin Lynch

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