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How to Recognize a Narcissist? 6 Common Narcissistic Traits to Look Out For

In order not to spoil your life, you should stay away from narcissists! That is why you need to learn how to recognize them among normal guys. There are 6 common narcissistic traits for by which narcissistic can be identified. If you notice at least one of them in your friend – run. This is not your destiny.

Yes, I know that it seems sometimes easier to close your eyes and hope that you will be saved from heartache and deceit, but, unfortunately, in reality everything will be the other way around. I am sure that you were not lucky to meet at least one guy with narcissistic tendencies in life who upset you and made you regret meeting him.

Nowadays, they seem to be everywhere, and the more you try to be careful and avoid them, the more they seem attractive to you. It’s like a vicious circle from which we cannot get out…

Narcissists have a way to draw you into their network of lies and manipulations with such ease that you simply cannot understand how you were deceived. They wear a mask until they understand that you have exposed them. And only then will it be possible to see their true face.

So that you no longer fall into their traps, I will talk about the qualities that unite all narcissists. This should help you recognize them in time and protect yourself from suffering and inevitable regrets.

1. They don’t care how you feel

The suffering of people brings him joy. He may try to hide it, but they rarely succeed. Moreover, he can specifically make you suffer and cry. He will seek to hurt you just to enjoy it. If you notice that your boyfriend is behaving in the same way, then leave him immediately.

2. They will never regret their bad deeds

No matter how terrible an act they commit, they will justify themselves and will think that they did the right thing. And, in their opinion, they are not doing anything wrong, because they are simply better than you.

No matter how it affects you or anyone else, they do not believe in an apology and will never regret what they did to you. And if you ever hear “sorry” from them, this will be the most false excuse you have ever heard! They will make sure that you notice that this is only necessary for you, but not for them.

3. They are like a time bomb (you never know when it will explode!)

In fact, narcissists are extremely vulnerable in the sense that the slightest thing can upset and infuriate. At first glance, they may seem calm, but only one wrong word, and they will go crazy. You will never know which phrase will cause them a fierce reaction. If you are thinking of leaving him, then be courageous, because you know very well how a madman will react to breaking up a relationship. But do not try to make a person happy to the detriment of yourself.

4. They like to exaggerate.

Narcissists are sure that they are the best in the world. And they will convince you of this by telling stories where they save the world alone. They are masters of manipulation, so they can retell any story so that you will certainly believe that this is true.

5. They make you feel useless and unable to do something good

You are trying to please your narcissist, but the result is the opposite. He will convince you of the futility, he will do everything so that you forget about your dreams, plans and hopes. Even if you did as he expected, be sure that he will be unhappy, he will say that, as always, you did everything wrong. He will assert itself at your expense. Why do you need such a guy?

6. They secretly control everything you do

They are professional manipulators. You cannot do anything without asking them first.

He will make you feel guilty if you make plans with your friends without consulting him. Such a position will lead to the fact that you will always ask him permission to do something.

You cannot leave home without telling him exactly where you will be and with whom. But even after that you should contact them every hour.

You feel trapped and under control, but are afraid that if you resist it, it will only worsen the situation.

In fact, you are in his hands, and do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If this is your reality, and you recognize one of these cruel traits, you are dealing with a master manipulator with narcissistic tendencies, and you must run away as soon as possible.

Do not be afraid to ask relatives or friends for help, and do what is best for you. Good luck.

How to Recognize a Narcissist
Anna Stone

Written by Anna Stone

I'm a mother of two children. My life is their lives. I love to organize holidays and make plans for family weekends and long vacation. And then I describe this for the same moms as me, share experiences, give ideas. It's my way of making the world a little happier with baby smiles and parental happiness.

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