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7 Ideas How to Seduce a Stranger You Like

Many of us are sitting at home because of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). There are many things to do together during quarantine. And if you are single, then quarantine is a great time for dating and flirting on the Internet. But sooner or later the quarantine will end, and we will again go to the cafe, to the cinema, walk the streets. And then you will definitely need useful ideas on how to seduce a very attractive and unfamiliar guy.

How to seduce a man you do not know?

When you think about seduction, what comes to mind? Most likely, you are thinking about sex. But psychologists believe that seduction is the opposite of sex. Seduction is not the culmination or satisfaction of desire, it is the thrill of desire itself. This applies to the game that is played when desire grows.

Seduction is the time during which we manage to maintain the tension of desires for a long time.

Top seduction tips

Of course, flirting with a man can occur in different ways and in different circumstances. You will not act the same in the bar or in the gym.

#1. Your eyes can say a lot

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Your eyes say a lot about your feelings. In fact, they are your most important weapon in seduction. Naturally, in the process of seducing a person whom you do not know, you will be very nervous. That is why there is a way that always works flawlessly: look into his eyes and smile sincerely.

If, while sitting at home during the epidemic (COVID-19), you chat with him, then write sincerely, try to convey your mood through messages. If your communication with him from day to day becomes more trusting, and you feel mutual sympathy, then you can tease him with hot sexy messages that will drive him crazy. Believe me, he will be very excited.

If you are in a public place, then look at him until he looks at you two or three times, and then turn away. Believe me, he will be intrigued, you will awaken his curiosity, and now he will try to attract your attention.

#2. Smile. This is your main weapon

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Specialists distinguish several types of smiles. Knowingly or unconsciously, but you use them depending on the situation.

Naturally, a false and insincere smile will never attract the attention of a man. But the sly smile with which you hint to him that you know what he wants will undoubtedly arouse his curiosity and interest.

If the man took the initiative and approached you, then smile at him wholeheartedly and keep up the conversation.

In any situation, your smile sends him a signal that tells how a man should act next. Most importantly, do not make him run away from you, especially if you really like him.

#3. Use body language

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There are situations in which your look and your smile will become your main allies in seduction. But it will not be superfluous to use body language. If used correctly, your body will send the right signals to the person with whom you want to flirt.

For example, if your arms are crossed on your chest or you move your body away from his body, then you say: “I do not care.” Conversely, if you lean toward him, he will understand that you are interested.

Another important and effective element in seducing with your body language is your hair. If you have long enough hair, do not hesitate to touch it and, for example, from time to time to put it back over the shoulder or ear.

Men love female hair and consider it sexy. Think about it!

#4. Touch him from time to time

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Some people are more or less tactile, but when it comes to seduction, it’s important to touch someone you like. This is part of your body language.

The more often you touch him, the more he will want to do the same.

Touch is an approach that is closely related to the sexual aspect, so this is a subtle way to tell him that you want it. You only need to put your hand on his forearm, or on his shoulder, or on his back. Do this from time to time during a conversation with him. Make a little test and see if he will do the same.

#5. Be self-confident

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Men love women who trust them, whom they can help with something. But you will have more chances to seduce a man if you are self-confident, do not seem desperate or needy.

A woman who is self-confident knows that she is attractive. In addition, if you show that you do not need him, and he will already reciprocate flirting, then he will be fascinated by your charms.

If he tells you a compliment, then you should thank him, and not say that you know that you are beautiful. But at the same time, you need to show him that compliments are far from all that you expect from him.

#6. Wear the right clothes

You should pay particular attention to clothing. For a specific case, you need to wear something special that emphasizes the merits of your figure and hides the flaws. No need to wear a miniskirt and low-cut blouses to be sexy.

#7. So, how to seduce a person you do not know?

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The task of seducing a stranger is not simple, but solvable. The problem is that you know very little about this person: about his habits, character, hobby… But you can still do something.

Try to meet him again in the same place where you already saw him. Try to find out how often he goes to the supermarket, to the cafe for lunch at the nearest cafe. Of course, you don’t have to spend time to follow him, but you should try to find a way to meet him in the same place where the first meeting took place.

It will be easier to look for meetings if you live in the same area. But, in addition, you can use the Happn application, which allows you to view the men you met based on the data where you were. If you are lucky and he also uses this application, then you could find him faster.

Help each other with mutual knowledge

You are wondering how you are going to contact this person so that you can flirt with him because you do not know him. But your friends can help you. But it all depends on the specific situation.

If he is a work colleague, you should have mutual acquaintances. If this is your friend’s friend, then it’s even easier! In short, if you meet often, then most likely you have mutual friends.

By the way, through a mutual friend you can find out more about this guy. And when you get to know him, then chat on neutral topics, you don’t need to ask immediately if he has a couple or not. Just enjoy the conversation.


Of course, when you really want something, you must go out of your comfort zone. But there is one important thing to remember: remain yourself.

Be natural and do not try to manipulate or force anything. You must remain yourself.

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