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How To Sexually Excite A Girl By HOT Texts Messages? 27 Sexual Questions

How to excite a girl before you meet? I collected more than 20 of the hottest and sexiest questions for correspondence. But just for correspondence, that is, you should not ask them in private, because the desired effect will not reach. But as a bonus, I’ll give you a list of questions that you can ask one-on-one before passionate sex. Believe me, the sensations will be inexpressible.

22 HOT Sexy SMS (sexting)

Before writing sexual SMS to a girl, make sure that she is alone. If she is in the company of her friends, then she will have less time and desire to respond, which means that you will not achieve the desired result.

In addition, if the girl is with her friends, then most likely she will read your messages to everyone, and they will answer together. You don’t need that either.

To ensure the success of your piquant questions, make sure that she is ready to talk, nothing distracts her (all of a sudden, is she cooking dinner or taking a bath?). She should be ready to indulge in this little sexual game.

So, these are the most piquant sexual questions that you can send to a girl to arouse her:

Waiting for sex

1. Are you alone?

Send her this message to be sure that she is alone on the couch, in front of her favorite series, and not with friends at a party! Remember that you both must be prepared for an intimate SMS exchange!

2. What are you doing now?

The answer to this question will help you understand if she has time for communication. If she replies that she is preparing dinner, now is not the right time. If she answers that she does nothing, that you can safely begin.

3. How are you dressed?

This question can be asked, especially if you already had sex. You understand that the question is quite intimate, so if you have met a girl recently, she can answer that this is a secret, and she will not reveal this secret to everyone. But if the dialogue continues, you can ask her for a photograph that “make your imagination a reality”.

4. Are you wearing panties, tango or thongs? Why?

This question is in the top 10 sexual questions. You are interested in her underwear, which means that she allows only some men to see. The question “why” will provide many options for continuing the dialogue.

5. Do you like hugs?

This question will help establish the sensual atmosphere necessary to continue the small sexual game. You delicately bring sexual thoughts into her brains, she should open up to you a little.

6. Do you like to cuddle in bed alone?

With this question, you are more immersed in a forbidden topic, but have not yet gone too far. You talk about hugs, loneliness, bed… if this question embarrasses her a little, answer her that you see nothing wrong with that.

7. Without doing this on purpose, have you ever watched people who have sex?

You talk about sex, not talking about yourself! This is a brilliant move, because there is nothing better to start a sexual conversation without speaking about yourself! In addition, this question will let you know if the girl you are talking to is naughty or modest.

couple hugs

8. Have you ever slept with a guy without knowing why?

This question will help you find out if a girl can go to bed with any guy, or if she still needs affection and relationships.

9. What do you pay attention to in the figure of a guy in the first place?

As a rule, girls say that they pay attention to the press, shoulders, buttocks… If the answer is this, you can joke and say that she is a superficial girl (be sure to add a smiley face so as not to offend her).

10. If you could strip a guy of your choice, where would you start?

This answer will let you know how to proceed. If she says that the shoes, then she is a fetishist, if a T-shirt, then she loves guys. And if she says “boxers” then you come across a hot girl and you can speed up the process of seduction.

11. What turns you on in a man?

With this question you will find out if it is quite superficial or intelligent. You will find out if she sleeps with a guy just because of his physique, or whether he needs to show intelligence before sleeping with her.

12. Do you prefer guys in panties or boxers?

This question will force her to introduce you in her underwear. So you will be featured in a sexy outfit in her imagination! In addition to this, this question allows you to prepare your lower parts of body for your first (or second) appointment!

13. Would you prefer me to be hairless or hairy?

The question is again about visualization. We make her present us naked in order to continue to excite her!

Lady in Red

14. What is your secret so that a man wants to make love to you?

In this matter, she must justify herself by providing you with the smallest details of her diabolical plan so that he (you) wants to make love. If she does, you’re lucky! She is trying to show you that she knows how to do it (so this is an interesting girl!).

15. What place do you prefer me to caress you?

You are even more concerned with the issue of intimacy and seek to know her. You are not very far from your goal! Again, you are collecting valuable information that will serve you in the next step!

16. Does massage excite you?

With this mischievous question, you will find out if she likes to caress the body or not. In addition, you can answer her: “I always liked to massage, especially now that I know your erogenous zones!”

17. What makes you rise to the seventh heaven?

This piquant question allows her to imagine an orgasm and see how she reaches it. You will know how to please her!

18. Do you think you’re pretty sweet or wild in bed?

With this mischievous question, you will learn about her preferences during sex. Understand that this is the key to offering her a relationship that will make her enjoy herself before sunrise!

19. What is your biggest fantasy?

You are almost there! Questions related to sex will allow you to increase the desire that sleeps in her. Not to mention the fact that they will let you know better how to make her cum…

20. What is the most unusual place where you made love?

If she answers you “my bed”, then the girl is either not very original, or she is too embarrassed by your question! If she tells you “elevator” or “fitting room”, she’s sexier than she seems! This question makes it possible to understand whether sex before marriage is permissible for her in principle.

woman in the bathroom

21. If I were with you in your bed, what would you like me to do with you?

This is an interesting question! He may make you skip the following questions depending on her reaction. If she joins the game and lists you all the body parts that you can caress, then you will certainly see her faster than expected… if she tells you that this will not happen, then the game is close to the end…

22. If some beautiful stranger rang your doorbell and you really wanted to make love, would you let him in?

This question is very important in order to understand whether she is ready to accept you in her house or not. If she answers you that “yes, I’ll even jump on him!”, then you can tell her that you are going to her house. If she tells you that “no, I’m not a girl of easy virtue”, then prefer to plan the next date to score points in a conversation face to face. With all these piquant questions, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to agree on your next date!

Face to face questions

If you have arranged a date with a girl, then you can ask her some piquant questions face to face. But ideally, this should be done at ease, calmly and unobtrusively. You must be sure that the girl wants to continue the conversation. If ready, then go ahead! And may you spend the next night together. So let’s go!

boy and girl

Do you like massage?

If you already asked her this question through SMS, then you should not repeat it. But if you did not ask about it, then this question will allow you to direct the conversation on the topic that you want to touch on – sex!

Where is your most intimate tattoo (piercing)?

This question is mainly for tattooed or punctured girls, if your companion does not have a tattoo or piercing, go to the next question! But if she has a tattoo or piercing, this question allows you to talk about intimate areas of the body. You can tell her “I’m sure you have a piercing in a very intimate area of your body!”

What is the worst story that happened to you?

This question aims to start a conversation on a piquant topic. If she answers you something non-sexual, repeat the question and let her know that you want a hot story!

What is your worst sexual adventure?

It’s not so difficult for girls to talk about their worst sexual adventures. So this is an opportunity to talk with her in order to put sexual thoughts into her head.

What is your most pipe dream?

This question is very important, because if she answers you honestly, it means that you really arouse her interest. On the other hand, if she does not dare to answer you, you have not managed to excite her enough to open her to you. You will have to start all over again! But it doesn’t mean that the evening is over.

passionate woman
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