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What To Give To A Loved One On Valentine’s Day and How To Spend This Holiday Together? Best Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is a special and favorite holiday for all lovers. After it only pleasant and joyful memories and emotions should remain. And you also need to surprise your loved one, because you deliver him or her unforgettable moments of happiness. How to spend this holiday and the best gift ideas – all the most important in this article.

Cinema for two

Among the most popular ideas for spending Valentine’s Day is watching a movie together. It can be a romantic comedy, or may be something hotter, for example, “50 shades of gray” or “Nine ½ Weeks”. You may choose the movie that your boyfriend/girlfriend likes.

You can go to the cinema, but you can watch at home. If you prefer to stay home, then try to create a romantic atmosphere in advance. Yes, wine, flowers, candles, maybe pizza or a diet salad – there will be no trifles on this day. You have to work hard, but your evening will be unforgettable! And I hope the next night will also bring a lot of pleasure.

Intimate evening and role-playing games

intimate party

You probably wonder what you need to make the night unforgettable? Candles, wine, favorite music, a couple of playful SMS during the day – all this will already excite a partner and set him or her in an intimate mood. But how can all this be strengthened? There are many intimate stores on the Internet. There you can find toys accessories, costumes that will allow you not just to spend the evening, but will help you make the evening unforgettable.

No need to be ashamed of the desire to experience new impressions. This is like a different way to avoid a routine in a couple and spend more than a pleasant evening, giving pleasure to each other. But remember that everything you come up with should be fun not only for you, but your loved one too.

A little tip: leave your children with grandparents to spend the evening together, as in the good old days. Let this day be the whole world for you!

Spend an evening away from the marriage bed

Naturally, you will spend this night with her/him, but not at home. But in the same bed. And if you already have children, then Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion to spend the evening (and the following night) outside the house and enjoy each other’s love.

This is a great excuse not to cook dinner and run away with someone who shares your life to an unknown horizon. You have two options to make this dream’s evening.

You can rent a room in a good hotel and be sure that you have enough champagne and strawberries for the whole night! Or, you can spend the evening (and night!) in less comfortable conditions, but no less romantic: go by car out of town and spend the night in a tent. A night under the stars in the company of a loved one, what could be better! And you will definitely have something to remember.

Spa – salon – non-standard, original and very nice!


Valentine’s day falls on a Friday this year. There is nothing better than to spend a festive evening after a working week and the whole next day in the Jacuzzi, after which you will get a relaxing massage. And after these procedures will come a romantic night, just for the two of you. And only your own imagination will limit you.

Original and crazy gift ideas

What present to give her on Valentine’s Day?

So, we talked about where you can spend Valentine’s Day. But do not forget that you still need to think about a gift for your girlfriend. Below you will find some perfect and crazy options for an original gift for her. You can’t do without it, because it is a sign of attention to the one you love.


1. Tender words

If you do not often speak sweet words of your beloved, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect option to reveal your feelings. Maybe you can write a poem and read it? Or at least write a few tender words in a postcard or text message? Believe me, she will appreciate. And a bouquet of red roses or a bouquet of balloons in the shape of a heart will add romance.

2. Fridge magnets

Another great idea for those who limited with finances. You can put a declaration of love “I love you” on the refrigerator from small magnets (or from stickers). This is a trifle, but it will be pleasant to the beloved, because you showed attention.

3. Make a surprise at her place

If you do not live together – this is your ideal option. But if together, it is also suitable as a surprise. So, you have to get the key to her apartment (ask for a duplicate from her parents, ask for help from her best friend, steal it… – just kidding). Place candles, put a disc with her favorite music, you can order delicious food, put flowers in a vase on a table in the living room, prepare massage oil. Believe me, there will be no limit to her surprise!

4. Valentine’s Day in Masterchef style

Have you watched cooking shows? Did you find out some crazy recipes? It’s time to put the acquired skills into practice and surprise her! But, before starting to prepare culinary masterpieces, ask her if she is allergic to any products? May be she does not tolerate peanuts or fish… I would not want a romantic evening to end in the hospital.


So, you decided what to cook? If so, then feel free to invite the girl to your home under the pretext of watching football and eating pizza. Naturally, she will not wait for this, but if she loves, she will agree to spend the evening with you anyway. Imagine her surprise when, instead of football and pizza, she hears her favorite music, sits at a table where your culinary masterpieces, flowers and candles will stand. After such a surprise, she will be ready for anything!

5. Certificate for training or visiting a beauty salon

If you know that your girlfriend has long wanted to learn Italian, learn to take pictures or take massage courses, then giving such a certificate for Valentine’s Day is a great idea. You can send a girl to a beauty salon or gym. But be careful with this idea, because she might think that you consider her ugly or, worse, fat! So find out about her strong desire to go to the gym and find out if she will be happy with such a gift?

What present to give him on Valentine’s Day?

Choosing a gift for a man is not as easy as it seems. You must choose a present that suits his taste. And, of course, the gift should be unexpected and enjoyable.

Beautiful watch

Men's Watch

You will probably say that this is not the most original gift. But there are several reasons why this particular gift: an elegant, timeless and beautiful item. This gift must be chosen carefully: you can choose a classic strict model, or a sports option.

Gold chain

Among gifts for men jewelry is quite rare, however, it is very fashionable if you pick up a stylish accessory. The men’s gold chain will probably suit everyone. It will give the owner the status of a serious and promising man.

Concert or football tickets

We are talking about a gift for him, so you need to buy tickets for the concert of his favorite group or football team. But you will enjoy music or a game together. Give him a surprise by warning in advance that you have special plans for this evening. And warn him in advance about the uniform. Such a joint pastime will leave a lot of pleasant memories that you will cherish for many years.


Men are big children. Believe me, your boyfriend will be infinitely happy with such a gift. So if you want to make him happy – you don’t have to choose anymore! But be prepared that you will “lose” him for at least a few days, because he will play and play.

In general, you can make a gift based on his preferences. If he is a numismatist, look for a rare coin in special forums, if he collects toy cars – give one more, and if he is a musician, he will never give up the guitar. There are many ideas, just show your imagination!

What to do on Valentine’s Day if you are single?

It’s no secret that this holiday is a hot time for shops, hotels and restaurants. It is also called a “trade” holiday. Everything will be hung with red hearts and balls, and the cafe will offer to book a table for two. And how many people are puzzling in search of the perfect gift for a loved one. But if you are alone, then all this fuss does not concern you. And this is not a reason for sadness. Here are some ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day if you are single.

smile and valentine

What are the positive moments of loneliness?

Since you are single, you may have taken your life in your own hands, traveled, enjoyed, learned languages and experienced new impressions. While some of your friends are in a relationship, tell yourself that you are enjoying life.

Avoid the traps

However, be careful not to fall into traps. This is especially true of your ex: you do not need to write to her / him just because you are alone this evening. This is a monumental stupidity that you will quickly regret. Especially if, moreover, she / he tells you that she is getting ready for a date! So forget about this man (girl) and quickly!


For sellers, this day is one of the most profitable of the year! Already in mid-January, holiday products and announcements of great discounts appear in stores.

In order not to rebuke yourself, act like everyone who sees in St. Valentine’s Day only a commercial holiday. And tell yourself that you don’t have to spend money or come up with a romantic gift idea!

Treat yourself

You can safely buy yourself (exactly yourself) what you have long dreamed of. For example, the very shoes in which it was so comfortable, or this chic orange shirt! Or maybe a watch that you have been thinking about for a long time? This is the perfect time to give you such little pleasure. In short, indulge!

Usual evening

Yes, everyone has fuss and holiday. But this does not concern you. This is a normal day for you. Do you run on Fridays? Do it. Are you staying late in the office? Or are you doing nothing? Do nothing! Today is the same evening as everyone else. And it’s okay if you spend the evening in the gym or salsa class. Do not miss the opportunity to relax, have fun and maybe meet other singles like you!

Dating app

If you are single, you can be one of these thousands of dating application users. Give your imagination freedom and get acquainted! In the worst case, you have nothing to lose. So, here you have sent the first message, and now you are already texting. If you’re lucky, complete Valentine’s Day on a positive. In addition, you will never forget the date of your acquaintance!

Throw a party for singles


Love passes, friendship remains. So, on this Valentine’s Day alone, what could be more original than organizing Valentine’s Day with your single friends or couples not celebrating Valentine’s Day? Cocktails, good music and a good time in good company. What more do you need for a great evening! And yes, the main rule is not a word about Valentine’s Day!

Come to a friends party

If you were invited to one of those parties that your friends are having as a couple, do not be silly and agree. No one said that only couples have the right to participate. If you do not have a couple, then you can be a seducer this evening. Naturally, you will not be alone, because there will be a lot of singls. So go ahead!

For most of us, Valentine’s Day is a romantic and kind holiday, dedicated to the most beautiful feeling – love. For men, this is an occasion to pay attention to their girlfriend, and for girls – to pamper their boyfriend with something tasty. But most importantly, lovers spend this day together. But, it seems to me, attention and gifts can (and should) be provided not only on this day, but throughout the year. But on February 14 everyone really wants to love and be loved. Happy holiday!

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