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Best Ideas on How to Surprise Your Girlfriend and Make Her Happy!

Almost all the girls love pleasant surprises, gifts for no reason, care from men, a bouquet of flowers on Wednesday, a compliment after a hard day… Thanks to this, they feel that they are loved. And you can make your girlfriend happy and make her fall in love with you (if it isn’t already). It’s not so difficult, the main is desire and everything will turn out!

By the way, if you invite a girl on a first date, then these ideas will help you make this evening unforgettable! Moreover, if you already know each other, you are in love, and the girl needs to be impressed and made to want you – these tips are simply necessary!

How to surprise your girlfriend?

Before you begin, you need to know one important thing. Not all girls are romantic! Yes, not all girls like gifts, jewelry, flowers… There are few of them, and most likely, they did not watch cartoons about Disney princesses in childhood.

If this is your girlfriend, if she spent her childhood with boys playing police and thieves, then making a simple gift is not a good idea to surprise her! For this you need a fantasy, because you will not surprise her with the opportunity to buy a gift in the store.

There are girls who will sincerely welcome the plastic ring when you make her a marriage proposal, and there are those whom the trip to the sea will not please, if you try to cheer her up.

You should know your girlfriend well. If she does not like gifts (yes, she grew up among boys and does not used to gifts and does not appreciate your initiative), then give her more attention: go for a walk, watch movies, ride bicycles – just be near her. But if your girlfriend loves surprises, then you will be able to surprise her constantly, which means to make her happy!

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed
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One of the win-win surprises that everyone likes is breakfast in bed. How many times have you seen this in movies? Believe me, your girlfriend saw it too. Breakfast in bed will save the girl from having to cook breakfast for you and show your attention and care for her. But for this you will have to decide in advance what you will cook (be sure to find out what she loves and what not!), get up early and show all your culinary abilities! Do not cook breakfast, which will look like a sumptuous dinner: sometimes toast, fruit and coffee will be enough. But if a girl likes fruit, make her a fruit salad; maybe bacon and eggs in her taste? Or does she make pancakes every morning? In this surprise, the main are surprise and your attention to the girl you love.

To make the morning 100% perfect, you can end the breakfast with a massage: scented candles, massage oil, you are near (very hot and sexy), who know what to do – can there be anything better?

Notes with gentle confessions and compliments


You can write on a piece of paper (for example, on stickers) about how you love her, how happy you are that she is in your life, and leave it on her desk, in her purse, in a jacket pocket, in a laptop case or anywhere she finds your message for sure.

Choosing what to write, be creative: your goal is to make her smile, at least for a moment, forget about the problems. This option of surprise will not require much effort from you, but will make your girlfriend happy.

Alarm clock and favorite music

Another option to surprise your girlfriend is to set her favorite song or music from her favorite movie on the alarm clock. Such an awakening will be unexpected and enjoyable. But for this you must know the password from her phone, but if you have no secrets from each other, then there should be no problems.

Alternatively, you can send her a message wishing a good morning and a wonderful day. If this surprise makes her smile and think about you, then the goal will be achieved!

Write a letter by hand

Write a letter by hand

Handwritten writing in the digital age is a great way to surprise your girlfriend. Confess your feelings, invite her on a date and put a letter in her inbox (not an electronic box, but an a real one!). The girl will definitely appreciate such a surprise: you did not buy it, but did it yourself!

But do not turn the letter into a love story: you should not write about how much you love her, about how good she is. In this case, she may lose interest in you.

Idea: you can send an anonymous letter, but tell her about your adventures, about the movie that you recently watched, and in the end, invite her to a date at her favorite restaurant. In her eyes you will be more interesting and attractive!

Offer her the “Right to…”

The game “Right to…” will definitely appeal to your girlfriend! On the small pieces of paper write “The right to massage”, “The right to hug”, “The right to a cafe”, “The right to sex”, “The right to a romantic dinner” (turn on the imagination!) And hide them in the apartment. The girl will find these notes and use when she wants, and you will not have the right to refuse.

Organize a treasure hunt

Girl on the beach

First of all, you need to think about what will be a treasure. It must be something your girlfriend likes. For example, a romantic weekend, a trip to the sea, dinner in a restaurant, a concert of her favorite rock band.

Then you can arrange a small quest: she will have to search for clues to find the treasure.

For instance:

1st step: a hint in your favorite song.
2nd step: check the phone.
3rd step: a memo on the phone indicating the date and place of the meeting.
4th step: surprise.

You can decide how many clues there will be in this quest. The more valuable the treasure, the more clues you can come up with. And vice versa.

Ideas for surprises can be limited only by your imagination and financial resources. But a gift or surprise does not have to be expensive. The most important thing is your attention to the girl you want to make happy!

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