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15 Original & Creative Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Girl

Saying “I Love You” for the thousandth time is almost important as the first time. But in order not to lose meaning and not be banal, you need to know how to do it correctly and in an original way. And do not think that if you have been a couple for several months or years, then the girl or wife does not want to hear a declaration of love from you.

Your girlfriend or wife should not doubt for a second that the phrase “I Love You” means to you.

If you have no ideas how to do it in an original and not corny way, then this is not important. The most important thing is the intention. Even the awkward “I love you” will be infinitely valuable to someone who loves you.

BUT, if you want to conquer your girlfriend, make her infinitely happy then you have to think about how to do it.

There are 15 original ways to say “I Love You”

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How can I say “I Love You” without words?

The easiest way to tell someone about your feelings is to say in words. But you can use less obvious, but more beautiful ways to say this phrase. Moreover, without using words.

As soon as you understand that the right moment has come for a romantic confession, after reading this article carefully, you will definitely find a suitable way for you to declare your love.

Hide from her a small love confession

Advice: do not be too vanilla, too sweet, the letter should not be too long.

If you can, the good idea is to cut the figure out of an ordinary piece of paper (a heart, a bear) and hide it. For example, under a pillow, in a pocket of a dressing gown, in a purse.

Favorite treat

Showing your love to your wife or girlfriend is a way to show her what you always think about her. A great idea for this is to always have your favorite treat for someone you love.

After a hard day or at a time when there is no mood, you can suddenly please her with her favorite chocolate bar. She must be delighted!


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Tenderness in a couple – in the vast majority of cases, one of the foundations of a strong relationship. Put a hand on her back, pat her on the shoulder, and hug her by the neck…

All these small physical contacts are emotional confessions. They mean: “I care about you“, “I like to talk with you.” This is a good way to make a declaration of love without using words.

To go further, you can also offer her a massage from time to time. For example, after a long working day or after playing sports. If you want to surprise your wife and make her happy by confessing your feelings, you can hide a small surprise at home or in her bag.

Create your love

If you want to be original and not be like others, you can create your love! To do this, you need to think about what you want to say, and then how to do it.

These may be short sentences made up of words cut from magazines. But it can be a drawing, painting, a collage of photos – you can do it, your imagination will tell you everything.

Most importantly, your wife or girlfriend will immediately see that you intend to tell her how important your relationship and love is for you.

Wine named after her

Pour wine
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Your wife or girlfriend loves Grand Cru and is happy to discover the wealth of French terroirs. Thus, you can please her by offering her favorite wine or a grand dish with a label in her name! Original, high quality and thoughtful!

Make a souvenir photo album

Another way to tell her “I Love You” is to make her a photo album with your memories. Or with a common theme representing your story. This can be, for example, an album with graffiti containing only those works in which there are your initials. You can individually sign each photo.

Bracelet with your confession

The original declaration of love can be written on the bracelet. It will be a wonderful gift for your wife or girlfriend. He will always remind her of your feelings. You can make it with your own hands, or you can engrave something on jewelry.

Personal cup with confession

Another original way of saying “I Love You” without words is to express feelings on something, on some object that belongs to her. As an option – a cup for coffee or tea. You can decorate a mug. This gift will remind the girl of you and your warm feelings.

Dinner from her favorite dishes

Tasty food

Women appreciate that men take care of them from time to time and that they have free time. Therefore, to express your love to your wife or girlfriend, you can take care of preparing dinner!

Believe me, you will make a lasting impression on her if you decorate the room, dim the lights, create coziness and romance, turn on the music suitable for this occasion. The aromas of her favorite dishes and the surroundings will say better than any words how much you love her!

Declaration of love in voicemail

This is not a hoax, you have to say “I Love You”, but not to the girl or your wife, but to her inbox. In fact, this is a great way to confess her feelings, because she will be able to listen to it again and again. It will be great if you prepare and write down not a trivial message, but sincerely say everything that you feel. The message should be clear, original and not very long.

How to say “I Love You” through messages?

When a relationship is just emerging, it’s easier to express your feelings through messages than face to face. There are 6 great ways to tell a girl “I Love You” via SMS.

Love message
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I used to hate everyone! Now I hate everyone except you

Common judgments and criticism unite us. And this answer, said in the right context, will give a sign of your rapprochement.

I have to admit something… I think I like it when you’re in my arms!

If you have not expressed your love for this girl in a message or orally, then this type of text message (or oral utterance) is a good start. You are hinting that you are starting to become attached to a girl, you are starting to see a potential girl in her.

This statement is really very interesting when you start falling in love to see the reaction of the girl. You must know for sure that sympathy is mutual!

You are a plus in my life that makes me better. As a model for the artist, it is in you that I find my inspiration

This option is suitable for you if your wife or girl loves beautiful poems and recognition. In this case, do not be afraid to write a long tirade to express your feelings for her.

Life is not easy every day, but much easier when I’m with you

This statement is ideal for making your wife or girlfriend aware of the importance that she has in your life. Such messages are not often written, which is why they are very valuable.

I love your kisses and your tenderness

You can confess your feelings to a woman by saying what you value in her.

I want to be with you always…

This expression will say better than words about your love. It will be great if she receives a message when she least expects.

3 more ways to say “I Love You”

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Just say it

Too often, when it comes to feelings and love, we tend to get carried away with emotions and live hard in the present moment. Even a little too much…

This means that many men are too serious when they acknowledge their feelings. They think their life depends on the girl’s response.

This is exactly what you should not do. On the contrary. You have to say “I Love You” to your wife or girl very easily and naturally. Immerse yourself in this adventure.

Be yourself

You read several ways to declare love. Choose some of them that is right for you. If you have the soul of a poet, then those methods that require imagination will be closer to you. And if you have a good sense of humor, then choose confession with practical jokes.

You must understand that the more you tell her “I Love You”, the more she will recognize your sincerity and, therefore, become attached to you.

Get to know your girlfriend

The best way to make a declaration of love is to do as she expects. And for this you must know your girlfriend (wife) well.

Is she a bigger reader? Music fan or motorcycle fan? You must have a special way to tell her “I Love You” and let her feel special.

Declaration of love
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