Best Ways: How to Confess to a Guy?

Don’t you think a good-looking neighbor is the best guy in the world? In your own fantasies, you are already together, walking in the Park, visiting cinemas and just sitting next to, holding hands. However, in fact, he is not in a hurry to talk about love or sympathy and does not call for a date. And one day You decide to confess your warm feelings, but you have no idea how to tell a guy that I like him. Honestly say in person or write a message on the social network? Consider all options.

Are feelings mutual?

Pressure and activity is, of course, wonderful, but before “frank” recognition, you need to make sure that you, at least, are not disgusted with the young man. It’s good if you study together (at school, college or university) or “spin” in one company, it will be easier to find out his feelings. What to do specifically?

Ask your friends (those you trust) to find out if you like him or not. Probably, in a conversation with someone, he already made such hints. Accurate confidence that you are not indifferent to him will make you more bold. Observe the behavior of a young man. Usually, guys voluntarily or involuntarily show that they like one or another girl. Perhaps he sits next to you at a break, goes to the same events, or often spends time with your company. Note if he is looking at you when he thinks you are not noticing. If so, then this is a good sign. Next time try to catch his gaze and not look away. If a guy withstands eye contact, you are definitely nice to him. If he turns away, he is probably just too modest. However, do not overdo it in your “investigation.” You do not need to constantly look at him to catch a glance or ask friends about him. Such behavior may seem strange to him, he will either laugh at you or begin to avoid meetings.

How to encourage him to take the first step?

So, it seems to you that he is in love with you or, at least, you like him. If you are embarrassed to start a conversation about sympathy first, try to get close and make the initiative come from him.

By the way, according to statistics, only 7% of girls do not hesitate to be the first to admit their feelings.

Do not tell the guy that he is attractive to you if you practically do not communicate. Such confessions seem too unexpected, which can scare away a person. In the future, it will be extremely difficult for you to restore normal relations.

What to do?

How to make it clear to a guy that he is not indifferent to you, and to encourage him to make a confession first? Psychologists suggest the following steps. Give him compliments, of course, this should not be rude flattery, but a little embellished truth. Everyone likes to hear warm words addressed to them, and your chosen one is no exception. You flatter him, which will serve as a great start to a relaxed conversation. For example: “I saw how cool you are playing basketball. Especially good you got a three-point shot. Have you been in sports for a long time?” “I found out that you won the Programming Olympiad. Have you been fond of computers and programs for a long time?” “Cool hairstyle! Where did you cut your hair? ”Discuss the general hobby (if any) or his hobby. Ask why he chose cycling, skateboarding or programming. Do not be afraid to seem ignorant, just honestly warn that you like his occupation, but so far you know too little about him. Perhaps the guy himself will offer to teach you something or invite you to ride a bike together.

Flirt a little with him so that he becomes bolder. Most likely, your chosen one already knows about the main signs of female sexual games, so you can demonstrate your interest. Just do everything unobtrusively and not too unceremoniously, for example: try to wind a curl on a finger or pencil during a conversation; Do not cross your arms or legs when talking with him; smile when you meet your gaze; inadvertently touch it (push it as a joke), lean on it when you get up. Invite him to an event. Do not say directly that this is a date, just explain that you wanted to go to a new movie with a girlfriend (you first need to notify her), but she “got sick.” Being nearby in the dark hall of the cinema will make him more likely to confess to you in sympathy.

How to tell a guy that I like him?

Suppose the guy was not the most ingenious, but you still were not upset and decided to admit your feelings yourself. And there is nothing to worry about in such an initiative, since while you are waiting for confessions, a more determined girl may meet a young man. Let’s figure out how to tell a guy that you like him.

  1. Choose the right moment to confess. Both you and the young man must be in good spirits, otherwise he will refuse to listen to you, and you will be angry and speak out of turn.
  2. Also make sure that none of you are in a hurry. Perhaps there will be a long and detailed conversation.
  3. Recognition is better to do alone, in private. Of course, being near the best girlfriend will give you confidence and courage, but the young man may decide that you are so funny. In the presence of his friends a guy could get lost and say no.
  4. Prepare a “ceremonial speech” in advance, for example, in front of a mirror. You can also practice pronouncing words with different intonations. Choose the one that seems most convincing.
  5. In addition, be prepared for an unpleasant outcome of the conversation – there is a likelihood (hopefully small) that it will not answer your feelings. Do not speak in the forehead, pre-select any neutral topic. For example, take an interest in how the programming Olympiad was held or what will he do on the weekend. A similar beginning is necessary in order to create a bridge to the main thing – your recognition.

Questions may be as follows:

– Do not know yet. And what?

– Do not know yet. And what?

– Kate invited for a birthday, said that you can come with a guy. I want to call you because I like you.

– How did the programming Olympiad end?

– So-so. He became only the fourth.

– No need to worry. Anyway, I really like you.

To make the young man take what is said seriously, speak clearly and clearly. If he is confused, say your confession again, demonstrating the seriousness of intent. So your auto-training in front of the mirror will not be in vain. If he is in no hurry to give out at least some reaction, gently push to the answer: “It was difficult for me to confess your sympathy, since I’m not sure whether you like it or not.” This will certainly prompt him to a decisive step – a positive or negative answer.

If a guy asks for time to sort out his feelings, don’t rush him. Agree to return to this conversation in a couple of days. If a young man says that he is indifferent to you or that he likes another girl, there is no need to cry, arrange scenes or beg to give consent. You are a very brave girl, so leave proudly, saying that you hope to stay friends with him.

How to write a guy that you like him?

If you are shy and can not decide on personal recognition, you can take advantage of social networks or popular instant messengers. The tactics of your behavior will depend on whether you are familiar with the young man or simply noticed and decided to write. If you liked a stranger, just go to his page, find out if he is in a relationship (usually young people indicate such information), leave “likes” or comments on photos. Thus, you will cause interest in your person. Then proceed according to the situation: if he sends an application to friends, agree, if this did not happen, offer to be friends yourself. Then, begin to find the common ground that unites you. Probably, after several days of communication, he can invite you on a date. If you know a young man and have friends with him on Facebook, just write a personal message and act in the same way as in a personal meeting (according to the rules described above).

However, this method has significant disadvantages. The main disadvantage of such communication is the inability to see the emotions of a person and the eyes of the interlocutor. It is better to gain courage and talk about feelings in a personal meeting than to talk about sympathy via the Internet.

What mistakes should be avoided?

Admitting sympathy first is not easy, so you need to try not to get into an unpleasant situation. The following warnings will help you avoid potential errors:

  • do not impose your society, trying to always be with a young man;
  • do not play someone else’s role – if you are modest, do not imagine a kind of bitch in front of him, and, on the contrary, the active girl does not need to hide under the guise of quiet;
  • if you fell in love with your friend, first make sure that you like him as a girl, otherwise a careless admission can destroy friendship;
  • do not flood the young man with messages on social networks, as he will begin to consider you a stupid and narrow-minded girl (or easily accessible), wait for his answer, and only then continue communication on the network;
  • do not show your feelings in the presence of his friends, because there is a possibility of his discontent or rudeness – so he wants to show himself a man;
  • do not dismiss your friends who say something bad about your chosen one, as negative information may turn out to be true;
  • be mentally prepared for refusal, even if before it seemed to you that your feelings are mutual (there can be many reasons for this).

Keep silent about your feelings or take the first step?

Of course, it is up to you to decide, however, admitting a young man sympathy is not as difficult as it seems to many girls. It is much more unpleasant to be near a guy, worrying your heart with constant doubts, hopes and disappointments. Remember that your feelings are completely natural and sincere, and hiding them from a guy, you risk abandoning the happy days and months of your life. Perhaps then you will regret your indecision… But the main advice is as follows – listen to your own heart and act if it has made a decision!

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