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How To Understand That a Guy Likes You: 10 Unmistakable Signs

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Women’s intuition is highly developed and most often, without peering into the eyes and not listening to the words, you can already understand that a guy likes you. But men are also not as simple as they seem at first glance, and their subconscious attempts to hide their feelings often make the girl doubt her own right. That’s when psychology comes to the rescue. You need to remember a few true signs of a man’s interest, watch him and after a couple of days you will be able to say with confidence whether he treats you as a good friend or wants something more. You probably will want to keep 10 unmistakable signs that a guy likes you, so you can use them as a hint.

1. Fleeting glances

When you are in one company, during a conversation with another person, you can feel his gaze. He will look at you carefully until you notice it. But as soon as you pay your attention on him, he will immediately start talking to another person or start consider the first thing that comes to hand.

During your conversation with him, try to look him in the eye. If he is not indifferent to you, but is afraid to issue himself, then he will not be able to withstand your gaze. Of course, much depends on the character of a person – be ready that a strong, self-confident man will never behave like a timid boy.

2. Random touch


No man will not have enough only gentle looks. He needs tactile sensations. This does not mean that he will immediately rush to hug and kiss you, but every opportunity will be used, as if inadvertently, to touch you with your hand or foot, when you are sitting nearby. At each party, he will invite you to a dance to be able to feel your closeness, will sit next to you at a table or on a sofa while watching a movie with friends, etc. There can be a great many such situations.

3. Sweet speeches

Compliments do not always mean that he is in love with you. There is such a type of guys who are accustomed to cajole all women in a row with their sweet speeches. Recognizing such men is not difficult. Pay attention to their speech – if the words flow smoothly, without hesitation, book phrases or high turns of speech are used, in this case you see a classic don Juan and spending time on him is simply unreasonable.

A loving guy who does not give his attention to other representatives of the fair sex will speak a little uncertainly, sometimes awkwardly. Even if his speech is unconfident, you will still feel that this compliment was intended only for you.

4. Impeccable appearance

Impeccable view

A guy who wants to attract your attention, will carefully monitor his appearance. If he is thoroughly shaved, always smell with a pleasant perfume, he has an impeccable hairstyle and carefully ironed clothes – this already says about something. Carefully ask your friends if he has always been like this? If the answer is “no”, then he is definitely trying for your sake.

5. Hidden jealousy

Try in a conversation with friends or with him to personally mention the name of another man, to tell how wonderful and attentive he is, how he is kind to you, and watch the guy react at the same time. He can start become sad or annoyed, try to change the subject – it all depends on the character and temperament of the man. But the fact that he will be jealous is unequivocal.

He will also try attract your attention when you talk too much fun with another guy, dance with him or openly smile at him. Moreover, he may try to cause your jealousy, you should be prepared for this.

6. “Pay attention to me”

In addition to his impeccable appearance, he will try to attract your attention in other ways. In your presence, he will seem deliberately cheerful, telling funny stories, show off his culinary skills or praise himself in some other area, trying to make you understand that he is the best man in your life. It is possible that not all that has been said will be undoubtedly true – for the sake of achieving their goal, some men may exaggerate a little or even lie, just to look like a hero in your eyes. But he will definitely try to be a seductive and attractive man.

7. Frequent calls

Girl is waiting for a call

He will call you more often than the rest of your friends and there is only one explanation for this – he misses you. Endless phone calls, long evening conversations, frequent SMS and messages on social networks – all this suggests that he needs constant communication with you. These may be trivial questions about how the day went, or attempts to start a heart-to-heart conversation with you, indirectly hint to you about his hidden feelings.

8. Random encounters

Don’t be surprised if you often “accidentally” encounter him. Whether you go to the store or work, walk in the park with a dog or go to the post office to send a parcel – you can meet him everywhere. If such cases are repeated constantly, then this can only mean one thing – he is looking for a meeting with you.

9. Pleasant trifles

A guy who is really not indifferent to you will constantly try to please you, giving various pleasant trifles or arranging small surprises. It does not have to be a holiday. Gifts will not be expensive – a chocolate bar, a flower, a box of chocolates or a plush toy.

10. Behavior change


Another important sign is that it changes its behavior when it is left alone with you. He may become overly funny or, on the contrary, sad and thoughtful, but not the way he usually does in a company. Most importantly, what this can mean is that he wants to be himself with you, trusts you and is even ready to entrust his fate into your fragile hands.

Sometimes you want men to talk directly about their desires and feelings, be a little bolder and more frank. But, on the other hand, then the intrigue would be lost and life would be much more boring. But be sure, if you notice one or more of the listed signs in a man’s behavior, then he definitely likes you! Stop doubting and enjoy life.

Vanessa Felgar

Written by Vanessa Felgar

Hi! I'm Vanessa. I love romantic movies and rock music, and yet, to hide a warm blanket, read an interesting book and drink hot coffee on a winter evening. I love parties with friends and walks in the park. And I like to write, express my thoughts on paper and share experiences. I'm just a woman, like you. I guess in real life, we'd be good friends.

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