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How to Write a Love SMS? 64 Best Examples

How to write love SMS for a guy? This question interests many girls. Sometimes you want to surprise a man with something, flirt, and therefore you can think about one message for hours.

But men relate to everything more simply than women. You know that a man takes everything literally. Therefore, flirting with someone you like is very interesting and fun.

I will give you some simple options to attract his attention, so that he will crazy about you.

Do not forget that men are hunters, so they must stimulate their imagination. If you live separately, sexy SMS will be very welcome.

Please note that SMS for flirting can be both fun and very exciting. So, here are 64 small text messages about loving him, to drive him crazy…

A few tips about love SMS before sending

Before sharing these 64 SMS messages, I will give you some cool tips that you need to remember or copy to yourself.

  • Avoid messages that are too long.
  • Remember that you must stimulate his imagination. This means that it is better to write in hints.
  • You should attract his attention, not tire him. You need to know a sense of proportion in order to stop in time. Remember, you should intrigue him, not get bored.
  • Ambiguous messages are a great option to encourage him to engage in dialogue.
  • While he asks questions, your conversation will continue – it’s simple.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Who says men don’t like women taking the initiative? So believe yourself and write the message first.
  • If a guy answers shortly or not immediately, then maybe he is busy or does not want to communicate.
  • Do not force him to answer if he cannot. You need to know when to stop – the golden rule! But do not stop correspondence SMS with resentment.

Here are the very best 64 SMS messages about love for him

  1. I just think about (your eyes / your hands / your body / choose…)
  2. I’m going to take a shower! Hope you make me sweat when you get home!
  3. Tonight I will not wear panties…
  4. Relax tonight, because tomorrow you will be only mine!
  5. You have no idea how much I want you. Here. Now. Right now
  6. I want you… I will let you imagine how and where…
  7. You turn me on… I can’t handle it.
  8. Tell me 3 things you want to do with me?
  9. Tell me 3 things you want me to do with you?
  10. Tell me 3 things you dream to do?
  11. Today I was a bad girl… Do you want to come and spank me?
  12. That night, I warmly dreamed of you… And if we made this dream a reality?
  13. Come back soon, I will tear you this shirt that suits you so well!
  14. I want to be naughty, with you…
  15. Do you want to play doctor?
  16. I want to be your pussy.
  17. Well, I’m alone, naked, and there is nobody to warm me… Are you coming?
  18. I want you to hard fuck me… Oh, I’m sorry, you’re at work… Do you want me to continue or?…
  19. I hesitate between two sets of underwear… Do you want to express your opinion?
  20. The word “pleasure” has been meaningful since you are in my life.
  21. I want to feel your lips, your tongue and your hot breath between my hips… I’ve already excited! Join me fast!
  22. I can’t stop thinking about last night… It was so good! Do it again?
  23. In the evening, dinner with friends, should I wear panties?
  24. I am so hungry. I want to try and enjoy every inch of your body…
  25. I bought a mask, feathers and handcuffs. Do you have any idea what I want to do with this?
  26. A busy day at work today… Do you want to relax?
  27. Do not spend too much time choosing clothes, I will quickly take off it.
  28. Just thinking about you makes my body tremble…
  29. I feel hot in my pants… Oh, I don’t wear them today!
  30. Do you know where I like to sit? On your lap because…
  31. I imagine a plan of work in the kitchen, I sit on it, and you…
  32. I am writing to you with one hand… Guess what I am doing with the other…
  33. I had a lot of dirty thoughts today… guess what!
  34. I can’t wait to feel you everywhere on my body…
  35. I like to feel your lips on my lips, your skin on my lips, your cock on mine…
  36. I have to tell you, you’re really sexy!
  37. Tell me your craziest fantasy.
  38. Do you want to know what I’m fantasizing about right now?
  39. I have a surprise for you… To find it, we’ll meet tonight, between… Do you understand where I mean, or do you need some more help?
  40. Do you have any idea what I’m going to do with you when you will go home tonight?
  41. If I were near you, what would you like to do with me at this moment?
  42. Just a message to find out if you are real? Because last night with you it was like in a dream… Pinch me!
  43. The only thing I can change from you is your geographical position, so that you are near me…
  44. I’m going to take a bath, have you come to soap me?..
  45. I found a little cute toy… Tonight we will have fun! Hint: orgasm…
  46. I think I forgot the panties under the passenger seat of your car… Is this serious? Are you going to punish me?
  47. I want to make love in an unusual place. Do you have ideas?
  48. And if you came to make me scream with pleasure, again, again and again?
  49. I am so hungry, but without food… Do you understand me?
  50. Do you know that today is international orgasm day?
  51. Will you let me fool around tonight?
  52. My mind never stopped thinking about dirty things all day… It’s all because of you!
  53. There is nothing more exciting than hearing how you pronounce my name when you…
  54. Are required: an attractive man to saturate a woman, thirsting for love and kisses… The size of the advantage in response.
  55. I was thinking about the noise that we make when we are together. It’s like a song in my head that drives me crazy…
  56. I suck a lollipop and can’t stop thinking about you… But I can’t put my fingers on it… Maybe you should come help me understand why…
  57. Just thinking about how your tongue runs over my skin… Fine, now I need to cool… Do you want to help me?
  58. It’s cold here, and I put myself under a bunch of blankets… Not wearing clothes might not be the best idea…
  59. Are we watching a porn movie together tonight? We can comment or even experiment…
  60. Every day I wake up with a smile on my face. You are the reason for this smile.
  61. You’re like a drug, and I’m completely addicted.
  62. I recently told you how sexy you are…
  63. You are my hero, and I am in trouble… Are you going to save me?
  64. Do I miss you? Yes or yes?

In conclusion, these 64 little SMS of love

Which one is your favorite? Or maybe you have other suggestions? Feel free to engage in phantasy.

My SMS list will help you, but you have the right to change them and configure them as you wish.

Have fun, my dear 🙂

Vanessa Felgar

Written by Vanessa Felgar

Hi! I'm Vanessa. I love romantic movies and rock music, and yet, to hide a warm blanket, read an interesting book and drink hot coffee on a winter evening. I love parties with friends and walks in the park. And I like to write, express my thoughts on paper and share experiences. I'm just a woman, like you. I guess in real life, we'd be good friends.

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