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What To Do – Very Miss My Boyfriend? 5 Real Tips to Help Survive the Breakup

Many girls who recently broke up with a guy cry and think what to do – really miss my boyfriend? This is completely normal, do not be shy about your feelings. And by the way, alone with yourself, you can think about him, about relationships and about mistakes made. But this does not mean that it is you who are guilty of parting.

But do not lie, because one of the reasons for sadness can be that you do not have enough love from someone. So you ask: what to do – really miss my boyfriend? And I will give you 5 real tips that will help you survive the breakup. But first, let’s see if everything is really so bad.

Why do you miss him?

1. You only think about him when you are alone

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You don’t think about him all the time. You have other things, problems and concerns. Thoughts about him visit only when you are alone, late in the evening. If so, are you sure he misses you? Maybe, but probably less than you imagine. But, if you think about him every hour, every minute, every second, then this is another matter. Anyway, keep reading!

2. Do you miss going to the movies together?

Perhaps you miss your joint movie trips when you had the opportunity to wear a beautiful outfit. But the fact is that maybe you miss dating but not necessarily with him.

3. He is dating another girl

At first you thought about him from time to time, but now, when he meets another girl (and between them it becomes serious), you miss him even more.

In truth, you just envy that he is dating someone and you are not, and that’s completely normal. On the other hand, this does not justify the fact that you want to return your relationship.

4. Do you remember your relationship well?


Do you really remember your relationship? I mean from start to finish? Well. So you surely remember that he often had behaviors that didn’t make you happy? Remember everything that could hurt you.

5. You missed receiving SMS when you wake up

You have a new message” is no longer displayed on your screen when you wake up. Being alone means waking up with no text messages other than messages from your mother or best friend. What you want is to receive and send messages to the guy. But this guy doesn’t have to be your ex!

6. Hugs you miss

I say hugs, not him. Think about it! Do you miss his hands and body while sleeping? Or do you just want a guy in your bed? Think about it, these are different things.

7. Are you tired of watching only Netflix

Well, I can understand that Netflix has an important place in a relationship. When you used to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” with your boyfriend, and now you are alone, watch new episodes without him… This is normal melancholy.

8. You do not have enough regular sex


Was sex special with your ex? So it’s normal that you miss him. However, I will tell you a secret: know that there is always someone better with whom you can make love and get on your feet. Always. I am not telling you to jump into bed with the first person you meet. On the other hand, I tell you not to think about a dream with your ex just because he knew how to make you cum. Another man will do the same, or maybe better, don’t worry!

9. Do you miss him when you see other couples

If you spend time with other couples (seemingly) happy, it makes you unhappy, and you regret your ex… But you just get bored when you see other couples, that’s all. This is a normal human feeling, but it does not at all justify the desire to restore relations.

10. You are afraid not to meet someone

You get older and it makes you worry. Your friends get married and have children, so you feel that you are late. You have not met anyone else with whom you could go out… Do not panic, my dear, this is just a stage of celibacy that will not last long. Stay positive and don’t tell yourself that the best solution would be to try again with your ex. That would be a mistake.

11. You know you feel better


Better to be alone than with someone you don’t love. Your friends tell you: you are better off without him. You agree? In fact, you know that you really don’t miss him and that you and your ex boyfriend are incompatible. You can try again with him, and perhaps it will be good for a while. But that is not what you are looking for. You want a guy in the long run, and you know, at heart, that this new guy is not your ex.

And now about the main thing:

5 steps that you need to follow in order to survive the breakup

1. Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself, because your feelings are human and natural. You are created to be loved and to love someone, but this is simply not your ex. You think he misses you, but that’s not so. You go through the stages of mourning your relationship, so take care of yourself and do not be hard on yourself.

2. Write down the reasons you miss…

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And above all, be honest! I have already helped you with the first 11 points above, and I am sure that they will be on your list, so you save time just not to stop there.

3. Replace your “us” habits with new ones

Create new habits that will make you feel good or just plain fun. This may be a little tricky at first, but you will get it if you want. Starting from scratch is not easy at the beginning, but I say “at the beginning”. You will see new habits appear that will return you to the path of happiness.

4. Ask yourself what you need for happiness

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The problem is that you probably want to be happy thanks to your ex. Now you should strive to be happy on your own. If you expect happiness from someone else, you will always be disappointed and unhappy. You are the only person who can make you completely happy, believe me!

5. Consolation and hope in case you think you miss

The next time you feel sad and want to cry again, take a deep breath and press “Pause”. Find one or more ways to console yourself, including activities that you like or want to try. And, above all, keep hope! Your good man is somewhere near you, and you will eventually meet him and will live your beautiful and long love story when you find your happiness and your inner peace.

You see, with 11 points that justify your sense of lack of respect for your ex, I’m sure that you will quickly be able to turn the page and recover. Remember to apply 5 steps to follow and trust me, you will manage surprisingly well! So now I ask you a question: do you really think that he misses you? Trust yourself and come back here to share your experience with us! I am with you from the bottom of my heart.

Patricia Walker

Written by Patricia Walker

For many, many years I tried to get married, but before the wedding it never came... Now I live with two cats and give tips to young girls, what men want, how to behave with them. This experience I received for 10 years and now I pass it on to you, my dear readers.


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