How to Improve the Productivity of Remote Working From Home: 8 Top Tips

Remote work is in demand today more than ever. But it requires self-organization and strict regimen to make it more productive. Remote work is a trend. Thanks to this, you can spend more time with your family. And during quarantine because of the coronavirus COVID-19, this is a necessity. In order to have possibility to spend time with family members, do household chores and work, you need to properly organize your day. And there are some great tips for this.

The main goal of working at home is to perform the same tasks as in the workplace. Guidelines for action and a protocol of conduct should be developed by campaign management. And coordination the actions of employees working remotely, and set tasks for the day, too, should be controlled by boss.

On the other hand, you should organize the workplace at home so that you feel comfortable.

Remote Work Recommendations

Working from home is not as easy as it sounds. Most likely, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, your husband or wife will also have to work at home. That is why you need to discuss the nuances of working on quarantine.

1. Space dedicated to remote work

The first rule for productive work is a properly organized workplace. No need to work while you are lying in bed or in the same room with playing children. Try to organize a workplace where no one will disturb you.

A well-lit room, a table, an ergonomic chair, a quiet place that promotes concentration… All this will help you to be more productive.

2. Do not work in pyjama

We are at home, that’s right. At home we must feel comfortable. But you must not forget that you have to work. The main minus of the remote work is the lack of a rigid border between the house and the office. You can work right in your underpants, not go to the shower and not shave. But experienced freelancers believe that in this form you will not effective n work.

There are three main taboos:

  1. Never work where you sleep.
  2. Never work where you eat.
  3. Never work in pajamas or home clothes (and even more so unwashed with uncleaned teeth).

Do not forget about dress code during video calls!

3. Yes, you must follow the schedule

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It is possible that your company will set a schedule for you. In this case, you should organize housework and clearly distinguish between working time and family time. However, if you don’t have a fixed schedule for working with the company or your customers, then you must do it yourself.

Establishing fixed procedures, setting daily goals and objectives, and achieving them will help you better manage your time. Otherwise, you will have to work 24 hours a day. But following a daily routine and plan will increase your productivity at remote work during self-isolation.

4. Plan for breaks to rest and eat

You have to take breaks. It is recommended to interrupt work from 10 to 10:30 to have a snack or do gymnastics. You should definitely have a lunch break. And you should have lunch in the kitchen, not at the computer. Finish a working day also on time. Do not skip dinner. And do not forget that you should return to your family after a working day on time.

5. Do simple physical exercises every half hour

In the office, employees go to the water cooler, to the street, to the dining room. And in general, the road to work for many is the minimum necessary 5 – 10 thousand steps. Sitting at home, you can’t go anywhere. Many freelancers even order food with delivery. But this is a direct path to obesity and related diseases.

Experienced freelancers recommend taking breaks every half hour. For example, doing a short warm-up, stretching, squats, or fit ball exercises; that exercises which are difficult to do in the office.

6. Indicate communication channels

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Another recommendation for remote work is to determine for yourself the communication channels through which colleagues and clients will be able to contact you. You can use e-mail or video calls (during video calls do not forget about the dress code).

It is up to you to decide whether you will use WhatsApp or another instant messaging application, because there you receive personal and business messages. This is something that must be determined necessarily.

7. Set the digital off time

When you finish your work day, switch off your mobile phone. You should not constantly check mail, messages in applications, on social networks. If you constantly think about work, you will become depressed very soon. You should to know how to manage your working time, and after a working day, put the phone on silent mode.

8. Communicate! Conversations give you energy

Another important recommendation for remote work is to avoid isolation. Do not do your daily work an impenetrable bunker. Do not limit your life to communicating only with your colleagues and family.

Go beyond the threshold of the house two to three times a day to go to the store, walk the dog, talk with neighbors, with the cashier of the supermarket. But do not overdo it, now, during the quarantine of COVID19, communication with people should be limited.

Remote work is the future; there is no doubt about it. But this should not turn you into outcasts who are gradually losing the dynamism and fresh impressions of daily social contacts.

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