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What Men Really Think: Women, Love and Sex (I Will Reveal All the Secrets)

Men and women think very differently about the same things. If we knew each other’s thoughts, then many conflicts could have been avoided. In this article I will tell you what men really think about women, love and sex (guys, forgive me).

Opposites attract. Maybe because of this we love each other. But, on the other hand, a different attitude to situations, things causes a lot of controversy and disagreement.

Fortunately, I am here to help you understand what men think. In fact, guys are not hard to understand if you really want to do it. And yes, dear girls and women, you will need to save this article as a favorite if you want to improve relations with your man.

What men think about… Sex!

When you think about men and sex, you think that they are completely obsessed. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s true: men love sex, but it’s not so simple.

Men want to talk about their fantasies with a woman they love, but in most cases they worry that she will not take it well. In addition, everything, absolutely all men love to watch porn movies. Men must be visualized to be agitated. Now, what you absolutely need to know is that a man can watch very complex scenes without wanting to do the same with you.


First of all, men believe that a woman should be passionate in bed, but does not expect the behavior of a porn actress from her. Men like to try new things in bed. And by the way, not only in bed…

They like to make new discoveries, experience new sensations. But men are not selfish: it is important for them that the girl enjoys pleasure.

Be careful, you should not do what you do not want or do not like. But, on the other hand, men appreciate when a woman has no prohibitions, and she knows how to appease a man whom she loves.

Men love and need to know when they do what pleases you. Moaning, screaming, expressing themselves, that’s what they like. It is important for them to know whether what they are doing really gives you pleasure.

“Hmmm, I love it when you do it!” Hmmm go ahead, yes, go on! – great phrases for an intimate atmosphere.

Women who know what they want usually manage to get what men love. Men may lack self-confidence when they want to please a woman. Sometimes they may have problems with erection. Know that this is rarely your fault, and if that happens, they just wait for you to take care of them and soothe them.

Men love when women caress his body. Examine your man’s body and stimulate areas that give him pleasure.

What men think… about Love!

In love, men and women express their feelings in different ways.

Of course, there are always exceptions, but in general, a man will express his love in a way that will not always meet your expectations.

Men attach great importance to respect. They cannot be demoted either alone or in the presence of others. But do not forget about self-respect. A man will never see himself in a serious relationship with a woman who does not respect herself.


To find out how a person expresses his love, you need to know his temperament. If the gentleman does not say “I love you” word for word or rarely says it, he will show you it in his own way. For guys, deeds matter more than words.

Monsieur is in no hurry, and believe me, if he feels that he is well with you, he will prove himself.

In love, disputes inevitably arise from time to time, and this is normal, it is necessary. On the contrary, unlike women, men quickly turn the page. They will not return to the conflicts of the past, but will prefer to go forward.

Men do not like insinuations. If you are trying to convey a message to a gentleman, tell him clearly and simply.

While women analyze the smallest deeds of men in search of a particular meaning, men are much more straightforward. Do not look for a second meaning in their words or actions.

Even if the man does not say this, he likes that you praise him. Do not overdo it, but nevertheless, compliments are not only for women, know this.

As I told you at the beginning of this article, a man love and need sex with the woman they love. Moreover, if a gentleman constantly wants to make love to you, this is a proof of love.

Now, if it happens that he does not want sex, this does not mean that he does not want you, but that he is probably worried about something or simply exhausted.

It’s clear that not everything is always connected with you, my dear.

What men think of… Women!

“All men want a beautiful, slim and young woman” – this is a lie!

Well, of course, they can look at young and pretty girls, but be careful not to confuse their ephemeral visual pleasure with the desire to build a lasting relationship with a woman.

hot women

What is more important for a man when it comes to a woman is that she is natural and self-confident.

You can spend a lot of time every day on makeup, but the man will simply be crazy about how you loose your hair in a comfortable Sunday outfit.

Men also love the humor that a woman can express. Declarations of love and serious discussion. Men love to relax and laugh out loud with the woman they love. In addition, your admiration inspires them. They should admire you (and admire them in return, of course). They want to admire your natural charm, as well as your personality as a whole. They want to admire what you do in your personal life or professional sphere.

There are two other important points for men regarding what they think of women. They want support and desire. There is a tendency to always represent a man as someone who will support a woman. And yet he also needs your support.

The same is for desire. A man should want a woman to discuss something with him, but she should also want this in return.

You see, men are much simpler in what they want, and, above all, in how they express it.

Do not try to find thousands of explanations for what he says or does. If a man loves you, he will show you this, especially with gestures. If words are important to you, do not try to force Mr. to use the same method.

Conversely, observe and understand how he shows you his love for you. It’s normal that men and women are different. We must take advantage of these differences, understanding each other.

What Men Think About Women
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