What Can I ASK a Girl in Messages About, and What Questions Should I Avoid?

Communication with the opposite sex on social networks can be called a special kind of art. But sometimes difficulties can arise when it is not clear what to ask a girl in messages. What questions will be pleasant and relevant to her, so they can be asked, and what questions should be avoided? After all, inappropriate questions can cause a girl to lose interest in correspondence with you.

Therefore, you can not afford ignorance of what you can talk with a girl. Of course, you can improvise, but later. And now you should have a starting point at the beginning of your correspondence. We propose to consider issues when meeting a girl on the Internet that will be relevant in communication. But first, we’ll give some tips.

What you need to remember in messages with a girl

When chatting with a girl on the Internet, for example, on Skype or Facebook, you need to have a relaxed dialogue in order to be an interesting conversationalist. When communicating, maintain the pace of the conversation, avoiding situations in which there is an awkward silence, after which you do not know what to say. Such silence in conversation is a real killer of your attractiveness.

Ask questions gradually, and do not overwhelm your interlocutor with them. This will help to avoid the feeling of interrogation. Ask a girl a question not for the sake of the question itself, but think about what interesting things you can ask your interlocutor. We recommend that you carefully consider these tips, because their goal is to help the girl feel comfortable with you.

What to ask a pen pal girl

When you don’t know what to talk about, focus on the girl. Whether these will be questions about her favorite childhood memories or her preferences for music, cinema, fashion, jewelry. She will like questions in which you ask about something that she likes. Remember that girls, however, like guys, like to talk about themselves and what interests them.

Questions and topics of pop culture

Pop culture. It is ubiquitous and has penetrated into all spheres of our life. Almost all of us are interested in pop culture or some technical innovations, be it a movie star, a movie, a computer game or technology. Therefore, questions on these topics may interest the girl and continue to correspond with you based on a common interest in what is happening now. Starting with some mega hit in the movie, perhaps not from the point of view of the plot, but from the point of view of special effects or the main idea of the film, you can smoothly start talking about other films, technologies.

Traveling is a good topic for messages with a girl


Questions about travel are some of the best that you can ask a girl on social networks. You can write what you liked the most or surprised in the country and culture where you recently rested. Then you can ask your interlocutor what she liked or surprised on vacation. Even if she was not abroad or in any interesting place, you can always ask where she would like to go and why.

Fun childhood memories

Each of us has many funny childhood memories. This can be perfectly used in correspondence with a girl, thereby helping her to feel good with you. For example, you can start like this: “When I see this thing (object, tool), it reminds me of a funny story from my childhood. I had such a case.. ”and tell something funny. Then you can ask what a funny story happened to her in childhood or who she wanted to be. Such questions can be very interesting, because when we are small, we have many strange ideas that we can now laugh at. Remember that even the smallest childhood memories can be a reason for laughter and interesting conversation. You will surely have many topics to discuss.

Interesting personal experiences

This is the next thing you can ask a pen pal. Many guys do not use the potential of stories about their own experience. And in vain! This topic of conversation is closely related to storytelling skills. When chatting with a girl, whether you are chatting on Facebook or chatting live, you always need to tell an interesting, fascinating story.

The main thing is not to make yourself a superstar. Girls hate boastful majors who boast and speak of themselves to impress with their importance. Good stories may be those that have changed your views, qualities or preferences from worst to best. After that, you can ask a question that will make her tell about herself. For example, “How have you changed since childhood?” “What made you change your mind?”

Questions in the style of “What if ..”

This is one of the best motives for talking. Each of us loves to dream. Why not use this as a question in messages. One may ask, what would a girl do if she received an unexpectedly multimillion-dollar inheritance or did she become the head of a well-known company? The questions here are limited only by your imagination, thanks to which you show your interlocutor that it is not only interesting, but also a creative person. Questions on this topic are well suited to the time when you already have some contact with each other. Then the girl will feel more comfortable and more willing to answer them. It is not necessary to already be old acquaintances, but this definitely should not be questions for the first correspondence.

Questions to the girl in messages

  1. Which famous person do you want to be like?
  2. Suppose you have the opportunity to become any historical character, who would you rather be?
  3. Knowing the imminent end of the world, what would she do now?
  4. Which of the gifts given to you by someone do you consider the best or worst?
  5. Have you ever been very proud of someone or not? Who if not a secret?
  6. How do you feel about the New Year traditions, adhere to them?
  7. Do you like holidays? Is it better to have more or less?
  8. Do you have favorite aphorisms, proverbs? (We recommend that you pay attention to the section of quotes and aphorisms, where you will find many interesting quotes and proverbs).
  9. What sports competitions / games do you watch with pleasure?
  10. What do you find most attractive in yourself?
  11. What kind of dances do you like to dance?
  12. What song do you often sing?
  13. How did she hook you so?
  14. What would you like to improve?
  15. What song or musical genre / style do you consider your favorite? Why?
  16. In which country would you like to work and live? Why?
  17. What TV show can you watch all the time?
  18. What day of the week do you consider your favorite? Why?
  19. What websites do you like to visit?
  20. In which social networks do you have registered accounts?
  21. What day off can be really interesting for you?
  22. What needs to be done for this?
  23. Faced with a serious problem, with whom do you most often consult: father, mother or friends?

What is interesting to ask a pen-girl

  1. Do you like to experiment with new things, ideas?
  2. Do you like to attend parties or nightclubs?
  3. What common misconception, repeated as a fact, do you hate most?
  4. What method of spending money do you find amusing, stupid or practical?
  5. Having $ 100,000 to create a viral video, what would you shoot?
  6. What masculine qualities do you prefer?
  7. What if she could see herself in 10-15 years, which woman would prefer to see herself?
  8. What decisions have you made that have radically changed your life?
  9. What hobby or business do you want to devote most of your time to?
  10. Do you like it when men wear jeans with a jacket or when they wear a classic suit?
  11. How do you think what makes up a person’s happy life?
  12. What season of the year inspires you?
  13. What causes you the most irritation or spoil your mood?
  14. Because of what can you really hate a person?
  15. What is the first thing you see when it strikes you?
  16. What have you always wanted to try?
  17. What five qualities would your family like to describe you?
  18. Do you prefer salty or sweet food more?
  19. What grandmother’s words do you remember most and come in handy?
  20. Suppose you were offered to play any role in the movie, who would you like to play?
  21. When choosing friends, what qualities do you pay attention to first of all?
  22. What do you consider most interesting in your profession (work)?
  23. In which locality, country or region could you move to live? Why?
  24. What helps you cope with autumn blues, depression or laziness?

What to ask a girl in correspondence about love

  1. What do you dislike most about meeting guys?
  2. Where and how would you like to spend your honeymoon?
  3. Do you believe that there is only one true love, so you can truly love only once or not?
  4. What places do you consider romantic for travel of a couple in love?
  5. Do you have an idea for a perfect evening with a man?
  6. What attracts you the most in men?
  7. Do you always need to be honest, sincere in a relationship?
  8. Which relationships are right and which aren’t?
  9. Your opinion, what are the responsibilities of a woman in a relationship?
  10. Do you believe in true love or is it just an invention of people?

What can I ask a girl on Facebook

  1. What wish or advice would you like to leave to your descendants?
  2. Among your relatives or family, who do you consider the wisest person?
  3. Which pet do you like more – cats or dogs?
  4. Who do you think is the kindest of your kindred?
  5. What type of reading do you prefer for relaxation?
  6. Your favorite writers, whose books do you read?
  7. Who would you like to be born: a boy or a girl?
  8. When in a good mood, what do you most often dream of?
  9. What if there was an opportunity to live forever, what would you like to do?
  10. Did something happen to you that later made you morally, emotionally and spiritually stronger?
  11. When it comes to friendship, what do you value most in the behavior of others?
  12. What grade would you rate y
  13. our relationship with my mother, father?
  14. Where does your pedigree come from?
  15. On what topics can you speak frankly with parents, friends, boyfriend?
  16. Do you cry when you watch touching, sad films?
  17. Who were your ancestors?
  18. Where do you like to be when you are sad and want to cheer up?
  19. Which of your kin are you really proud of?
  20. Would you like to have relatives among celebrities?

Original questions to the girl in correspondence

  1. Why is it said about the mowed grass that it smells, because everything that dies, stinks, and does not smell?
  2. What do the Greeks say when they don’t understand something?
  3. Why do people say they slept like a baby, while children wake up every few hours?
  4. Do dentists remove their teeth themselves or go to other dentists?
  5. If humans evolved from monkeys, then when will the next monkey come?
  6. Is it legal to park a burning car next to a fire hydrant?
  7. If the foot of the newborn baby appeared at 23:59p.m., and the head at 00:01a.m., then what day was he born?
  8. Do you yawn in a dream?
  9. Why is there light in the refrigerator, but no freezer?
  10. If a year of your life cost $ 100,000, how many years are you ready to sell?
  11. Which is better: to live a boring, monotonous life for 120 years, or to live 60 years of adventure and travel?
  12. What three dishes would you prefer to eat the remaining six months of your life?
  13. What period or year from your past life would you like to return to?
  14. What would I like to tell people with the ability to move to the past?
  15. Do sheep generate static energy when they rub against each other?

What questions can not be asked to a girl in messages

It is also important in correspondence to avoid questions that excite the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Which is not easy to put them in an awkward position, but also for you are fraught with the end of any further contact. We offer a list of such questions. Take them into your arsenal.

  1. Do you have a sister? She’s beautiful? (Are you more interested in a girl or her sister?)
  2. How many guys did you have? How far has your relationship gone? Virgin or not? (It is unlikely that the answer will be true, in addition, he puts the lady in an awkward position).
  3. Are you the same in life as in the photo? What is your weight, height, appearance? (Similar questions indicate to the female gender physical disabilities).
  4. How much do you earn, is there an apartment, what is material wealth? (These questions point to you as an Alphonse, who is not interested in the interlocutor, but in her wealth).
  5. Where do we go, where do we sit? (A confident guy himself knows where he wants to take his lady, but she is unlikely to want to deal with an uncertain one).
  6. Questions about intimate preferences, as well as personal intimate hygiene. (You are not her friend or mother, so she shared these details with you).
  7. Why do you need to engage in this hobby, a professional skill, or attend some courses, trainings? (If a girl does this, then she likes it. Therefore, such questions can be regarded as an attempt to dissuade, or sow doubt about the correctness of her choice).


Online messages offers many new features. Sometimes it can develop into a long relationship, and then into a wedding for example. But before this happens, you need to learn more about your interlocutor and interest her. Well-chosen questions and knowledge of what you can ask a girl in messages, for example, in FB, and what is better not to ask, will help. We hope from this article, you were able to understand what questions to ask the girl in messages and picked up some suitable questions. At the same time, remember that your goal is not to get caught up in gossip that will not lead to anything worthwhile, but rather it is better to get to know her and make an appointment.

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