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Top 31 Questions To Find Out Everything About A Guy You Like!

If you are ready to move to a new stage in your relationship with your boyfriend, then you probably want to know him better. I have collected the most interesting, including intimate, questions that you can ask a guy wich will bring you closer together.

If you want to know about his past, especially about intimate experience, then you need to know what questions to ask. Maybe it will be uncomfortable for you to ask them, but, believe me, if he is ready to talk, then the embarrassment will pass soon.

But for a healthy and successful family life, it is important to know, understand and accept your partner. When you receive answers to your questions, you will find out if you can tolerate some things or not. Some answers will reveal his values, some will make you laugh, while others may shock you.

Regardless of whether you have been together for six days or six years, this list of questions – is the perfect way to bring you closer and get to know your boyfriend from all sides.

What did you think of me when you saw the first time?


Everyone wants to know what others thought of them during these first crucial moments of the acquaintance. Did your man have a good first impression of you? Did he immediately like your smile or was he passionate about the conversation? Or maybe he was struck by lightning when he first saw you?

What date or a day spent together would you call ideal?


Make sure your man gives you more details. His dream destination should be able to paint a beautiful picture in your head and really give you an idea of what kind of person he is. You may discover a hidden romantic side that you never knew!

How many serious relationships did you have?


Let’s face it: this is one of the questions that every girl should ask her man at some point. And if you want to make your relationship more intimate, it’s time to ask this question.

Did you ever fall in love? When was the last time you cried about breaking up with a woman?


He must have specific answers to these questions. Regardless of his answer, you should not be destabilized. But be prepared to show patience and understanding if the last romantic relationship ended shortly before you met.

What should not I know, in your opinion?


In addition, this question will give you a good idea of how serious he is about relationships and what he really thinks about you.

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What do you like in my house?


This question causes a lot of compliments. So this is obviously a great question (anytime). Find out what makes him crazy in your home!

What part of my body excites you the most?


The time for hot questions has come. This question will bring you both closer together and also tell you what you should do next.

What is your biggest fantasy?


This question is not only invasive, but also completely funny. Why don’t you recognize your man’s fantasies? This intimate question can expand the scope of your intimate life.

Do you see our relationship in 5 years?


Is he here for long time? Who knows, but you will probably find out about this after asking him this question.

Do you want to ever get married?


This, of course, is something that you need to discover from the very beginning of the relationship, especially if you are both in opposite sides.

Do you want kids?


Some love small children, while others lose their smile when thinking about pregnancy. This is another important question that needs to be asked very early, especially if you are categorical on this issue.

I want to be your perfect wife. Is there anything I need to change to make you happier?


Remember that he should not say anything about your appearance or about who you really are. But if he asks you to cook him breakfast or a better relationship with his mother, that’s acceptable.

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Have you ever cheated on a girl?


It is clear that this question must be asked from the very beginning of the relationship. If he says “yes”, run, even if he had a “good” reason for it. (They all say that they had a good reason).

Do you have something to tell me?


This is a great way to open a conversation and let him feel comfortable enough to tell you something that he has in mind.

Is there something you have done in the past that you cannot forgive yourself?


If so, tell him that you would be happy to help him forget the event so that he can move forward with a clear and healthy mind.

At what point would you like to return to your past?


Perhaps he had an amazing teenage years (a memory of his childhood) that he would like to come back, or maybe he is happier where he is now. This is a great idea for the conversation that starts with a simple question for your man!

What is your definition of love?


An interesting question that will allow you to learn more about his worldview.

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Are you a religious person?


Regardless of whether you are religious or not, it is always good to know what your man’s position is on this issue.

Will you always be with me if you find out that I…?


(You can continue this phrase as you want. For example, to have a criminal record, not to have children, to have a contagious disease, what else?). Let’s hope that your man will always love you, even in the worst of circumstances!

Will you still love me, even if I had a serious accident that ruined my appearance?


Your man better say “yes”. And if not, it would simply mean that your body simply attracted him!

Have I ever involuntarily hurt you?


Sometimes we do things that harm our partner, and we don’t even realize it! Now is the time to clarify the situation.

Are you comfortable with me?


Your man should be so comfortable with you that he can be himself and tell you everything. And if not yet, then strive for an open and comfortable relationship for your common good.

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Do you still have feelings for someone in your past?


If he says something other than “no,” you may have a problem. Your man should reconsider his past relationships and focus only on you, otherwise he may be tempted to get back to his ex-girlfriend.

What is your definition of an ideal relationship?


This question is a good way to find out what is going on in his head. You may find things that make you happy or, in some cases, angry!

How often do you think couples should make love?


He joke and answer “every hour.” But you have to find out how much your man really needs love in order to remain satisfied?

What do you think of pornography?


People have different views on this issue. Some say that this is normal, while others think that this is unacceptable. Find out what your man thinks and see if your thoughts are the same!

How do you describe me to others?


Your man should describe you only in positive colors. But let’s find out what exactly he says to all his friends and family members! Again, get ready for an influx of compliments.

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How do you react when you are in a situation that causes anger?


The answer to this question is crucial and will help you learn more about his personality.

How did your last relationship end?


Another of those questions that all women want to know the answer to. This is not only to rejoice, but also to find out what should be avoided during your relationship.

What is your profession? Where would you like to work? Do you have any ambitions for the future?


These are really interesting questions that will undoubtedly have an impressive answer. This will let you know more about your man. Although these issues are too serious, you will find out if he is ready to take financial care on his hands and provide a quality future for you and himself.

How can we improve our sex life?


Let’s be honest: men are motivated by sex, so why not ask your man what he wants to improve. Do not forget that a bored man turns into a scammer, so make sure that he is constantly satisfied.

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Remember to tell him what you need! Do not forget about yourself! This series of questions can be very useful for your life together. You can choose which question will be the best to start the conversation with.

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Written by Natalie Brown

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