Hard Crisis in a Relationship. What To Do and How To Get Out?

Everyone knows the word “crisis” – it happens in relationships or, for example, in economics. And in that, and in another case, we are talking about a fateful situation in which the weak drown, and the strong receive new opportunities. I propose to talk about what to do if a crisis has struck in a relationship? Or maybe not one? How do they develop and how to solve them successfully?

A crisis does not arise just like that, it needs strong prerequisites. Many are of the opinion that crises in relations have a certain periodicity and arise at fixed stages: a year, three, or five from the moment of meet or are married. It seems to me that this is too simplified version, which has no evidence. But these milestones may overlap with real causes. And we’ll talk about them below.

Reallocation of roles

Often, a crisis is preceded by major changes in the very structure of relationships between partners. One of the most revealing reasons is the appearance of children. As a result, attention within the family is redistributed, and old ties are mutated. Because of this, relationships essentially become different.

Previously, a man received a certain amount of attention, now a woman takes care of a child, and very much. There is a feeling of loneliness, a man experiences the role of an outcast, anxiety, anxiety develop. A man initiates quarrels, finds solace in other women. At this point, the marriage most often falls apart.

What to do? If partners value relationships, then they must get out of the crisis together. No matter how much a wife loves her child, she must understand that everything should be a measure. You should start from the very beginning to get involved in upbringing, take sufficient care of the baby and understand that in this situation, dissatisfaction with the lack of heat from the girl is a sign of your immaturity. One must accept that relations in which too big changes have taken place so that they can remain the same, something must change.

An excellent idea is a joint pastime. Let not for long, but the main thing together.

Why are you together

Very often the main problem of the crisis in the relationship is not asked questions on time. And the main question with which any relationship should begin is: “Do I want to be with this person at all?” The problem is that so many simply do not think about it, or put off this issue for an indefinite future. And time passes, relationships go on, people get married and start a family. When the problems of incompatibility are already difficult to hide, a person acts according to one of two options: either tries to remake a partner, or accumulates discontent in himself, without making timely claims. As you know, both options are losing.

The problem is that the longer the relationship lasts – even between partners who are clearly not suited to each other – the more difficult it will be to break it. Therefore, a person can pull for many years all the heavier strap. The crisis becomes chronic and entails all new ones.

What to do? The answer is very simple: you need to take decisions carefully – especially if you want to build a serious relationship with another person – and immediately respond to any difficulties that arise in these relationships, do not put them off and not keep silent.

It’s most often impossible to change a person, and if you don’t see the prospect that he will become better – for example, he is still young or does not understand his mistakes – then it’s better not to try to do this because you will not change a person. Better to break up.

Big changes

in the bus

During the meeting you are in a certain position, but after a while it can change for one or both partners. This applies to career, earning, hobbies, occupation, social circle and other vital components – physical and psychological state, state of health, even faith or belief.

When you first met, you were young, perhaps even studied at the university. You had an unsettled life. Time has passed, each of you has built a different career, works in different companies, you have different friends and hobbies, you read different books. Over time, you may change so that your partner ceases to recognize you. A few years after you have created a relationship or marriage, you begin to look at each other differently, because your outlook on life and your situation has changed.

What to do? If you change greatly in some aspects of your life, you should understand that at some point your partner will actually begin to recognize you as another person. Therefore, it is important to specifically understand what exactly you want from this relationship. Do you need a new partner or an evolving relationship with an old partner? It’s good if there is real friendship between partners or strong love in the relationship, then such a relationship can last. In any case, the changes that are taking place should be carefully discussed, but this can only be possible for those partners who are used to hearing each other.

A crisis in a relationship is not a malfunction, so you cannot pretend to be a jack of all trades and eliminate them yourself.

Over time, each of the partners goes through natural changes, which means that the relationship between you cannot remain the same all the time. It is not necessary through influence and manipulation to try to force the partner to remain the same. It is important to maintain mutual understanding and the ability to speak frankly. Try to move together, remembering all the time, why did you do all this at all?

The onset of the crisis does not mean the end, it is what happens to absolutely everyone, and, therefore, this is normal. Successful coping with crisis situations is an indicator of the success of your couple. Couples in which partners have managed to build healthy relationships with each other, crises are overcome, giving both invaluable experience. If the crisis ruined your relationship, then something was wrong.

Natalie Brown

Written by Natalie Brown

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