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Why Does He Love Me, But Does Not Part With His Wife? – What To Do in This Situation?

You can’t command the heart, everyone can fall in love with a married man. And this happened to you… You have been dating for a long time. Everything is good between you and him. It seems to you that he wants to be only with you, but this does not happen. He says that he does not love his wife, that he cannot be himself next to her. But he continues to take care of her.

The man says that next to you he is happy. But, it seems, he is afraid to part with his wife, afraid to destroy stability, he is used to a safe routine.

He loves me, but does not want to part with his wife

At first glance, it seems that everything is perfect between you and him, except that he is married.

Do you think that he is afraid to leave her because he is afraid of losing all amenities? Yes you are right.

I think if he says that he loves you and knows that his marriage is doomed to failure, then the comfort of his unhappy marriage should not prevent him from choosing between you or his wife, whom he says is so unhappy with.

He must behave like a man, make a choice and stop playing on two boards. His wife deserves the best, no matter how she behaves with him.

When we want, we can. When we do not want, we find excuses.

He does not dare to change his usual life, because he has a cozy house with a faithful wife and a piquant life in parallel with you.

It would be interesting to listen to his wife, why their marriage is bad. She probably never sees him, because he must be busy with something else, for example, be with you.

However, stop romanticizing the situation, because you just have an affair with a married man.

It probably seems great to you, but if you think about it, is it worth believing in a man who is not trustworthy? After all, he is cheating on his wife.

If he left his wife for you, would you believe him? He cheated on her with you, so he can cheat on you with someone else.

You are dating a married man, but if you think that one day he will be yours, you are mistaken. I get a lot of emails from women with questions about how to marry a married man.

These women are disappointed because the guy did not leave his wife. And this is not surprising. There are three reasons why he will never leave his wife:

1. He has everything he needs

Why doesn’t he leave his wife? He can make love to you without any obligation, and then return home to his wife.

2. This is an ideal situation for a man

He has a woman who feeds, erases, cares. And he has a lover – you – who cares about him for other reasons.

He has his wife and you who take care of him, so he has everything he needs and he enjoys it.

3. Divorce is a nightmare

Think about the consequences of a divorce. There is a lot of trouble with lawyers, quarrels, the sadness of children, the financial burden and many other problems associated with divorce. Why cause it to yourself and your family if he is not obliged?

You are happy to see him when he finds time for you on his schedule, so why didn’t he leave his wife?

He would have already left her

If this guy loved you more than anything, despite the pain of divorce and the pain of leaving his family, he would have left his wife for you.

If he really wanted to be with you and if he really loved you, he would leave his family for you.

Think about it! If he did not leave his wife, it is because he does not want to.

How to make him leave his wife

Are you in love with a married man, unhappy in his relationship?

You know that you and he are made for each other, except that he is always with his wife.

Although it is unlikely that he will ever leave her, this is what will help you make the right decision.

Keep in mind that you cannot force this person to leave his wife. He must do it on his own.

A married man who cheats on his wife does this only for physical reasons. Understand that at the moment he does not want to part with his wife, and therefore he only has an affair.

If he really wanted to leave, he would have done it before sleeping with another woman. If you already slept with him, stop! Tell him that you cannot be with a dishonest person.

Do not try to convince him or manipulate him to leave. If you try to convince him or manipulate him so that he leaves and abandon his wife, then he will later accuse you of pressure and all failures.

He must do it himself!

Self-esteem – remember it!

Never lose your self-esteem. That is why at least for a while it is worth stopping intimate relationships (yes, I’m talking about sex). In this way, you show him that you are a woman who deserves respect and honesty.

Common interests are important!

If you have common interests that he and his wife do not have, then this is great! This will make you more attractive to him.

Identify the benefits he receives from being married

Even if he is unhappy, marriage or the fact that he did not break up with his girlfriend still gives him something positive. It can be his children, a certain financial comfort, emotional support, his image of an ideal husband / father, material comfort, etc.

Do not try to be a better wife than the one he already has. Remember that you cannot do anything at this level, so work in other areas to make your relationship more productive.

Find what his wife is not doing well

Men should feel courageous. It is very likely that his wife is exhausted over time and no longer attracts him. You need to be feminine so that he feels like a real man next to you.

Women who do too much, make all decisions, work too hard in relationships that care about everything in a couple, you need to be able to be grateful to a man who is willing to take on some of the responsibilities. If this is not the case, the husband will not feel comfortable and will look for another place where he can be a real man.

This does not mean that you should sleep with him. It is likely that he will still have sex with his wife (although he will tell you that this is not so), but he can do it without feeling anything for her.

You must give him everything that he needs to feel masculine and whole. And this is not sex. You must value him as a man, as a person, as a protector.

It takes time for him to trust you, for you to become his friend. After all, no matter what he says, his wife has been with him for many years. And he really trusts her.

He must know that he can share fears, doubts, emotions with you and be sure that you love him always and no matter what.

Plus, when you recognize him as a person, you may find something in his personality that you don’t like, and reconsider your decision as to whether you want it or not.

Meet other men

Do not cling to it too much. Men love competition. But be careful not to talk too much about your meeting with other men.

If he asks you questions, answer vaguely. You can hurt him if you seem to be trying to make him jealous.

Be independent of him

Do not be the one to initiate contacts, calls, SMS, emails, etc.

Let him come to you himself. He must do this in his free time and at will. If he is not in love with you, you cannot make him love you.

If you start to chase him and give him everything, he may at first selfishly accept what you offer him, but in the end he will feel exhausted and will leave (as he does with his wife).

Do not envy his wife

And don’t say anything bad about her. It is better to avoid this topic altogether. Do not become his therapist or marriage consultant. Do not try to solve his problems. Remember, solving problems is a man’s task.

Forget the confrontation with his wife

Talking about a man’s infidelity will only make him angry and ruin your potential future.

He knows better how to deal with his wife, and must find a way to part with her. If his wife finds out about this, they can end up with pair therapy and stay together, and you will lose everything.

And you, what do you think about all this? Have you ever had a relationship with a married man? How did the meetings evolve? He left his wife for you? Share your experience and feedback in the comments.

Jude Delaney

Written by Jude Delaney

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