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Best Ideas What to Do Together During Quarantine Covid-19

Recent events have turned our usual life upside down. Because of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), cafes, theaters, and swimming pools are closed for quarantine. What to do together during the coronavirus epidemic? Can I go on dates? Can I meet in person with someone? Where to go if everything is closed for quarantine? Is it necessary to be 6 feet apart? Can a real date replace chatting through FaceTime? These and other questions worry many people.

Coronavirus has recently become the most talked about topic in the media and social networks. The percentage of infected is growing every day. It is logical that in connection with this problem, people begin to think about how to protect themselves from a dangerous infection. In addition, even the government recommends that residents avoid crowded areas.

If you are alone, then during quarantine, through online dating you will be able to meet someone and maybe find the love of your life!

It is considered that during an epidemic, you should not go on a date in a cafe or a movie, in other words, shut down for quarantine. In public places, many people touch the same objects, as a result of which a virus can be transmitted from person to person. Do not forget that if you do not have a car, then getting to your favorite cafe will be a problem: today many people try not to use public transport. But there are many options on how to arrange an unusual rendezvous in the midst of a pandemic or how to spend an ordinary evening in self-isolation mode.

Previously, you knew exactly what you should do with a girl so that you would not be bored, how to seduce a girl or where to invite her on a first date. But today your safety and the safety of others comes to the fore. This means that it is worth understanding the measures that were not there before COVID-19.

Virtual date. Is it possible to?

Virtual Date
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If you can’t meet with your girlfriend or boyfriend because you have restrictions on leaving your home (quarantine is quarantine and the rules are the same for everyone), then a great option is to view together a movie or a sports match on a distance.

By the way, you can arrange a virtual dinner, but you need to agree on this in advance. Prepare the same dishes (meat, salad), order vegetables and fruits with home delivery – during the pandemic spread, you need to eat more vitamins.

Idea: You can arrange a video conference and cook dinner together.

Order the same wine. Yes, communication will be at a distance, but a common dinner and shared viewing a movie will enhance the impression of a virtual date.

Play online video games and you won’t be bored

Virtual Games
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Today there is a huge selection of video games that you can play online for free. This is a great idea for a date. Choose what both of you like: racing, shooting games, etc. Believe me, you will remember such a meeting for a long time.

By the way, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 infectious virus in many countries, developers of software and video games began to distribute their games with a 90% discount – either they give them away permanently or for almost a month.

The following companies and services participate in the distribution of games: STEAM, UBISOFT, EPIC GAMES, Google Play, ITunes Store.

Mobile developers also took part in the free distribution of their content: now you can get it for free: Kingdom Rush Frontiers on all available platforms (Android) (iOS) But you need to hurry up, as stocks are limited in time.

Online reading together

Another option is reading books together. You can listen to notes or read each other’s favorite books. If it rains outside the window, and you sit each in your house, wrapped in a blanket, with a hot cup of tea. This evening will remain forever in your memory.

Many online book services have made free access to their libraries. This applies to both non-fiction (Duke University Press, Cambridge University Press, University of Michigan Press) and fiction (MIT Press, ProQuest Ebook Central, ProQuest and EBSCO).

Joint virtual fitness

Virtual Fitness
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The coronavirus pandemic expectedly spoiled plans for all fans of physical education and sports. Pools and gyms are closed. We are strongly advised to avoid crowded places, and, therefore, the inability to visit gyms and fitness centers puts our health at risk.

But what about those who are used to regular physical activity? It turns out that the only right decision is to train at home! Call up on the WhatsApp with those who share your passion, turn on training on your TV or phone and work out together! COVID-19 will not stop you on your way to a perfect body.

But it is worth observing a few rules if you are constantly involved in sports. A varied and nutritious diet; the correct organization of the regime of the day (work and rest).

If you work overtime, sleep little and poorly, then this is the basis for stress, which leads to a decrease in immunity. With a lack of sleep and improper planning of the regime of work and rest, a person’s immune forces are very rapidly weakened, which ultimately leads to an increased risk of infection. It should also be noted that proper and balanced nutrition allows you to get all the necessary minerals and vitamins that heal the body and prevent the virus from developing. By the way, useful substances can be obtained not only from food, but also using multivitamin complexes purchased in a pharmacy, especially with a high content of vitamin C.

Virtual dating

Virtual Dating

Do you have a profile in dating apps (Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, The League or Tinder)? If not, then you better do it (you should approache to this responsible and creative). This will be relevant, because in the near future you will not meet anyone in a cafe or bar.

Application developers have made sure that you can chat with people via chat or video. This is an ideal option for dating and socializing for single people, without putting yourself in danger of contracting a coronavirus.

Moreover, a virtual acquaintance and virtual dates will allow you to get to know your interlocutor much better. Nowadays, we create an impression about a personin a few seconds after meeting. The possibility of long-term communication can reveal real feelings. By the way it is a good opportunity to write very hot SMS to each other.

Tinder announced the removal of restrictions on dating in the city of registration. This means that if you live in Miami, you can meet someone from Italy, England or Germany. The function will be valid until April 30.

Official data

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, for most people, the risk of contracting coronavirus is rather low, or their illness will be moderate. In this case, a person may experience symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. However, during seasonal influenza epidemics, particular vigilance is required.

On a note! How is the disease transmitted?

According to experts, a respiratory infection can be transmitted through the surface of objects that an infected person touched. Therefore, be sure to check whether you touch the mouth, eyes and nose while you are in crowded places.

A crowded stuffy room filled with people also creates excellent conditions for the spread of infection (in this case, we are talking about a sports hall, a disco, and shopping centers). However, as recent data show, due to the introduction of the social distance regime, many cafes, bars, and shops are closed on quarantine during epidemics.

A new infection and pandemic has changed our way of life, but this is not a reason to abandon our habits, date and communicate with those people with whom we want to communicate. But do not forget basic precautions. Take care of yourself!

Quarantined girl and guy
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