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10 Great Ideas What To Talk About With A Girl On A First Date?

The main fear of a man on the first date with a girl is the fear that there will certainly come a moment of awkward pause, when there is absolutely nothing to talk about with the girl. Even worse, when a man does not know at all what to talk about on a first date.

Everyone knows that a woman evaluates a man by actions, not words. But do not neglect the speech – because if a girl is bored with you, why would she need you like that, right?

To make your task easier, I made a list of ready-made topics for conversation. Use them and you will always be sure that awkward pauses, most likely, will not arise.

First date with a girl: it is very important to have a heart to heart

The communication between a man and a woman is an exchange of emotions. And if you want to seduce a girl, it is important to learn how to communicate emotions through the dialog. What topics will allow you to do this?


Some seducers argue that you don’t need to argue with the girl. And I support their opinion!

However, by these words they meant something else: you can not argue with a girl about whether she is right or not. And most importantly – you can’t do it seriously.

But there are certain topics on which to argue is not only possible, but even useful. For example, who is the boss in the house: man or woman? Who should wash the dishes? Can men cry?

The main thing in such disputes is not to speak seriously, but to argue so that both of you have fun.


Everything is simple here: a hobby is a passion. If you like to do something, then you will be inspired to talk about it for several hours.

Happy in the mountains

Why is it useful to talk about your hobby?

When a bright fire burns in your eyes, and you talk with great pleasure about your hobby, then the girl sees a purposeful man in front of her. These are exactly what girls like.

But do not rush to talk about your hobby first. Let her do this first. After all, what topic in the conversation will be most pleasant for a girl? That’s right – she herself!

Unusual hiking and adventure

Now you will talk about beautiful places and your adventures. If you went on a hike, climbed a mountain with friends, ran away from a bear or had a night picnic in the forest, walked around the old city or drank coffee in Paris then the girl should find out about this already on the first date. Otherwise, how will she understand that you are brave and active in life?


Almost no emotional conversation on a first date with a girl can do without this topic. Tell some interesting situations from childhood, and then invite her to do the same. Ask: what kind of child was she? What did she dream about? What did she love and how did she spend time? Such a conversation for the girl gives a lot of positive emotions. The theme of childhood will allow you both to be imbued with a romantic mood, which means that her seduction will be much easier.

Vivid impressions


Ask her what the most vivid impressions she had in her life. If she enthusiastically talks about visiting an amusement park, riding horses or completing a quest, invite her to do it again. Then tell about your vivid impressions. Allowing her to let out what she has long held in herself, you will become for her the dearest person.


By asking her if she ever bathed in the open air at night, if she likes to look at the stars, etc., you can create an image of romance.

The same applies to questions about the style: “Have you guys ever done crazy things for you?” Use all these topics for conversation, and you will be surprised at the result that you will get (if, of course, on a date you will behave confidently).


This is a neutral topic of conversation, which can talk to a girl, as well as learn about her interests. Ask her what films or, possibly, TV shows she watches, her favorite actors and film genres. Just do not forget that you must also talk about your favorite films, so that the conversation starts. Also remember all the answers – at the next meetings you can take her to the movies exactly for the film that she will like.



In this topic for conversation different questions will suit:

  • Do you like to travel? Where would you like to go?
  • Tell me about the places that have sunk into your soul?
  • What type of travel do you like?

Ask any questions about travel, as well as talk about your personal experience. Agree with the places this girl wants to visit, that would not mind visiting there. In this topic, the girl shares with you something personal: her emotions, dreams and impressions.

Remember, there are a lot of topics for conversation on the first date. Most importantly, do not sharply translate topics, do not create the feeling of interrogation on a date. Everything should be on a light wave and without tension.


It is very important to know in what circles the girl communicates, what they do with friends and how they relax. Questions on this topic should be of an easy nature, and not resemble interrogation. Also tell about yours, for example: “We love to go outdoors in our free time.” Tell she why you value friendship, and also – you can touch on the topic of friendship between a man and a woman, as you know, girls like to discuss it.


The couple walks at night

Take an interest: what kind a man would she like to see next to he?, what qualities he should possess? Indeed, this is how she gives out the perfect image of a man for her, and if you like her, then you can take note of a few qualities. If a girl asks you on the same topic, then you must answer: “I see a beautiful, cheerful and smart girl next to me.” Do not talk about any good housewives!

Harvested stories for all occasions

No matter how you try to prepare, there may come a moment of awkward pause.

For such cases, your arsenal should have at least 5 stories that you can tell the girl.

The main condition is that the stories should be at least a little interesting and last more than 3 minutes.

You have to learn them so that they bounce off your teeth. For these purposes, I advise you to tell them over the phone to two or three of your friends or rehearse in front of the mirror.

How to start telling a story if there is an awkward pause? Use the traditional way by saying the word: “By the way …”. 🙂

And the final tip that I want to give you: the main thing on the first date with a girl, in a conversation with her is your joint spirit. Try to maintain positive with jokes. And most importantly – do not talk about negative topics and in no case do not talk about your dissatisfaction with something. A girl needs a strong positive man, and not an ever-dissatisfied loser.

Vanessa Felgar

Written by Vanessa Felgar

Hi! I'm Vanessa. I love romantic movies and rock music, and yet, to hide a warm blanket, read an interesting book and drink hot coffee on a winter evening. I love parties with friends and walks in the park. And I like to write, express my thoughts on paper and share experiences. I'm just a woman, like you. I guess in real life, we'd be good friends.

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