Relations between a man and a woman, as a rule, are unpredictable and develop along an individual path. It is difficult to understand and explain why a man ignores a woman. As a rule, girls are disturbed by this state of affairs, this situation amuses some women, but almost never leave them indifferent.

Women think that men push them away either because they love or because they hate them. Psychologists explain ostentatious indifference as a sign of it (indifference) absence.

Why does a man ignore you?

In a sense, relationships can be compared to a battle: the winner is the one who has a lot of knowledge and thinks about actions before “doing“.

The girl’s cheeky behavior: consent to invitations to smoke or drink, a speach full of indecent and rude phrases – give the guy the impression that she will agree to any contacts with young people, including physical ones. Why does a man ignore in this case? Because it looks too affordable! That is why a guy fenced off from an obsessive woman.

When a man is attentive to a woman, he realizes that there are boundaries which he will not cross. At this moment the woman thinks that the young man cannot make the next step, and begins to actively try to get closer to him. However, she is likely to stumble on the wall of alienation, or completely lose sight of the guy.

Why does a man begin to ignore a woman with mutual sympathy?

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Often one small step lacks for a man: to approach the girl, utter a few words, after which the romantic story will continue. But he either does not understand this, or cannot cope with himself, and therefore does not take measures. The girl who watches the young man will catch the timidity that he carefully hides.

Here you need to show imagination and try to help a man break the deadlock. A woman can act as a voluntary assistant in a situation in which he can’t cope. The result will not be long in coming, the girl will soon realize that she behaved correctly in this situation, therefore she will receive gratitude and see a special warmth from the guy.

It happens that a man over-values his freedom. A sense of personal independence makes him beware of persistent female attention, since he sees a threat to freedom, this is one of the reasons why a man is not ready to marry.

Why did a man suddenly start to ignore a woman?

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There can be many reasons, but here are the most common ones:

Fear of a serious relationship. Many young people believe that you first need to get on your feet, become an adult, and then build a personal life. Attempts to convince the opposite will be futile.

“Fill his own price”. This tactic is used by cunning men, knowing their worth. Often, male indifference pushes women to decisive steps.

The guy provides an opportunity for a woman to take the initiative. Here, the fault is the excessive activity of the woman, she suppresses the man and makes him passive.

Broken heart. Ignoring a woman may be related to feelings about past relationships. In this case, the chosen one will need time to survive the drama of the past. Here the tactics “woman-friend” will work.

A guy may consider himself unworthy of a girl. The young man has lowered self-esteem, so if there is sympathy, the girl will have to take the first step.

Uncertainty in feelings for a girl. Why does the beloved man ignore: he may consider that he does not fit the woman or does not understand what he is specifically experiencing for her. In this case, the lady just needs to be in all its glory to make it clear to the gentleman that he should not miss a chance.

He is in love with another woman. Here the girl is powerless to change anything – you cannot command the heart.

Fear of failure with a girl. The young man is afraid to show feelings, he fears that he will be pushed away. This may be the result of a failed relationship in the past. The girl needs to take the first step, but without excessive perseverance, pressure on the guy, she needs to show that she is not indifferent to him and is waiting for development of relations.

Girl is too initiative. Men love to conquer and win; they want to be the initiators of what is happening. A woman should not rush things; she must remain a mystery and let the man do everything himself.

Something is wrong with the girl’s behavior. One of the girl’s habits could push away the guy so hard that he pulled away.

A woman of the wrong type. The situation is difficult, but not hopeless. Perhaps the time has come to adapt to his preferences, at least temporarily, to attract him?

Why does a loving man ignore a woman?

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Even if a man is in love with you, or you are already in a relationship or marriage with him, his ignoring can manifest itself in a variety of circumstances, for example:

A man has a special strategy. A man can develop strategies for winning the lady even when he loves her so much that he can hardly restrain themselves from the violent manifestation of feelings. In this case, why does the man ignore the woman he loves? Perhaps he wants her to fall in love with him with an unearthly love.

He was simply offended, and waits until you come with an apology, and also with all your actions show your sincere repentance.

Perhaps he started an affair on the side. When a partner has a new interest, it is easy to understand that the old relationship, in comparison with the new one, giving rise to a lot of sensations and impressions, will recede into the background.

Your relationship has become too mundane. A man loves you, but takes everything that happens for granted. He ignores your calls and messages, not because they are not important to him, but because he considers them to be secondary in comparison with his affairs, whether it is work or a computer game. “Ah, then I’ll answer later”, he thinks, and then he forgets. At the same time, he may not even understand what offends you with such behavior, but he certainly needs to be informed about it.

Feelings for the girl have cooled. Guys do not want to upset girls even when they stop loving them, and sometimes they ignore them because they do not know what to do. Breaking relationships is difficult, especially when there are fond memories in the past. However, the moment will come when the girl will no longer be satisfied with such a state of affairs and alienation, and she herself will act as the initiator of the gap.

There are many more reasons that explain why a man ignores a woman he likes.

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However, it has already become clear that basically there are 2 types of male behavior in this regard:

  • they specifically ignore women;
  • they repel a woman because of their shy nature or self-doubt.

In any case, the girl must remember about her self-esteem, not give in to manipulation, trust herself with her beloved and listen to her inner instinct.

A man ignores a beloved woman defiantly. What is it?

A woman should seriously think about this question. Although not all men are inclined to stage performances, it is nevertheless necessary to understand that since your chosen one shows his indifference to you by all his appearance, and especially in public, the reason for this may be a very serious resentment or simply indecent behavior of a woman.

It is worth considering everything that has happened between you lately and understand if something could have caused such a reaction of a man. And only after a cold, in-depth analysis try to resolve the situation by all possible methods.

And the best way to find out the reasons why he ignores you is to talk. A warm confidential conversation is likely to be necessary for both of you if you feel that there are any problems in your relationship.

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Written by Patricia Walker

For many, many years I tried to get married, but before the wedding it never came... Now I live with two cats and give tips to young girls, what men want, how to behave with them. This experience I received for 10 years and now I pass it on to you, my dear readers.

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